The 2018 Taste of Land Park and Best Sunday Open Houses

2018 Taste of Land ParkWhile my husband and I walked over to the 2018 Taste of Land Park event happening on 10th Avenue last Sunday, the team held our best Sunday open houses of all year. We had so much traffic through last Sunday as compared to the rest of the year so far. From the city of Davis to Land Park and into Natomas, buyers came out of the woodwork. Where have they been for so long? Very excited to see buyers showing an interest in Sacramento real estate.

Regardless, Sunday provided beautiful weather to attend the 2018 Taste of Land Park. Believe it or not, we have lived in Land Park for 16 years and have never got around to going to this event. Probably because the hours are a little odd, from 4 PM to 7 PM. It’s too early for dinner and too late for lunch. On top of which, I can’t believe they got all of the neighbors in that stretch of 10th Avenue to cooperate with the event. read more

Sacramento Home Selling: When is Escrow Over and Closed?

when is escrow over and closed?Knowing when is escrow over and closed, well, it’s one of the highlights of selling a home. It’s that time when you realize a heavy load has been lifted off your shoulders. Often a burden you didn’t even know you had carried until it’s gone. In the case of my sellers in south Sacramento who lived in a hard-to-sell neighborhood, it took us more than 6 months to close that house. Then, last month, we had 2 strong offers, hours apart. Multiple offers for that house.

Right before signing the paperwork, I asked the sellers to leave all the remotes / keys / manuals in a kitchen drawer. As long as they left that stuff before closing, we are good. Because after the deadline for possession at closing — which by contract default is 6 PM — the seller is supposed to be gone. It doesn’t mean the seller can go over to the house that night or the following day to leave keys. That would be considered trespassing. read more

Sac Beer Week Celebrated at Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway

selland's market cafe

Pastrami is not a thing I long for, do not dream about, never buy at the grocery store, but it was our intended purpose yesterday to visit Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway in Land Park and consume pastrami. Man, I remember when Selland first put out reports that it would build another Kitchen in that location on 10th and Broadway. We were so excited. That’s one of our favorite restaurants, and the only reason we don’t go there more often is it’s a hassle to get a reservation and a longer ways to drive. read more

Use Only a Secured Sacramento Real Estate Website with a SSL Certificate

secured sacramento real estate website

If you have not yet secured your Sacramento real estate website by obtaining an SSL certificate (secure socket layer), you could be in trouble. Chrome announced big news yesterday. You have a secure Sacramento real estate website if your URL is an HTTPS. If it is not, your site is not secure. A secure website encrypts the connection between a user and the website. For example, although I do no commerce through my website, I do allow visitors to email me directly through the website. Their email address would be vulnerable if my site was not secure. However, it is secure. read more

Why a Six-Month Listing is Normal for Sacramento Listing Agents

home in elder creek ranch

Every listing I write starts its life as a six-month listing, and there is a darned good reason for that length of contract. Like I explain to my clients, it’s not always possible to close an escrow within 90 days. For one thing, it doesn’t take into account the first buyer who is likely to cancel for some flakey reason and then I have to sell that home again. Or lender delays or any of the other million things that can happen. At least, I figure, our six-month listing will not expire, and it’s one less thing to monitor. read more

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