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The Last Sacramento Sunday In June

Sacramento Sunday

The last Sacramento Sunday in June is fast approaching. The summer weather is upon us, and with it comes the constant need for air conditioning. The vegetable gardens are now in full swing after a slow start. A summer real estate market is bustling, and there are some excellent properties available.

This is a perfect time to list your home. The sky photographs so beautifully blue with the bright sun. The flowers are budding in brilliant colors, and the pastures have turned into fields of honey wheat. The photographs of the new listings are stunning, but then that’s another blog. A Sacramento Sunday is always busy with open houses, presenting offers, emails, phone calls and marketing. As one week closes a new one begins and there is such excitement looking forward to the possibilities of the new week. read more

Is Smart Home Technology a Wise Investment?

Smart Home technology

Is smart home technology a wise investment? When you’re thinking of selling your Sacramento home, you may be wondering if adding a bit of smart home technology will make your home more desirable. Likewise, when you’re thinking of buying, you may be dreaming of the convenience it would bring.

What is smart home technology?

Many things, as it turns out. The most basic and most wanted features are whole house WiFi, wireless security systems, programmable thermostats, lighting control systems, wireless home audio systems, and multi-zone HVAC systems. read more

Is Your Sacramento Realtor Like A Smart TV?

Your Sacramento Realtor

Is your Sacramento Realtor like a SMART TV? Well, a smart tv knows its job. You can ask it to respond to your requests. It will learn the things you like and suggest other items of interest. You can rely on your smart TV to offer you endless smart options when you ask questions. If you ask your TV to recommend comedy movies, up comes a list. Ask it to save you time by recording programs you enjoy and immediately your request is granted.

Does your Realtor know her job? Can she respond to your requests with competency? Does she learn the things you like in a home and does she suggest other qualities in a home that you might like? Can you ask your Realtor endless questions and she provides you smart answers? These very basic and necessary abilities are what’s expected of a smart TV, a robot and indeed of your Sacramento Realtor. read more

Are Real Estate Photos Misleading?

Are real estate photos misleading? Should you rely on them? When you begin your search for a new Sacramento home, you’ll no doubt browse through all the Sacramento listings on real estate websites. You’ll pay attention to the real estate photos. Perhaps you will even imagine yourself in those rooms or on that property. Then, if you’re like most home buyers, you’ll choose the homes you wish to see based on those real estate photos. You’ll also dismiss homes based on their photos.

If you’ve already begun looking, you know that while pictures say a thousand words. Sometimes those words aren’t truthful. A skilled photographer can make rooms appear larger than they are. He or she can also be selective in what goes into each frame – in order to omit faults that might make you choose not to visit the house.
read more

Should You Think Twice Before Leasing Solar Equipment?

Leasing Solar Equipment

Before leasing solar equipment, should you think twice? Do you plan to sell your home in the next several years? Then think twice before leasing solar equipment. Here in California, where the sun shines most of the time, it seems wise to take advantage of the sun to power the lights and systems in our homes. And of course, going solar is the “green” thing to do. However, before leasing solar equipment, read the lease terms carefully. In addition to looking at the monthly lease payment compare it to how much you would expect to save on your power bills. read more

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