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Buyers Ask Home Sellers For Personal Property

Ask Home Sellers For Personal Property

Often, buyers ask home sellers for personal property such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, lawn equipment, you name it. I have had several issues with personal property in 2019. So much so that I now suggest the buyers just do a bill of sale for $1. When things go wrong take a wild guess who has to fix it much of the time?

I had a seller who had said from the start to leave the fridge as it was an odd size. We put it in the listing agreement. His daughter had packed up the house and the movers took the refrigerator. We always write in the contract that any personal property is left in as-is condition with no warranty, expressed or implied. Of course, the buyers forget all this. The seller could not get to the stored refrigerator and it was packed away in storage for a month. The sellers agreed to pay a sum of money to the buyers to make them stop calling. The sellers decided they needed the refrigerator after all. read more

The Life Of an Elk Grove Realtor Without Sick Leave

sick leave

The life of an Elk Grove Realtor with the flu doesn’t include sick leave. The work has to be completed. People’s lives depend on their Realtor. The laptop has helped so much as we can at least be comfortable propped up with pillows. Many people in various professions who are sick still go to work as they need their paycheck. Many people do not have sick leave. Self-employed business owners work no matter what.

At least when I’m sick and working from home, I’m not having to go into the office to make others sick. My sick leave is staying home to work. Who knows if these bugs are contagious? Rest is important, so . . . a short and sweet blog tonight. Long days this week and several offers came in today on our listings. The life of an Elk Grove Realtor is busy and rewarding, even with the flu. read more

Specialize as an Agent Selling Probate Real Estate

sacramento agent selling probate real estate

How did I start to specialize as an agent selling probate real estate? An agent in my previous office was a probate process expert. She was closing about 20+ cases a year. When she tried to sell her business, she lost a large client, a professional fiduciary. The Realtor was fired by her fiduciary. I then bought this Realtor’s book of business and inherited two busy professional fiduciaries who worked with two very busy probate attorneys.

What prepared me for the visual physical part of probate sales? My previous career was as a Deputy Sheriff-Coroner. In this role, I assisted the Yolo County Coroner’s department with body removals. I gave face-to-face death notices to next of kin. In this job, I performed homicide and suicide investigations, as well as natural death reports, routinely. I collected and preserved the evidence. Having extensive courtroom testimony experience and completing police reports has been useful in my probate sales. With my past profession, it was a natural evolution to work in the probate process of real estate sales. read more

New Carmichael Listing On Hillgrove Way

New Carmichael Listing On Hillgrove Way

Here is a new Carmichael listing on Hillgrove Way, which is a classic 1956 ranch-style home. This property is located in a fabulous established area on a quaint dead-end street off of Fair Oaks Blvd. You will love that the lot sits up a hill on a large one quarter-acre lot, and the tree-lined street gives the feeling of a park-like custom area with mature trees.

The exterior has brick and vinyl siding for a timeless appeal with low maintenance. The off-street parking has room for 6 vehicles and measures 41 feet to accommodate an RV or boat. There is an additional 40 x 10 RV space behind the fence, so an 81-foot length in all. read more

Our Elk Grove Feral Cats Both Say Goodbye In 2019

Our Elk Grove Feral Cats Both Say Goodbye In 2019

Our Elk Grove feral cats both say goodbye in 2019. This photo shows both senior ladies sleeping happily together. Anyone who knows cats appreciate when they head butt each other and sweetly groom one another. These two were besties. Angel the cream-colored girl left us a few months ago; she was 18-20 years old, per the vets. Skittles was the brindle girl estimated 16 plus years of age.

They both slept on our covered deck with heating pads and heat lamps in winter and a swamp cooler and fans in the summer. My sister lives next door in my duplex. She had taken over the daily care of the girls as I work so much and the deck is just outside her patio slider door. She worried about these senior cats. We would go out at night with a flashlight calling them even in terrible weather. Anytime they didn’t come up for dinner we were out to try and find them. read more

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