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Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining buyer feedback is an article published by another website and was written by Elizabeth. Feedback is very important to sellers and something we strive to do. It is not EZ obtaining buyer feedback as agents once they have left the property, are often out of sight out and out of mind. Sacramento Realtors sometimes don’t call us back. After 3 calls, emails and texts to contact them, we can be sure they probably are not interested. Enjoy, — JaCi Wallace

The only person whose opinion matters when your home is listed for sale is not you. It’s not your agent’s opinion, either, nor is it the opinion of all the other agents who work your neighborhood. The person whose opinion matters is the buyer. It is the buyer who will make an offer and, it is you, as the seller, who will either accept, counter or reject that offer. read more

Sellers Paying To Sell A Home

Sellers paying to sell

This article about sellers paying to sell a home was written by Elizabeth previously. This was written was during a different market, of course, when sellers often owed more than a property was worth. This can still happen if a seller tries to sell too soon after a purchase with little to no equity.  It is a great piece on when sellers use their home as a piggy bank. — JaCi

I’m seeing more sales lately in which sellers are bringing in money to close. They are paying to sell. This might seem backwards to you because sellers are supposed to make money when they sell, but in down real estate markets, the seller might not have enough equity in the home to pay costs of sale and put money into the seller’s pocket. read more

Sacramento May Market Housing Trends 2019

Sacramento May Market

Sacramento May market housing trends 2019 show a continuing seller’s market dominance. There is 18% less inventory than 1 year ago at the same time. With a continuing 1.4 months of inventory with no sign of an inventory increase, The market will continue to squeeze the buyers over the summer. There is no visible trend that inventory is increasing.

Buyers better get realistic on clean offers and doing whatever it takes to win. This is a rude awakening to buyer’s agents. Buyers better get your real estate offer toolbelt on. Sharpen your tool belt and hold on, as it is going to be a rough and wild ride. Buyers who are looking for a deal, it is not going to happen. read more

Sizzling Advertising Words to Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home

This article below about how to sell your home using sizzling advertising words was previously written by my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, for another website. This classic advertising advice is timeless, Enjoy. — JaCi

“There is an art to writing attention-grabbing headlines and stimulating ad copy, but I suspect some agents are so busy taking listings these days that few stop to give more than a few moment’s thought to their advertising copy. In older neighborhoods, for example, often the type of home is misidentified. Sometimes I see high-water bungalows identified as Victorians or a Four-Square called a bungalow. That shows the agent is clueless. On top of that, I see lots of ad copy that is vanilla and boring. read more

A Busy Location Impacts Sales Prices of Sacramento Homes

busy location impacts sales prices

Some homeowners feel the effects of how a busy location impacts sales prices of Sacramento homes. An example was a home we sold on the corner of a busy street in an affluent neighborhood. This was a gorgeous large Tudor style home in mint condition but had not been updated in many years. Its Old World charm was very appealing.

I met a wonderful seller who had been sadly disappointed. She had the family home on the market for months with a different Realtor and very few buyer showings. One of my probate attorneys referred me to this client. My study of the area confirmed the home had been seriously overpriced and lacked staging. The seller, a very bright woman, knew something was not right with the listing. She was looking to make a Realtor change. read more

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