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Sacramento People Go Crazy

sacramento people go crazy

Thought you would enjoy another bit of advice from Elizabeth Weintraub. Enjoy and happy Monday! — JaCi Wallace.

“Some Sacramento people go crazy wild improving their back yards. Gone are the days of the Weber barbecue grill fueled by charcoal. Nowadays, buyers demand state-of-the-art appliances that can cost ten grand for the grill alone; not counting the wood-fired pizza oven nor the refreshment center.

“The question is how do Sacramento buyers put a dollar value on an outdoor kitchen? Much depends on the quality of the materials and type of improvements. So, whether the yard has water features such as a pool, fountain, spa, or all three, and whether the yard is professionally landscaped. read more

Beautiful Wedding And The Groom Is A Top Producer Realtor

Josh Victoria and Elizabeth

Our Team attended our beloved Josh Amolsch’s picture-perfect beautiful wedding and the groom is a top producer Realtor. His gorgeous bride Victoria, was stunning. The backdrop, Lake Tahoe. Fabulous food, laughter plus champagne, and of course delicious cake pops were over the top delicious. When the pictures come in I will do a blog that will be sure to please.

What I can say is we all loved seeing Elizabeth. She looked fantastic, relaxed and fit. Her husband’s quick wit kept us laughing. They are a great couple and very enjoyable company. A great couple. read more

A Sacramento Dog wins Blue Ribbon in Oklahoma.

Sacramento Dog

A Sacramento dog wins a blue ribbon in Oklahoma, at a dog show. Yes, this Sacramento Realtor’s dog won the dog show, 2 days in a row. He is almost a Champion. His name is Blackjack but I call him Jacks. Just one more major point win next month when he travels to Texas and he is finished. To be crowned as a “Champion Dog” he has to have two major wins plus several 1 points shows. This has been so good for him but has been sorely missed by all my family.

His Aunt Theresa is a Schipperke dog breeder and she lives in Oklahoma. She owns a Champion Schipperke dog that is ranked # 5 in the US, named Cowboy. Jax is doing great visiting with her this year. Who would have thought a Sacramento Dog could win an Oklahoma Dog show? He has been traveling to several states and he has been having a ball. He goes with several dogs to these shows. What a life as gets groomed, stays in nice hotels and takes long naps. Imagine ea that he gets lots of treats. She says he thinks he is a star as he prances all around proudly. read more

Terrific Tuesday In Sacramento Real Estate

Tuesday in Sacramento

Terrific Tuesday in Sacramento real estate can mean many things to many people. We closed an escrow on Boathouse in Natomas. Today on terrific Tuesday, the funds wire into our seller’s account. Also, the buyer’s agent and I both get paid today. So far, so good, lots of positive things are happening. Also, today sent out a multiple counter offer for another listing in Natomas. It is due back by the end of the day today. This seller is going to be very excited to get into a purchase contract. It is turning out to be a terrific Tuesday, but wait there is more. read more

Sneak Peek of This Rancho Cordova Home Rehab In Progress

Sneak peek of this Rancho Cordova home rehab in progress was surprising. The owner told me she had updated the entire house both interior and exterior except for the slab, the electrical and the plumbing inside the walls. This photo above shows the kitchen with upgraded shaker cream colored cabinets. A glass tile backsplash, with upgraded counter slabs and black appliances.

This feels like a modern but functional kitchen. A popular five burner gas stove to cook with, dishwasher and microwave, completes the appliance package. Do not miss the double stainless sinks under the kitchen window which looks onto the large backyard. read more

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