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Another team sale closed escrow just before July 31

team sale closed escrow

Another team sale closed escrow just before July 31rst was music to our ears. July has turned out to be a busy month in Sacramento Real Estate. The Weintraub and Wallace Team had several closed escrows this month. Everyone on the team closed escrows. July tends to be a bit quieter as vacations, and many schools are out for summer break. People are enjoying a bit slower pace and the market can cool a bit. Now, of course, our clients are not missing a beat. Our team is not on vacation we are always working. read more

Real Estate Boarded Up And For Sale

Oak Park Real Estate

Real Estate boarded up and for sale can happen anywhere. I was looking at two new listings today in the Oak Park area. There are several nice streets that have updated homes. I saw people walking dogs and taking strolls about the neighborhood. Many people enjoy living in Oak Park. This is clearly a neighborhood that has grown in popularity over the years.

Some investors have bought properties in the area as rentals. There is such a shortage of good rentals and the need for more affordable housing is a factor in many cities. Like many big cities, in Sacramento and across the US, there are some open lots where people are camped out. read more

Is Your Sacramento Realtor Like A Smart TV?

Your Sacramento Realtor

Is your Sacramento Realtor like a SMART TV? Well, a smart tv knows its job. You can ask it to respond to your requests. It will learn the things you like and suggest other items of interest. You can rely on your smart TV to offer you endless smart options when you ask questions. If you ask your TV to recommend comedy movies, up comes a list. Ask it to save you time by recording programs you enjoy and immediately your request is granted.

Does your Realtor know her job? Can she respond to your requests with competency? Does she learn the things you like in a home and does she suggest other qualities in a home that you might like? Can you ask your Realtor endless questions and she provides you smart answers? These very basic and necessary abilities are what’s expected of a smart TV, a robot and indeed of your Sacramento Realtor. read more

Is The Property Condition Disclosure Your Friend?

Property Condition  Disclosure

Is the property condition disclosure is your friend? When you list your Sacramento home for sale, you’ll be asked to fill out a property condition disclosure form known in California as a Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS). You’ll also fill out the California Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement.

These detailed forms are required when transferring ownership of residential property of 1 to 4 units. The questions cover every material fact about the home and any appliances that will transfer with the home. Contrary to the laws in some states, sellers are also required to disclose the location of registered sex offenders. This information can be found via a map search at the California Megan’s Law website. The Residential Purchase Agreement contains this information and that covers the required disclosure. If a seller actually had direct knowledge of a registered sex offender in the neighborhood, this would be disclosed. ( read more

Monday Morning Off To The Sacramento Real Estate Race

Sacramento Real Estate Race

Monday morning, off to the Sacramento real estate race. Our out of state sellers recently mailed us extra keys and garage door openers. I’m headed off to midtown Sacramento first thing, to drop off these items. It seems today is key day. One of our exclusive buyer’s agents, Carol Crestelo, drove to my house early this morning to pick up keys to a West Sacramento property. While dropping keys in midtown, I will be going to the hardware store to make spare keys for our new Land Park Listing on Marty Way, a coming soon property just a short walk away from the Tower Cafe. Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on Marty Way. read more

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