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Wordless Wednesday: Turkey Terrorists in Kona

turkey terrorists in kona

Beware of the turkey terrorists roaming the streets in Kona this morning. Although it is does not really qualify for Wordless Wednesday because I do have words for this blog and it is not Wednesday. Reminds me of the theme song for The MonkeesHere we come, walking down the street. (Hey, sing along now.) We get the funniest looks from, everyone we meet.

I hate these guys. Not The Monkees. The turkey terrorists in Kona. There used to be 7 of them, a big gang. Nobody stops them. Don’t think we are allowed to shoot them but any other means are OK. I brought up that question at the last HOA meeting I attended, what are we gonna do about the turkey terrorists in Kona? Someone suggested a bow and arrow. read more

Zen Getaway at the Holualoa Inn

Holualoa Inn

When my husband and I first embarked last month upon the Holualoa artist enclave above Kona, I noticed a sign for the Holualoa Inn. Do you want to take a look at that place, I asked? I’ve seen a few photos online and was curious to see it in person. But he had no interest in it, or maybe he was already exhausted from visiting art studios. However, when I went to Holualoa with my friend, Linda, because that’s where I do my Saturday yoga class, she was game for a visit.

As long as we don’t have to walk back up the winding road, she laughed. It was a bit steep but well worth the walk down and back. An employee met us in the lobby, wondering why we were snooping around, I suppose. If I had told him I would use my photos in a blog, he probably would have been more supportive than he was but he kind of seemed like he didn’t want us there. read more

Hawai’i Sharwil Avocados are Shockingly Addictive

sharwil avocados

Where have I been that I have not eaten a Sharwil avocado? Oh, right, in Sacramento, with my nose to the grindstone selling Sacramento real estate. OMG, the Sharwil avocado is a most delicious avocado, sweet, firm and filling. From the first taste, I was absolutely hooked.

A friend gave me a Sharwil avocado that she received from another friend in Kona who harvests a number of Sharwil avocado trees in her yard. Guess they were dropping left and right so she gathered up the avocados and dropped them off at friends’ houses. Unlike the dreaded summer zucchini harvest in Sacramento, when neighbors drop bags of zucchini on your front step, ring the door bell and run, these are a sought-after delicacy. read more

Do Not Buy the Table Before the Chairs

buy table before the chairs

My friend, let’s call her Sally, decided to buy a table before the chairs. Was she looking for a new table at the time? We were not friends then, so I don’t know if it was an intentional purchase or a spur-of-the-moment decision. You see, Sally already owned a perfectly good dining room table. Rattan construction, 3/4-inch glass top, carved pineapple motif, engraved chair legs with pretty floral upholstery. Unknown to me, and although she lives in Hawaii, she does not particularly like Tommy Bahama! In fact, she did not know before I mentioned it that her inherited furniture was Tommy Bahama. read more

No HBO Go App for my LG OLED Smart TV

hbo go app on my LG OLED Smart TV

If somebody had told me I could not get the HBO Go app on my LG OLED Smart TV, I would have figured they were wrong. Blows my mind. The TV is only a year or so old. It was pretty expensive, as far as Smart TVs go. But the HBO Go app is definitely not offered in the premium apps in my LG Content tab. A search for it specifically turned up nothing.

Wouldn’t have even mattered but I found a movie I want to watch from reading the story about Laura Dern in Vanity Fair. Reminds me of when I was at the Apple store in Honolulu over New Year’s. It took so long to transfer my data from my old iPhone to my new iPhone XR that I had plenty of time to play with all the gizmos in the store. read more

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