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How Quickly Should A Real Estate Agent Respond To A Potential Client?

A Real Estate Agent

How quickly should a real estate agent respond to a potential client was written by Elizabeth Weintraub for another website. The # 1 reason people complain about real estate agents is agents do not call people back in a timely manner. This is a great article on the subject. ENJOY.

— JaCi Wallace

“Years ago, when I was buying a home in Land Park, Sacramento, and in the process of moving from Minneapolis, I had hired a real estate agent who rarely communicated with me. I would email her and she would not respond. I would leave her voice mails and she would not return my phone calls. Being several thousand miles away and trying to close a real estate deal was stressful enough, but working with an agent whose communication skills were sorely lacking was even more frustrating. It’s not the way I choose to do business. read more

Rural Real Estate Pricing Is Anything But Cookie Cutter.

Rural Real Estate

Rural real estate pricing is anything but cookie cutter. There is a wide range of pricing as the country property is mostly custom homes. There is an HOA in one rural real estate subdivision in south county, that feels like a neighborhood. Lot size can vary greatly. There is little price difference between 5-10 acres.

The size of the main home and the number of additional residences and outbuildings has an influence on the final price. Set up for animals on a property has a direct impact on buyers. There is an extensive amount of work and analysis to price properly. read more

Wild Wednesday Real Estate

Wednesday Real Estate

Wild Wednesday real estate. What a day, as it starts with an office meeting, team meetings, two new listings, rescuing a homeless kitten, negotiating repair requests. Then, communications on listings and escrows, over 200 emails, 35 texts and 15 phone conversations later, it was a crazy Wednesday real estate. This is not a tedious job, lol. 

If you want to list or sell a property with Realtors who can ride out the busiest day and still find time to market your property, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, at 916-233-6759.  read more

Are Real Estate Photos Misleading?

Are real estate photos misleading? Should you rely on them? When you begin your search for a new Sacramento home, you’ll no doubt browse through all the Sacramento listings on real estate websites. You’ll pay attention to the real estate photos. Perhaps you will even imagine yourself in those rooms or on that property. Then, if you’re like most home buyers, you’ll choose the homes you wish to see based on those real estate photos. You’ll also dismiss homes based on their photos.

If you’ve already begun looking, you know that while pictures say a thousand words. Sometimes those words aren’t truthful. A skilled photographer can make rooms appear larger than they are. He or she can also be selective in what goes into each frame – in order to omit faults that might make you choose not to visit the house.
read more

Elk Grove Ranch With A Lake Is But A Dream

Elk Grove Ranch

This Elk Grove ranch with a lake is but a dream property for one lucky buyer. This photo is of the pristine lake which has two islands, a boat dock, a walking bridge and a gorgeous giant rock waterfall. There is a walking path all around it and a very zen bench at one end, where you can simply get lost in a daydream. It is located at 8109 Sloughhouse Rd. Elk Grove, Ca. 95624.

The property has the original barn-red colored dairy barn with white trim. There is also a shop that is fully functional for a working ranch. There are three homes on the property as well as many outbuildings. Ownership was reported as being part of the original Spanish Land Grant, so it has historic significance as well. Affectionately named, “Ochenta Robles,” or the translated version is “80 Oak Trees.” There are so many beautiful different types of oak trees scattered about the property. read more

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