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The Tomato Juice vs Clamato Juice Battle

tomato juice vs clamato juice

How was I to know I would find myself in the middle of a tomato juice vs clamato juice debauchery, the innate destruction of human nature? Personally, I think clamato is one of the most disgusting juices on the market today, and I don’t know any aficionados. But I have figured out how they manage to sell clamato. They confuse you. It’s witchery. They stick all of the tomato based juices together. If the tomato juice was nestled next to apple juice, you would never pick up a bottle of V8 by mistake. read more

Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on the Big Island of Hawaii

remodeling a kitchen on the big islandWhen we bought our second home, I was not thinking about remodeling a kitchen on the Big Island. In fact, I had no thoughts of remodeling anything apart from replacing the bedroom carpeting. But you know how it goes. You spend a few months here and there and things begin to speak. For example, the window coverings began to complain. Out loud. Yes. For one thing, they were 26-year-old cheap blinds, consisting of one-inch painted metal slats. They were also crusty and icky. OK, sure, we could buy lined bamboo for the sliding glass doors and weather resistant wood-like 2-inch slat blinds. read more

Celebration at Hulihe’e Palace for King Kamehameha Day

Hulihe'e Palace

After the King Kamehaha parade in Kailua-Kona on Saturday, the celebration continued at Hulihe’e Palace in historic Kailua Village. The palace was the summer home of Queen Emma. Many years ago my husband and I toured the palace, a must-see historic preservation site in town. These guys, I believe, are re-enacting the Royal Order of King Kamehameha I. The uniter of the Hawaiian islands.

The men are wearing a malo, a loin cloth. Hawaiians are not as hung up about their bodies or exposure as we are on the mainland. read more

Photos of the King Kamehameha Parade in Kailua-Kona

King Kamehameha Parade 2018 Kailua Kona

As the four of us sat on a lava wall waiting for the King Kamehameha Parade to reach Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona, my new-found friends and I listened to the announcers. This question bellowed down the street: Where was King Kamehameha born, literally? Some people shouted out Kohala, and others came up with different suggestions. Literally, the announcer stressed, literally.

OK, this Sacramento Realtor joked: on a bed of banana leaves. King Kamehameha was born into a royal family, best guess estimate of 1758. King Kamehameha Day is held annually to recognize the great ruler who was first to unite the islands. He died in May of 1819. Legends say King Kamehameha was born under Haley’s Comet. The announcer at the King Kamehameha Parade in Kailua-Kona seemed very certain he was born in a canoe. That was the correct answer. read more

My New Adventure of Buying a Bath Tub in Hawaii

buying a bath tub

Buying a bath tub. How hard can it be? I asked myself. Just because I’ve never bought a bath tub before doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I’ve done lots of things in my life, with great success, without any experience whatsoever. Yes, it takes a lot of research. Checking more than resource, asking for more than one person’s opinion. Gathering data. Considering the sources of the data.

For example, when I once wanted to learn how to run Romex from the panel to light fixtures during one of my remodels, I bought books. Joined a handyman’s club to receive its literature. Talked with the guys down at Lowe’s. Hung out at bars where contractors went for happy hour and forged fast friendships. By the time I was ready to run my own electrical, I knew exactly what to do. How to avoid the pitfalls. Self education. Yes, I’m very resourceful and determined. read more

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