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Sacramento Agent to Agent Referral: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Sacramento agent to agent referralThis agent to agent referral in Sacramento is a new occurrence for me. I mean, I have a small group of agents I consider if I ever need to refer a seller to somebody else. Which is rare. At times, there are some sellers we elect not to work with. But we would not refer those to a friend. Maybe a referral to an agent we don’t much care for. I spotted one of those agents today who listed a rejected listing. You know, the pushy, aggressive, so rude, how do they ever stay in business kind of agents. If I had thought of that agent when we rejected the seller, I would have referred the seller in that direction. However, the seller found the agent the seller deserved. Without any help from me. How win-win. read more

Big Uptick in Sacramento County Housing Report for June 2018

Sacramento County housing report for June 2018

Wow, look at that big jump in housing inventory for our Sacramento County housing report for June 2018. What you don’t see in that uphill climb from spring is the fact our inventory has increased almost 30% when compared to June of 2017. But the kicker is it does not equate to more homes selling. Why? Well, a lot of it seems to be junk. Also, would-be sellers, eager to capitalize on the seller’s market by dumping homes on the market at unrealistic prices, would be another reason. read more

Not Quite the Fourth of July Open Houses for 2018

not quite the fourth of july open houses

Before I talk about our not quite the fourth of July open houses for this year, please note the lovely photo of Compass Box The Circus Blended Scotch Whiskey. This was my dessert after dinner at Canon in East Sacramento on Thursday for my non-retirement birthday. I imagine it wasn’t cheap but I wouldn’t know since my husband treated. This is a limited edition, fewer than 2,500 bottles released in 2016.

He also gave me a Series 3 Apple Watch, which means I can now wander away from my phone, far, far away, because the new watches run on cell coverage. I suppose you have to be careful if you wear one of those into a medical marijuana dispensary because you’re probably not supposed to. Not that I have any first hand experience, mind you, just putting out my public notice to everybody. read more

When Can Home Buyers Ask Sacramento Sellers to Help with Closing Costs?

help with closing costs

With rising prices in Sacramento, some buyers need help with closing costs. If you look at a median priced home in Sacramento, which is now $375,000, a minimum down payment is about $13,125 for FHA. It will take an additional $11,250 to cover closing costs. The grand total for a first-time home buyer is $24,375. That’s a lot of money for new buyers to scrounge up and save. Many buyers look to the bank of mom-and-pop to help out, or they ask the seller to help with closing costs.

The main problem with this approach to ask for help with closing costs is the seller most likely does not want to give the buyer a 3% break. Sellers are already paying around 6% for commission, plus another 1% or so for their own closing costs. On a $375,000 sale, that’s $26,250. Which is more than the buyer’s total down payment plus closing costs. You can see why sellers might not be overly eager to help out. read more

Tips for LGBT Home Buyers When Writing a Letter to the Seller

lgbt home buyers

If you’re looking for tips for LGBT home buyers who are trying to compete in Sacramento’s hot seller’s market, you’ve come to the right place. Every agent on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team loves working with LGBT home buyers. We absolutely do not discriminate and we take caution to try to ensure our clients never face discrimination. But when you’ve got idiots like U. S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher saying home sellers should not have to sell to gay or lesbian people, it confuses some people. Fortunately, it did not confuse the National Association of Realtors, which promptly withdrew its campaign contributions to Rohrabacher. read more

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