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Why Did You Cancel the Listing?

cancel the listing

An agent called a few days ago to ask why did you cancel the listing? She was gonna show it, and now the listing has been canceled. It was there yesterday, she said, and now it is gone. Does this mean I can’t show it, she asked.

Immediately I offered assurance she could show the home. Just put the property address into MLS and you will find the listing, I suggested. I did not really cancel the listing. Felt no need to go into the long explanation of how to reset the days on market, which is exactly what I had done. read more

Be Sure to Catch These Open Houses in 95818 Today

Some sellers do not want to do open houses in 95818 when the weather is bad or traffic is slow. However, that’s precisely when one should hold open houses in 95818. Any lazy agent can hold an open house when the weather is beautiful and there are tons of buyers milling about. But the sales are done by continual marketing and never coming up with a reason not to hold a home open. You never know where your buyer might come from.

We have two open houses in 95818 this Sunday. Hours are 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. One home is located in Southside Park, just north of Upper Land Park. People do not seem to realize that the ZIP code of 95818 runs down to S Street in Midtown. They tend to think only about Land Park and Curtis Park, two tree-canopied neighborhoods close to downtown and Midtown. read more

Use Neutral Colors When Home Selling in Sacramento

A reader from The Balance homebuying website wrote yesterday.She was clear that she had written to me previously and seemed a bit perplexed that I had not yet answered her inquiry, which I had not received. She had a “very important question.” She and her husband had been engaged in “repeated discussions” regarding the color of the walls for their mother’s home. They were preparing the home for sale and could not agree on which colors constitute neutral colors when home selling. She did not understand the word “neutral.” read more

Whose Sacramento Listing Is It?

Whose Sacramento listing is it? Well, it can be hard at times to tell if a person is joking around or not when you receive an email.I am not a big fan of smiley faces, but against my better judgment, I can be guilty of slipping them into emails. That’s because not everybody appreciates my wry sense of humor. And sometimes I’m so busy that I literally don’t have time to make sure my parenthesis is facing the right way. It’s easy to type a frowny face by mistake. I’m so happy that you sent me a photo of your new baby. Frowny face.  Oops. read more

A Sacramento Seller’s Last Steps to Close Escrow

sacramento sellers last steps to close escrowWhen Sacramento sellers ask me about the last steps to close escrow, it’s handy to have content available I can forward. Instead,  I tend to prepare and address based on each individual situation. But like I tell my team members, any question a client could possibly ask is probably answered by me online either at The Balance homebuying or on my website. Just put my name and the question into Google, and you’ll find an article. Pretty much guaranteed.

What other Sacramento Realtor do you know who can say that? Rather than reinvent the wheel each time, it’s easier to just forward a link to my client. Because when you do the same thing over and over, that is a clue you should develop a system for handling that sort of task. For me, I am creating new content right now to describe a Sacramento seller’s last steps to close escrow. read more

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