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Are Real Estate Photos Misleading?

Are real estate photos misleading? Should you rely on them? When you begin your search for a new Sacramento home, you’ll no doubt browse through all the Sacramento listings on real estate websites. You’ll pay attention to the real estate photos. Perhaps you will even imagine yourself in those rooms or on that property. Then, if you’re like most home buyers, you’ll choose the homes you wish to see based on those real estate photos. You’ll also dismiss homes based on their photos.

If you’ve already begun looking, you know that while pictures say a thousand words. Sometimes those words aren’t truthful. A skilled photographer can make rooms appear larger than they are. He or she can also be selective in what goes into each frame – in order to omit faults that might make you choose not to visit the house.
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Terrific Tuesday In Sacramento Real Estate

Tuesday in Sacramento

Terrific Tuesday in Sacramento real estate can mean many things to many people. We closed an escrow on Boathouse in Natomas. Today on terrific Tuesday, the funds wire into our seller’s account. Also, the buyer’s agent and I both get paid today. So far, so good, lots of positive things are happening. Also, today sent out a multiple counter offer for another listing in Natomas. It is due back by the end of the day today. This seller is going to be very excited to get into a purchase contract. It is turning out to be a terrific Tuesday, but wait there is more. read more

How Many Years is Your Real Estate License Issued For?

Real Estate License

Real estate license, was written by Elizabeth, for another website about a decade ago. That got me to thinking about when I first obtained my original license, in about 1980. That was almost four decades ago, so a really long time ago, lol. Enjoy the article. It is as relevant today as it was when written. Many people see my name tag, especially at the grocery store. They ask me about our licensing requirements. This post below beautifully illustrates the answers.

— JaCi Wallace

” I’m working on an article about real estate agents who leave the business or, for whatever reason, decide they can’t make it in real estate. I’m suspecting that last year’s fallout numbers will not even come close to this year’s attrition figures. Which in many ways is a good thing because it weeds out the ineffective and non-producers. read more

Should a Listing Have a Pending Sale Sign?

pending sale sign

Should a listing have a pending sale sign in the yard? It depends. We have a Sacramento listing that recently had five offers. We are pending sale and have two back up offers. One of these two buyers signed a back up addendum and a multiple counter offer form. This buyer is ready to go into a sales contract if the first offer fails for any reason. In this case, the seller wants a pending sale sign in the front yard as soon as possible. The home sold in 5 days, so sellers are thrilled and want the neighbors to know how fast it sold. read more

A Previous Deputy Sheriff and Now a Sacramento Realtor

Clients are often astonished to learn that I was a previous Deputy Sheriff and now a Sacramento Realtor. I realize these two professions share some similar qualities in common, but not everybody else sees it. I used to joke that the quality of the passengers I drive around now is much better than it was back in 1988!

All joking aside, as a law enforcement officer I often had to problem solve. Solutions were required in split seconds. I worked in West Sacramento, Broderick and Bryte. At that time, it was a pretty rough area. The Yolo County Sheriff’s Department covered all the unincorporated areas of the county. West Sacramento had not yet incorporated. read more

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