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Selling When Divorcing

Selling When Divorcing

Selling when divorcing was written by Elizabeth for another publication years ago. This topic is very relevant today. In fact, we just sold a property for a divorcing couple. Enjoy … JaCi

There is no reason to let buyers know you are getting divorced when you are selling. If buyers can figure that out, they will offer you less. They will think you are desperate. And let’s face it, some divorcing couples are desperate. They want nothing to do with each other, and the faster their home sells, the better. read more

Why Buying a Home on Hawaii Island is Hard

buying a home on Hawaii Island

The process for buying our first home on Hawaii Island was a bit convoluted because we used conventional financing, with our mortgage people located on another island. And let’s just say they were not Dan Tharp quality from Sacramento. If I recall correctly, they also became inebriated on Christmas Eve and threatened to cancel my loan for no good reason. Then, they apologized profusely after sobering up the following day.

Buying a home on Hawaii Island is hard. 

Some of the problems with buying a home on Hawaii Island are contained in the way agents do business on Hawaii Island and also in the purchase contract itself. For example, California used to be referred to as strictly a Caveat Emptor state for buyers, but the state fixed that attitude and its inherent problems. The California Residential Purchase Agreement definitely favors buyers now. read more

Inspiration For Writing A Blog 7 Days Per Week, Necessary?

Inspiration for writing a blog

Inspiration for writing a blog 7 days per week, necessary? Some days there are some very interesting occurrences that are really fun to write about. Some days it may not be fun at all.  A blog could be about an escrow with a very difficult agent, who made you want to pull your hair out. Sometimes frustration provides fuel for interesting dialogue and a great conversation online.

Some days there may not be an exciting topic at all, as nothing exciting comes to mind. As you write, the topic begins to bloom and the words just come.  A title and the photo are the key ingredients for your blog. Picking the right photo is part of the process. A great photo provides a visual cue that may help engage a reader. read more

Another team sale closed escrow just before July 31

team sale closed escrow

Another team sale closed escrow just before July 31rst was music to our ears. July has turned out to be a busy month in Sacramento Real Estate. The Weintraub and Wallace Team had several closed escrows this month. Everyone on the team closed escrows. July tends to be a bit quieter as vacations, and many schools are out for summer break. People are enjoying a bit slower pace and the market can cool a bit. Now, of course, our clients are not missing a beat. Our team is not on vacation we are always working. read more

The California State Fair 2019 and 97+ Degrees in Sacramento

California State Fair

The California State Fair in Sacramento 2019 and 97 + degrees in Sacramento today. The State Fair used to have a different location and I sat on those golden bears as a little girl. I can still remember the excitement of the fair with the company of my three younger sisters.

The hotter the better, we didn’t care, it was so worth it. We loved to see everything and, of course, eat junk food. The exhibits were always of interest to me. The livestock though was my favorite part, still is.

I won’t be attending California State Fair 2019, partly because of a busy schedule and, of course, the hot temperatures. I hope all of you will have a chance to experience the California State Fair and, by all means, have a funnel cake, :>). read more

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