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Alicante Villas Sacramento Condo sale in 30 days

Alicante Villas Sacramento Condo sale in 30 days

Alicante Villas Sacramento condo sale in 30 days earned our team a 5 star Zillow review below from a happy home seller. Sellers who take the time to provide other people with a rating recommendation is always so appreciated. Our team did a great job of selling this condo in just 30 days after another real estate company had failed to do so in 120 days.

“I had listed my condo with a different company and it stayed on the market for four long months. I was getting showings but no offers. I was depressed and desperate. I found JaCi and listed my condo with her. Within a month she found the perfect buyer and within another month we closed escrow. I wished I have listed with JaCi from the very beginning. Highly recommended.”
548 Woodside Oaks APT 2, Sacramento, CA 95825
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A Home Can Be On The Market for a Year and Get Two Offers on the Same Day 

A Home Can Be on the Market for a Year and Get Two Offers on the Same Day 

A home can be on the market a year and get two offers on the same day. Excellent article. This was written by Elizabeth for another publication. Enjoy. –JaCi Wallace

A reader from my homebuying forum on asked me why there isn’t more transparency in real estate. This buyer was in escrow on a short sale when the seller received another offer from an all-cash buyer. That second buyer offered to sell the home to the first set of buyers at a higher price.

The reader put the blame of the housing bubble on agents pushing multiple offers that drove up prices, and implied that listing and selling agents are working together behind the scenes, devising secret plans to get higher prices so the agents can earn more money. read more

Is It A Numbers Game When Choosing a List Price?

Is It A Numbers Game When Choosing a List Price?

Is it a numbers game when choosing a list price? It can feel like that sometimes but there is a very detailed systematic approach that our team uses. Sellers sometimes pull numbers out of thin air. We then remind them of the appraisal, which needs to match our sales price for a bank to give a loan to the buyer.

Professionals always review the comparative market analysis and go from there. The numbers do not lie, so they always tell the story. If you need help choosing a list price and are interested in selling, please call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors. We can be reached at 916-233-6759. read more

Will Discount Internet Real Estate Bokerages Replace Local Realtor Expert?

discount internet real estate

Will discount internet real estate brokerages replace local Realtor experts? We recently took a listing as a seller found us online. She had previously been on the market three months. Poor seller made the mistake of hiring a discount internet Realtor.

She said they told her to buy a vendor combination key box, and she made flyers and showed the property. The property sat for these months while the seller made three house payments, paid HOA fees, utilities and maintenance costs. These ongoing expenses were triple the amount she potentially would have saved. If a property doesn’t sell with a discount brokerage, it doesn’t mean much. Happens a lot. read more

Dealing with Seller’s Remorse

Dealing with Seller's Remorse

Dealing with seller’s remorse is an interesing piece written by Elizabeth for another publication. It is true that seller’s remorse happens and they cancel listings. Without motivation a seller may put a toe in the water but will not dive in. Enjoy…

— JaCi Wallace

Real estate agents are used to working with buyers who sometimes freak out when they realize they have actually purchased a home. Sure, looking at homes, writing offers, negotiating, it’s all fun and games until the time comes when a seller says, “Heck, I’ll take your offer.” That’s when the panic sets in — which, by the way, is a normal reaction for a buyer. read more

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