Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub

40+ years of experience in real estate, Sacramento real estate broker working at Lyon Real Estate in Midtown Sacramento. Author of The Short Sale Savior. Home Buying Expert at The Balance. Top Producer, ranks in the top 1% of all real estate agents in Sacramento Region. Life Member of Master's Club awarded by Sacramento Association of REALTORS.

Finding The Words To Write A blog

write a bog

When you sit down, finding the words to write a blog entails finding something that seems interesting to you. When I’m interested in a topic the words come easily. Do you know exactly what you are going to say or do you wing it? Some people, I hear, prepare an outline, spread out Post-It notes, open related books to bookmarked pages, scour the Internet for fact-checking and even then, they face a blank screen with a blinking mouse.

I find my best writing comes when I let my fingers do the typing. If I give a topic too much thought, I might never write it. So, I let the words fall where they may because I can always go back and clean them up later. You know, to write a blog always remove all the profanity. 🙂 Just kidding! read more

Is the Midtown Condo Market Ripe for Picking?

midtown condo market

If you are shopping for a condo, you might be wondering whether the Midtown condo market is ripe for picking. Is there a particular segment where I could get a great buy? It just so happens I know where to shop, and I should as I’m a Sacramento real estate agent.

When an agents works full-time in real estate, she gets a close-up view of the market. More so than many other agents.

midtown condo market

95811 Sacramento Midtown Area Condos For Sale / Trendvision Metrolist

The graph above shows more than 7 months of condos for sale, a high amount of inventory. This is the popular location in Midtown’s happening ZIP Code of 95811. Currently, eight units are for sale and there is approximately only one sale per month, based on Trendvision reports / Metrolist. read more

Introducing Weintraub & Wallace at RE/MAX Gold

Weintraub & Wallace

Meet Weintraub & Wallace of the Sierra Oaks office of RE/MAX Gold. Yes, we have merged our teams to create a Super Team of Realtors in Sacramento. If Lyon had encouraged JaCi Wallace, she and I might have stayed at Lyon Real Estate. But as it is, she was already at RE/MAX Gold, after relocating a few years ago, and happy enough not to budge. Since she was not returning to Lyon, it meant my team and I would move to RE/MAX.

But that is not the only reason to join RE/MAX nor to team up to form Weintraub & Wallace. RE/MAX Gold was founded 25 years ago with just two offices and 40 agents. Today, the company has 63 locations, and over 1,350 of the industry’s most productive agents. Our new location is at 3620 Fair Oaks Boulevardnear the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Watt Avenue, but we are also free to work from the Midtown office next door to Waterboy on Capitol Avenue. read more

Why the First Offer Often Wins in Sacramento Real Estate

first offer often wins

As a big listing agent in Sacramento, I know first-hand it is common that the first offer often wins in Sacramento real estate. But buyer’s agents tend to disagree. Not sure why except that they are vested in having their buyers win, and perhaps they are not thinking through the entire situation. You hear it in their voices when they say, “Oh, maybe we’ll wait until after the open house.”

For what? For more buyers to submit offers? To become a speck of dust in the pile of offers? What are they waiting for? Offers, no offers, makes no difference. read more

Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t

damned if you do and damned if you don't

When a stranger calls for free advice, the common dilemma of damned if you do and damned if you don’t, makes it difficult not to hang up. Because hanging up is my solution for handling most irritants. Way back when I moved to Sacramento and was so excited just to get a phone call, I would even talk to telemarketers. I was polite and sweet and asked them to put me on the national do not call list. Today, not so sweet. Today I get so much crap, so much spam and solicitation calls, the best response I can muster is to hang up. read more

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