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A Happy New Year In Sacramento 2020

New Year In Sacramento 2020

A happy New Year in Sacramento 2020 needed just the right photo. This picture looks like these two women were having “too much fun,” as if there is such a thing as too much. After looking at well over 100 photos, I knew instantly this was the perfect photo. Elizabeth and I both appreciate great photos that help tell our stories. The right photo is so important.

It was a quiet celebration for me at home with 6 pounds of huge crab legs from the Elk Grove Costco. Elk Grove real estate is becoming more popular and, so of course, it was time for a Costco. Living in the rural part of the greater Elk Grove area and being 7 minutes from Costco is a real plus for this Sacramento Realtor. read more

Multiple Offers are Happening in Sacramento Real Estate

multiple offers are happening

Multiple offers are happening. The Sacramento real estate market in 2012 VS 2019 is similar in so many ways. The article below in italics, A Twist in the Sacramento Real Estate Market, was written in 2012 by my partner Elizabeth Weintraub. So let’s now look at my interpretation of 2019. I just sold an investor-type listing; we had 6 offers, all investors. Several were over the list price. The final selling price was 10% over list. This was the same thing happening in 2012. Multiple offers are happening on properties priced to sell. Low-interest rates, too, at 3.75%. Rents are matching purchase price monthly payments. read more

Alicante Villas Sacramento Condo sale in 30 days

Alicante Villas Sacramento Condo sale in 30 days

Alicante Villas Sacramento condo sale in 30 days earned our team a 5 star Zillow review below from a happy home seller. Sellers who take the time to provide other people with a rating recommendation is always so appreciated. Our team did a great job of selling this condo in just 30 days after another real estate company had failed to do so in 120 days.

“I had listed my condo with a different company and it stayed on the market for four long months. I was getting showings but no offers. I was depressed and desperate. I found JaCi and listed my condo with her. Within a month she found the perfect buyer and within another month we closed escrow. I wished I have listed with JaCi from the very beginning. Highly recommended.”
548 Woodside Oaks APT 2, Sacramento, CA 95825 read more

Which is Better — Lockboxes or Appointments?

Which is better when selling a home — lockboxes or appointments? This is an article written by Elizabeth for another publication. It is a situation that hasn’t changed from a decade ago. Today, there are new companies like “Open Door” which do not use lockboxes at all, but that is another blog altogether. Enjoy…

— JaCi Wallace

Should a seller require an appointment or will a lockbox inspire more showings? Some sellers are uneasy about giving agents and their buyers access to a home when the sellers are not at home. However, unless a seller is at home during the day, without a lockbox, showings might not happen at all. read more

Is It A Numbers Game When Choosing a List Price?

Is It A Numbers Game When Choosing a List Price?

Is it a numbers game when choosing a list price? It can feel like that sometimes but there is a very detailed systematic approach that our team uses. Sellers sometimes pull numbers out of thin air. We then remind them of the appraisal, which needs to match our sales price for a bank to give a loan to the buyer.

Professionals always review the comparative market analysis and go from there. The numbers do not lie, so they always tell the story. If you need help choosing a list price and are interested in selling, please call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors. We can be reached at 916-233-6759. read more

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