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Buyers Do Not Care What You Tell Them as Long As You Do

Buyers don’t care what you tell them as long as you tell them. That’s my opening statement when I hand home sellers a package of disclosures to complete. It’s the things you don’t tell a buyer that can come back to haunt you, not what you do say.

You take a neighborhood where I live and work like Land Park. Because I live in Land Park, I have intimate knowledge about the neighborhood, which agents who live outside of Land Park probably don’t know. If they don’t know, they can’t disclose those facts to a buyer. Although, it could probably be argued that they should know or should at least have asked questions of the seller. read more

There is Not a Home for Every Buyer

not a home for every buyer

Not only is there not a home for every buyer, but not every potential home buyer will buy a home in Sacramento this year, regardless of how much a buyer may yearn for a home. How do I know this? Because I speak with first-time home buyers who want to buy a home nearly every day. I listen to their wants and needs. From this information, I determine whether these buyers are realistic and motivated. See, a buyer can possess all the motivation and determination in the world, but if a buyer is stuck in fantasy land, the odds of buying a home are dramatically reduced. read more

Reduced Price for 2214 Davini Lane in 95818

price reduced for 2214 Davini Lane

The seller has authorized a reduced price for 2214 Davini Lane in 95818. Our last two comparable sales were at $489K, but the seller insisted we reduce the price to $475K. This is a $14,000 price reduction off the recent comparable sales. We are motivated to move this baby. What do you get for that price?

Well, you could pay about the same for a tiny 3 bedroom, 1 bath built in 1948 in Upper Land Park, or you could buy 2214 Davini Lane. Davini Lane was built in 2007, and it features 2 bedrooms, plus a loft and 3 baths. It has granite counters, wood-like floors, cherry cabinets and stainless appliances. You can also plug your electric car into the charger in the garage and save on utilities, too, because the solar is owned. read more

Should Part-Time Realtors Represent Family Members?

part time realtors represent family members

Should part-time Realtors represent family members? You know what I’m gonna say. Probably not. In fact, even full-time Realtors might want to think twice about representing family members if they want to keep harmony in the family.

However, the real dynamics of such a notion could be devastating to such agents because family often makes up the major portion of their business. Without family members to serve, they wouldn’t be an agent, because nobody else would hire them. And if that’s the case, maybe they shouldn’t be an agent at all. read more

Which Do You Prefer: Apple or Google Maps?

apple or google maps

Not really sure what kind of mapping system I have in my Mercedes C300, but it is not Apple nor Google maps. It is something else, and it pretty much sucks. It is a clunky system to enter a destination, some maps won’t let you change back to your original view, and it doesn’t deserve to be installed in Mercedes, yet is is. I simply despise it, so I rarely use it, instead I rely on my iPhone maps, which comes down to Apple or Google maps.

In fact, I didn’t even realize this was an issue, to have to decide between Apple or Google maps, until yesterday. Before I took off for lunch, I verified an address on my computer in Google maps. Never before have I ever checked the box that lets Google maps send the directions to my cellphone, but for some reason, I decided to do exactly that. And then I forgot about it. read more

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