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Elizabeth WeintraubElizabeth Weintraub
, Team Leader of the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at Lyon Real Estate. Broker-Associate. #00697006. First licensed in 1979. Elizabeth consistently ranks in the top 1% of all agents in the Sacramento region. One thing you might not know about Elizabeth is she is a former home improvement do-it-yourselfer and has personally remodeled many of her own homes. She can talk for hours about home improvement projects, including environmental issues. You might also find out how shocked she was to discover that radishes do not grow in bunches like you find them at the grocery store. More about Elizabeth Weintraub.

Elizabeth Weintraub 916.233.6759
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Barbara Dow Elizabeth Weintraub TeamMary Barbara Dow, Salesperson #01149688, selling real estate since 1992, Barbara brings more than 25 years of experience to the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at Lyon Real Estate. She is a resident of Sacramento, California. Barbara specializes in helping buyers throughout the Sacramento four-county area, from El Dorado Hills to Midtown to Galt. Barbara’s specialty is working with move-up buyers and investors. Clients say Barbara is compassionate, determined and fiercely loyal, the type of agent you want on your side. Rain or shine, you’ll find Barbara is always ready to show homes.

Barbara Dow direct: 916.761.7398


Josh Amolsch The Elizabeth Weintraub Team Josh Amolsch, Salesperson #01926016, exudes magnetic energy. He is certified in the VA loan program to help veterans. Josh brings a wealth of experience and compassion for first-time home buyers. You might not know that in addition to a successful sales career, Josh is also an accomplished guitarist, known throughout the Sacramento music scene, and has organized a number of bands. Moreover, it’s likely that The Beatles would have played together a few more years if they had been lucky enough to work under Josh’s discipline and leadership. Josh resides in the Arden area of Sacramento.

Josh Amolsch direct 916.224.2756

Amy McMullan from Elizabeth Weintraub Team

Amy McMullan, Salesperson #01990839, as of October 1, 2018, Amy has relocated to Los Angeles, California.





Shaundra Bradley The Elizabeth Weintraub TeamShaundra Bradley, Salesperson #01812022, selling real estate since 2007. Shaundra brings more than a decade of experience to the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at Lyon Real Estate as a full-time Transaction Coordinator. She lives in Lincoln, California. Shaundra is the person who keeps the wheels spinning while simultaneously juggling 15 balls in the air. She hasn’t dropped one yet. If you want something done quickly and efficiently, you ask a busy person like Shaundra. Clients say she is focused, efficient, a problem solver and Shaundra always has a smile for you. She takes care of clients’ files like her life depends on it.

Shaundra Bradley direct 916.342.0961

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