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Sacramento Home Selling: When is Escrow Over and Closed?

when is escrow over and closed?Knowing when is escrow over and closed, well, it’s one of the highlights of selling a home. It’s that time when you realize a heavy load has been lifted off your shoulders. Often a burden you didn’t even know you had carried until it’s gone. In the case of my sellers in south Sacramento who lived in a hard-to-sell neighborhood, it took us more than 6 months to close that house. Then, last month, we had 2 strong offers, hours apart. Multiple offers for that house.

Right before signing the paperwork, I asked the sellers to leave all the remotes / keys / manuals in a kitchen drawer. As long as they left that stuff before closing, we are good. Because after the deadline for possession at closing — which by contract default is 6 PM — the seller is supposed to be gone. It doesn’t mean the seller can go over to the house that night or the following day to leave keys. That would be considered trespassing. read more

Use Only a Secured Sacramento Real Estate Website with a SSL Certificate

secured sacramento real estate website

If you have not yet secured your Sacramento real estate website by obtaining an SSL certificate (secure socket layer), you could be in trouble. Chrome announced big news yesterday. You have a secure Sacramento real estate website if your URL is an HTTPS. If it is not, your site is not secure. A secure website encrypts the connection between a user and the website. For example, although I do no commerce through my website, I do allow visitors to email me directly through the website. Their email address would be vulnerable if my site was not secure. However, it is secure. read more

Quitting a Job is Bittersweet Yet It Is Time for a Change

quitting a job

The nightmares should have been a clue that it was time to think about quitting a job. I’m not talking about my primary occupation as a Sacramento Realtor. That job is as strong as ever. Still closing a couple of homes a week or so on average and turning in $30+ million in sales on an annual basis. With all of that action going on you would not think I would have time for a second job, but being an overachiever tends to come with the territory of being a top producer in Sacramento real estate. read more

The Story of Closing a 1911 Fixer Craftsman in Woodland

craftsman fixer

When I was about to list this 1911 fixer Craftsman in Woodland, I called a few agents in that area. Small towns are typically tight-knit. One of the agents said she thought our price was too high and it would never sell over $399K. But I’m pretty good at pricing homes, even if I don’t have an intimate knowledge of a street or certain area, I know how to get that intimidate knowledge and price accordingly. It’s just a knack I have. So it’s a good thing I specialize in listing homes in the Sacramento area. I say put that skill to good use. read more

The Story of Selling an Overbuilt Rancho Cordova Home

overbuilt Rancho Cordova home

One of my listing specialties is selling white elephants like this overbuilt Rancho Cordova home. We call them white elephants when they don’t conform to the neighborhood, not that there is anything specifically wrong with the home. Most of the homes in this subdivision are 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. This particular home is over 2,100 square feet. Pricing is different when a home is larger than others around it. Usually the per square foot price is less than the surrounding homes.

A recurring complaint from buyers was they didn’t like the fact this home mirrored the home next door. The exterior appeared identical, except for a reversed floor plan, which meant the garages, which were side facing, also faced each other. One potential buyer from Chico called to say he was submitting an offer. A few minutes later he said he looked at the home on Google, spotted the garages facing each other and said, nope. No offer. read more

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