Kona Maka’eo Walking Path and Community Garden

maka'eo walking path

We found a sign at the Maka’eo Walking Path noting if we walked around the path 3 times, we’d surpass 2 miles of steps for the day. Oh, man, what did we do before we counted our steps and distances? Didn’t we just walk, by putting one foot in front of the other without any goal to reach a certain number of steps before the end of the day? How did we ever make it through the day back in those dark ages without this knowledge?

Apple knows. In fact, there is a way to turn off the STAND or BREATHE function on my Apple Watch but I’m too lazy to look for it. So, instead little irritations build. Further, I am irritated that it started with 5,000 steps and then lord knows who proclaimed, no, we must do 10,000 steps a day. Screw those people. And Apple, too. Don’t let your watch tell you what to do. Resist. read more

The Vanillerie Tour in Kona Ends With Ice Cream

The Vanillerie in Kona

My friends at the Kona Haven Coffee group mentioned The Vanillerie tour in Kona a few weeks back, and I had forgotten about it. They were a little vague about where the place was located, saying it was past the turnoff for Costco. But after I read the reviews online among the list of things to do in Kona, I thought my husband would enjoy it during his stay.

The Vanillerie in Kona

At the beginning of the tour, Steve began the narration. We learned he has lived in Kona for 14 years and came here from Washington. It seems everybody we meet in Kona, if they were not born here, count their years like rings on a tree, and some with great pride. It’s always an announcement or a question about how long one has lived in Kona. read more

Mahai’lua Beach at Kekaha Kai State Park

mahai'lua beach

You have to really want to visit Mahai’lua Beach to drive down the road to get there. To say the road is unimproved is to put it mildly. In fact, there is a sign about halfway down the road that warns you are entering an unimproved road, just in case you didn’t know. However, the road to the unimproved road is also unimproved, so it makes you wonder how much worse can it get.

Wasn’t bad in my Subaru SUV, but some of the people who care about their suspension (or maybe their kidneys) had turned around and headed back to the highway. It’s about a 15-minute drive, averaging somewhere between 5 and 10 miles per hour. But who is in a hurry? This is Hawaii! You’ll get to Mahai’lua Beach. Eventually. read more

Afternoon Visit to Holualoa Artist Enclave on Big Isle

Holualoa Artist Enclave

The first time I tried to find the Holualoa artist enclave uphill from Kona, I turned the wrong way and ended up in front of the Aloha Theater in Kealakekua. Not only that, but my friends were leaving Holualoa soon, so I drove really fast up and then down the winding road of Hualalai, not wanting to miss them.

But I did miss them anyway. Since I had run out of food, the next best thing to do was stop at Safeway on my way home. I zoomed into the parking lot, jumped out of my vehicle and all of a sudden my mouth started to water. The calm before the storm. read more

Old Kona Airport Beach at Low Tide

old kona airport beach

The last time I strolled along Old Kona Airport Beach Park was more than a year ago, when I shot photos of my last day in Kona. Not very many people seem to populate this area; it’s fairly quiet and secluded, featuring picnic tables under covered canopies.

old kona airport beach

But yesterday, my husband and I stopped at Old Kona Airport Beach at low tide to check out the sea life and vegetation. Above, is a close up photo of an intricate flower on the velvetleaf soldier bush. Must be a hardy plant to survive on the edge of the ocean. read more

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