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Elizabeth Weintraub Team Wins 5 Top Awards from Homelight

top 5 awards from homelight

Big surprise yesterday when we received 5 top awards from Homelight for 2018. Pictured here is Amy McMullan with Elizabeth Weintraub, and we sure miss Amy (who has since moved to Los Angeles). Homelight is a website company that refers sellers and buyers to agents in Sacramento, and they work only with top producers.

All agents are not the same. Clients are wising up to the fact that 90% of agents sell only 2 or 3 homes a year. Not us, of course.

Further, in the digital age, many websites compete for eyeballs on the internet, and those with the best SEO are winning. The Elizabeth Weintraub Team prefers to align ourselves with winners, so we stick with the companies our clients like. However, we were not expecting to win 5 top awards from Homelight. One is plenty, actually. read more

Where Do You Find Listing Specialists in Sacramento?

call listing agents

Do you wonder if you deserve your own representation and where you can find listing specialists in Sacramento? Most agents who solely represent sellers are always ready to talk about selling a home, providing you can find such an agent. There are not very many listing specialists in Sacramento. For example, I can count the number on one hand, and I’m not so sure about the other four. I can only vouch for myself.

Most agents, if you don’t already know, try to work with both sellers and buyers. They probably don’t attract enough business to specialize. Some of those agents might call themselves listing specialists but they are not, not truly. I know this to be a fact because my outlook and business focus is so completely different from agents who represent both types, sellers and buyers, and even those who only represent buyers. read more

Why Do People Go Into Real Estate?

why people go into real estate

Yesterday I received a call from a guy who said he would like to talk to me about why people go into real estate. Did I have a few minutes to spare? Just some random guy seeking out a random agent, he said. For starters, I should say that happens because of my extensive exposure online, especially due to all of the articles I published over the last 12 years about homebuying on what is now The Balance. My voice somehow encourages a lot of people to contact me.

Unfortunately, there is no money in it to talk to some of these people. Every so often they want to buy or sell a house in Sacramento, but there are also telemarketers who want to sell me something. Lottsa luck there, I say; and there are people who genuinely do not know who else to contact. Or, maybe I am self delusional. I could be wrong. But I do try to help, regardless. They could be people who regularly contact strangers online to try to squeeze information from professionals for free. It’s better to think the best about people, because by thinking the worst, the worst has a better chance of becoming reality. read more

Selling a House Three Times to Get Paid Once

Undoubtedly, when I am selling a house 3 times to get paid once, I am doing it solely for the benefit of the seller. Other agents seem to intensely dislike that kind of attitude. They are used to listings agents who rollover and do whatever it takes to close a transaction. It confuses them when they discover that I am not one of those agents who will rollover.

For starters, I care deeply about my fiduciary relationship to the seller and doing what is best for the seller. How do I do that? Well, here’s a hint for ya, I don’t count my chickens before they hatch because even if they never hatch, I don’t care. I care solely about making my sellers happy. It’s a recipe, albeit a weird one for many, but it’s a successful recipe for me. I don’t really know how to better explain it than if you take yourself out of the equation and try to do only what is best for a seller (I know, strange concept), as an agent you will win in the end. And so does the seller. I won’t go so far as to say win-win because that’s not really a concept I subscribe to, and I used to be married to the guy who coined that phrase. In real estate, generally one side, seller or buyer, fares better than the other. That’s the reality. read more

There is Always Another Buyer for Fixers in Sacramento

There is always another buyer for fixers in Sacramento. That is one of the first lessons I learned from selling hundreds of short sales back in the day. Thank goodness that is basically over. Not only did an agent need to be on top of her game due to difficult procedures from the banks, but she needed to also deal with a wide assortment of buyers.

Today, when I sell to a buyer for fixers in Sacramento, I know there are several camps of buyers. First, there are the guys for whom the project needs to “pencil” to make financial sense, meaning low cost to cure and high net return on resale. They don’t all use the same calculations. Some buyers hire cheaper labor than others. But usually the guys with the lowball offers are not a good fit for my sellers. read more

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