Elizabeth Weintraub Answers Your Questions About Sacramento Short Sales

Elizabeth-Weintraub-PorscheShort Sales – How to Handle a Short Sale
The fundamentals behind a short sale, why a lender would accept a short sale and how it affects borrowers.

How to Do an FHA Short Sale
Tips for a completing an FHA short sale quickly and efficiently. Secrets for processing an FHA short sale as a seller or an agent, especially those unfamiliar with the HUD process.

Choose Selling Your House as a Short Sale
What you need to know before selling as a short sale to ensure that your short sale will be successful. Crucial steps to take before listing your house as a short sale. How to tell if selling as a short sale is the smartest choice for your situation.

Step 1 of a Short Sale
What is the first step in a short sale? What is the single most important thing to do before you begin a short sale? If you miss this step in your short sale, you could be making a big mistake.

How to Qualify for a Short Sale
Thinking of a selling on a short sale? Not every home owner qualifies for a short sale. Here is how to figure out if you meet the requirements for qualifying for a short sale.

Is the HAFA Short Sale Program Right for You?
Rules for a HAFA short sale. Benefits and overview of HAFA short sale program for underwater sellers. How the HAFA short sale seller can get paid to sell on a short sale.

Buying a Short Sale Home
Buying Short Sales. Before you buy a short sale, read about your rights. Why the seller’s lender needs to approve a short sale and how to understand what is involved in closing short sale transactions.

The Complete Short Sale Process
How the short sale process is handled from listing the home to reaching short sale approval by the bank. Complete A to Z short sale process.

What Does An Approved Short Sale Mean?
Definition and explanation of approved short sale. What an approved short sale actually means when you see it listed that way.

What is a Short Sale?
What is a short sale? Explanation of a short sale. Why not every short sale on the market is an actual short sale. What constitutes a real short sale?

Should Buyers Hire a Short Sale Agent to Buy a Short Sale?
Reasons why a home buyer planning to buy a short sale might want to seek out the services of a short sale listing agent. How a short sale listing agent can act in single agency on behalf of a short sale buyer.

Should You Choose a Short Sale Over a Foreclosure?
Should you do a short sale or a foreclosure? Is a short sale or foreclosure better for your credit rating? How do you qualify for a short sale? Are there any advantages at all to doing a foreclosure?

Short Sale Offer Tips
How to make a short sale offer. Ways to write that short sale offer that will encourage the seller to accept it and the bank to issue short sale approval. 10 short sale offer tips.

bigstockphoto_Short_Sale_Green_Road_Sign_Ove_7311726A Wachovia Short Sale is the Golden Egg
How to do a Wachovia short sale. Why Wachovia short sales are different from all the other short sales. How Wachovia can help you to negotiate with a junior lender on a short sale.

Big Banks Push Sellers to Commit Mortgage Fraud
How short sale sellers may be unwittingly committing mortgage fraud. Explanation of short sale mortgage fraud. Some second mortgage lenders demand seller contributions in such a deceptive manner that it can result in mortgage fraud.

Home Selling in a Market Dominated by Foreclosures and Short Sales
How to sell your home in a market dominated by foreclosures and short sales. Home selling tips for regular sales in a distressed neighborhood.

Short Sale Mortgage Fraud – Second Lenders Commit Short Sale ?
Share your experiences concerning short sale mortgage fraud. Has a second lender told you to pay money outside of closing?

Do Banks Make More Money on Foreclosures Than Short Sales?
Which is more profitable for a bank: foreclosures or short sales? Do banks make more money on foreclosures over short sales?

Fannie Mae Short Sale Requirements
Fannie Mae requirements for short sales. How Fannie Mae servicing guidelines may affect whether sellers are approved for a short sale. Conflicts within Fannie Mae short sale guidelines.

How Short Sales and Foreclosures Affect Credit
The effect of foreclosures and short sales on credit reports and FICO scores. Which is better to see on a credit report – a foreclosure or a short sale? How soon after foreclosure or short sale can a seller buy a new home?

Banks That Require a Seller Contribution on a Short Sale
Why some banks demand that the seller make a contribution as a condition of short sale approval. Types of seller contributions that banks will accept to close a short sale.

What Does Active Short Sale Contingent Mean?
Definition of active short sale contingent as it pertains to homes for sale that are short sales. Why status terms for active short contingent home listings vary around the country.

Why Does the Bank Require an Arms-Length Affidavit on a Short Sale?
Definition of an arms-length affidavit and why a short sale seller can’t sell a home to a relative or business associate. Sample verbiage from a short sale bank regarding the arms-length affidavit.

Short Sale Myths
Popular myths about short sales. Top 5 misconceptions about a short sale. Why agents, sellers and buyers don’t understand how a short sale works and believe the myths they hear.

Should I Do a Loan Modification or a Short Sale?
Loan modification or short sale? Which is easier to do: a loan modification or a short sale? Why it’s not a good idea to start a short sale and then switch to a loan modification.

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