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When Is a Sacramento Seller Entitled to Receive the Buyer’s Appraisal?

buyer's appraisal

Under most instances, a home seller is not entitled to receive the buyer’s appraisal.

My basic method of operation is not to worry too much about the buyer’s appraisal when I list Sacramento condos in our hot seller’s market. In other words, I don’t always base the sales price on how much the home will appraise for as much as I suggest a price based on what the market will bear. Meaning, what a buyer will pay. Especially a buyer who might have a big ol’ wad of cash at her disposal. Buyers who don’t need financing can pay whatever the seller will accept. read more

Clients Win By Listening to Their Sacramento Agent

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This Sacramento agent found a one-legged sandpiper in Hawaii.

I’ve been working with my sellers for a couple of months, before they even hired me to be their Sacramento agent. Every so often I get a seller who wants to take advantage of the fact I freely share my knowledge, but they don’t know what they didn’t get when they do that and choose a discounter but it’s rare, and they generally come back. The clients who truly win, though, are the sellers who listen to my advice and let me position their home to bring the highest offer.

After two months of work, we put a home into escrow yesterday, with multiple offers and with 4 days on market. That was a lot of preparation to get ready for the market. These particular sellers bought their home at the very best possible time. Mid 2011 was the bottom of the market in Sacramento, and that’s when they bought. Rock bottom. I’m so happy they chose me to be their Sacramento agent, and they seem thrilled with the outcome. read more

Is Summer a Good Time to Sell in Sacramento?

is summer a good time to sell in sacramento

Sacramento real estate market performance over 15 months

Before I talk about whether summer is a good time to sell in Sacramento, I’ve got to say how relieved I am to be back in California — where the weather is pretty much the same every day, and the pace of life more even — after my brief jaunt to Minneapolis to say goodbye to my brother. Just when you might begin to take your Sacramento lifestyle for granted, perhaps complain about hot it is, the rush-hour traffic or lack of shopping, going “back east” takes care of all of that, you spoiled little brat, you, and I’m talking about myself. It makes me realize why I love California. read more

How to Sell a Sacramento Condo Over Market Value

sell sacramento condo over market

Selling a Sacramento condo over market value depends on several factors.

Ask any seller if she would like to sell a Sacramento condo over market value, and the answer will undoubtedly be a resounding YES. Sacramento condos are a hot commodity right now because those prices, although rising, are still affordable. I hear some buyers complain that they think the HOA dues are too high. Those are the buyers who don’t always fully appreciate the amenities available through certain homeowner associations. Yet, HOA dues are a factor.

On a side note, as we become less and less connected to our home life as I see this trend, I would not be surprised to see home-care lifestyle packages sold to regular homeowners down the road. Companies will provide in-home meal preparation, housecleaning, car washing, gardening, maintenance and repair, spa services like a workout trainer, hairdresser, masseuse and pedicure specialists, all for one low monthly fee to subscribers. Live like a 21st century Downton Abbey. We are turning into little robots, unable to care for ourselves. But I digress . . . and back to how to sell a Sacramento condo over market value. read more

Buyer’s Agents Who Say We Are Sending an Offer

we are sending an offer

So much of the time the agent who claims we are sending an offer never sends it.

Buyer’s agents in Sacramento often email or call to say: we are sending an offer on your listing. Does the offer ever show up? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Most of the time, I don’t even tell the seller that an agent is promising to send an offer because so many times the offer simply never materializes, and then I’ve got a distraught seller on my hands. It doesn’t matter that the seller is not upset with me, the fact is the seller would be upset, and I’m not going there. read more

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