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Tips for Helping Sellers in Sacramento to Understand our Real Estate Market

helping sellers in sacramento

When I take a listing, in turn I am helping sellers in Sacramento by providing accurate data and being painstakingly honest. Part of my directness, undoubtedly, comes from being raised in the upper midwest. My mother always called Minnesota the upper midwest and not just the midwest because I presume she didn’t want to be confused with Missouri or Kansas. Like she lived in Upper Manhattan and not the frozen tundra of Minneapolis. But I grew up believing the only way to relate to others was to be honest and direct rather than embellish or, worse, make up things you can’t remember. read more

How to Sell Your House in the Fall Sacramento Market

sell your house in the fall sacramento market

If you’re looking for tips to sell your house in the fall Sacramento market, you’ve come to the right blog. I routinely sell a couple of homes a week on average so I manage a wide range of transactions. This gives me a unique perspective of the housing market in Sacramento. Because believe you me, I have been sailing high on the seller’s market in Sacramento for the past 7 years. It’s a little bit of a bummer to watch the tables turning, but that’s the cycle of life and of real estate. Gone is the “seller’s way or the highway.” New is: how can we help the buyer to purchase this home? read more

Why Would Elizabeth Weintraub Want to List That Home in Sacramento?

elizabeth weintraub would want to list that home

Nobody ever asks themselves, why would Elizabeth Weintraub want to list that home in Sacramento? That’s because most sellers figure all listing agents want to list every house they can get their grubby little paws on. But that would not be true about this Sacramento listing agent. There are listings I don’t want to take. For starters, I don’t want to list a home if the seller doesn’t need my help or won’t listen to my advice. If a seller believes she already knows exactly how to sell a house, she doesn’t need a listing specialist. She might need a stiff drink, but not a specialist. read more

Benefits of Working With Bay Area Agents to See Sacramento Listings

Working With Bay Area Agents

Not all Sacramento listing agents are happy to take on working with Bay Area agents, but it’s never bothered me. Probably because I do not care to double-end transactions. I would much rather let somebody else represent the buyer. My business is such I don’t need to squeeze every dime out of every corner of a transaction to make a good living for myself and my family. So, I do not have that problem that some other agents have when it comes to elbowing out, er, working with Bay Area agents. I will assist Bay Area agents anyway I can. read more

The #1 Agent at Lyon for January Earned Ranking from Hawaii

#1 Agent at Lyon

Elizabeth Weintraub, #1 Agent at Lyon for January, earned ranking from Hawaii

If you want to be the #1 agent at Lyon, all you have to do is spend a couple of months in Hawaii. That’s my message for today. Because that’s the only way I can figure out how to explain the surprise announcement yesterday from Lyon Real Estate. I am not making this up. Yup, Elizabeth Weintraub was named #1 agent at Lyon for January, 2018. It was a big shock to me. January was a slow month. Just like December. Seasonal sales typically slow a bit in December and January, which is why I go to Hawaii to work from our vacation house. read more

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