Tips When Selling a Home and Reviewing Offers on a Future Date

review offers on a future dateAlthough I am pretty much against reviewing offers on a future date when selling a home in Sacramento, there are circumstances when it makes sense. Sometimes I see listings that read “we will look at all offers next Friday.” Then Friday comes and goes and there are no offers. Now everybody knows that seller’s angle. They have the seller’s number. Exposed hand dealt. And sellers might pay for that arrogance.

The other drawback to reviewing offers on a future date is the fact sellers will eliminate buyers from trying to buy their home. From the seller’s point of view, if a buyer is interested, it doesn’t matter. But that’s because sellers often try to judge the situation from a seller’s point of view instead of a buyer’s point of view. They say to themselves, “well, if I were a buyer, I wouldn’t care.” But they don’t know that to be fact. They simply wish it to be fact. read more

Where Does Your Sacramento Realtor Really Work?

where does your sacramento realtor really work?

With technology today, you might wonder where does your Sacramento Realtor really work from? Those not in the business probably assume an agent works in her office. It may come as a surprise to learn that most Sacramento agents do not work in an office. In fact, I don’t even know why agents have desks in an office when they are rarely at an assigned desk. The cost to keep open a real estate office in Sacramento is primarily for appearances.

Often a client will call and ask if they can come down to the office to meet with me. They seem astounded to discover I don’t work from my office. In fact, I am rarely ever in the office. I try to stop by once a week to pick up mail and attend our weekly Wednesday office meeting. Other than that, there is little reason for me to go into the office. If you would like to know where does your Sacramento Realtor really work, she works at her home office. read more

What Happens When You Talk Story in Hawaii

talk story in hawaii

Do you wonder what does it mean to Talk Story in Hawaii? There are few places in the world where you meet a total stranger who instantly turns into a friend than when you Talk Story in Hawaii. It’s part of Hawaiian culture. Where else in the country can you be physically in a state in the United States yet encounter a foreign culture, except maybe Stockton?

Almost everybody you meet has perfected artistic skills you do not possess. Some can find the honu (turtle) within the stone when carving a sculpture using another rock. Others can paddle a canoe blindfolded. Or weave a cloak from feathers and flowers. Each person seems to have a story to tell, a tale to share. read more

Why You Cannot Sell Your House in This Hot Sacramento Market

why you cannot seller your houseYou cannot sell your house in our hot Sacramento real estate market for any number of reasons. Let’s look at a few. First, it is not always price. You might own a unique home, unlike anything else on the market. Unique homes appeal to a unique buyer. They do not appeal to your normal run-of-the-mill buyers. Sometimes we get lucky and a unique buyer pops up right away. Sometimes it can take 6 months to a year to find that needle-in-a-haystack buyer.

Another reason you cannot sell your house in our seller’s market might be due to improvements. Your home might be over improved for the neighborhood or under improved. If it is over improved, a price adjustment or outright patience will move that listing. Buyers want fixed-up, turnkey properties. If it is under improved, it might not sell at all at the price a seller wants. read more

Tips for Buying New Kitchen Appliances for a Remodel

buying new kitchen appliancesBefore you look at buying new kitchen appliances, especially during a remodel, you should consider future needs. For example, the trend is wider and taller. This means if you’re planning to create a space for your refrigerator, for instance, think about accommodating a larger refrigerator down the road. If you have an older home, most likely your space for a refrigerator is 33 inches. You will find limited choices in the 33-inch-wide refrigerator categories.

Of course, another reason to remodel is to raise the cabinets over your refrigerator space. But if you lock in the width, especially by installing a matching cabinet panel up the side of your refrigerator, you are stuck with that width forever. You might think about a counter-depth refrigerator, too. With those, you are sacrificing depth in the refrigerator, which means less room to store food. But if you go wider, you can retrieve part of that lost space. read more

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