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Selling a House Three Times to Get Paid Once

Undoubtedly, when I am selling a house 3 times to get paid once, I am doing it solely for the benefit of the seller. Other agents seem to intensely dislike that kind of attitude. They are used to listings agents who rollover and do whatever it takes to close a transaction. It confuses them when they discover that I am not one of those agents who will rollover.

For starters, I care deeply about my fiduciary relationship to the seller and doing what is best for the seller. How do I do that? Well, here’s a hint for ya, I don’t count my chickens before they hatch because even if they never hatch, I don’t care. I care solely about making my sellers happy. It’s a recipe, albeit a weird one for many, but it’s a successful recipe for me. I don’t really know how to better explain it than if you take yourself out of the equation and try to do only what is best for a seller (I know, strange concept), as an agent you will win in the end. And so does the seller. I won’t go so far as to say win-win because that’s not really a concept I subscribe to, and I used to be married to the guy who coined that phrase. In real estate, generally one side, seller or buyer, fares better than the other. That’s the reality. read more

Do You Want to Hire a Confident Realtor?

hire a confident realtor

Most people, I believe, prefer to hire a confident Realtor. Although, for as long as I can remember, people have admitted that they find me a bit intimidating when we first meet. That kind of reaction is a bit puzzling to me. I mean, I’m no Darth Vader. I’m not a particularly threatening type of person in stature or appearance. People at the post office don’t cross their forefingers and fall to the ground when they see me coming. Yet, I hear over and over that when people get to know me, their initial impression changes. I go from being a big personality to gregarious, friendly and caring. read more

Can I List With Another Agent If My House Does Not Sell?

house does not sellOnly out of the heads of sellers comes a question like can I list with another agent if my house does not sell? I seem to be hit with a lot of odd questions lately. Another seller yesterday enthusiastically mentioned that she found a tenant to rent her house (meaning she does need to sell now) and would I prepare all of the legal paperwork for free? She was very worried about getting sued by the tenant. Because tenants have all of these god awful rights now.

Holy shit! Am I a fairy godmother?

Last time I looked in the mirror, I saw a Sacramento Realtor looking back at myself. Realtors get paid commission when they sell a house. We don’t work on rental properties. And we do NOT prepare legal documents without a law degree. Maybe she’d like me to prepare her family’s will, too, while I’m at it. But I said none of those things, ‘cuz why. What I said was you are so lucky we have a property management company!

The seller who asked can I list with another agent if my house doesn’t sell wasn’t really paying much attention to how his question would be received. Now, another agent might have answered that question with a response that says absolutely and let it go. They do nobody any favors with that approach.

But not me, because I feel a desire to educate and enlighten. Yes, I will go there.

I explained that if his house doesn’t sell, another agent won’t be able to help him, especially not when he’s already hired one of the best agents in Sacramento. If his house doesn’t sell, it will be because buyers no longer want to pay what it is worth or the market has tanked. It will have nothing to do with me.

He responded by disclosing he’s been burned in the past. See, call me out on stating the obvious, but isn’t that purpose of hiring a top producer? So you won’t get burned? Damn those scum-ball agents messing it up for the rest of us. I promise automatic cancellation for all of my sellers if any are ever so upset they want to cancel the listing, which has never happened. Knock on wood, LOL.

I just told him he’s safe because in my 40+ years of selling real estate, not one client EVER accused me of burning them. But I am not unsympathetic regarding his former situation. Further, it’s sad that sellers have to ask this kind of question to start with.

But that’s what we are up against it. Former bad experiences that clients survived with some agent who screwed them over. Well, that kind of lowlife agent is not me.

Elizabeth Weintraub

Sellers Who Plan to Interview Sacramento Realtors Like Free Advice

interview sacramento realtors

Next week I have an appointment with a seller who wants to interview Sacramento Realtors. She told me as much when she called. It wasn’t a free-flowing natural conversation. I let her do most of the talking, and it seemed like she was a bit hostile. As though she didn’t like the fact she had to call to discuss the sale of her home with a stranger. But she was the one who did her homework and decided she expected to hire a veteran Realtor with plenty of experience who sells a ton of homes. Nothing wrong with that goal.  But there was something wrong with the way she went about it and her tone.

She sounded like she was quoting from a script she found online. Quite possibly from an article I had written for The Balance many years ago. It’s not really her fault because people do not know how to hire an agent. They choose wrong criteria, like commission rate or sales price suggestions. And besides, that article was designed to guide the hiring of an average-Joe kinda agent, the masses, not agents of a certain caliber.

Another agent in my office and I were discussing the attitudes of sellers who want to interview Sacramento Realtors. He laughed that his viewpoint might sound arrogant, but he believes after a certain point in an agent’s career, we should not be subject to interviews and interrogation. Because his sellers find him by looking through a variety of agents online and picking the Realtor they feel best fits their goals and objectives.

In other words, his feelings were if a seller didn’t know by reading about him that he was a good match, he didn’t want to be interviewed like he was brand new. There’s a lot of truth in that statement. I can relate. Hence my explanation to you, the reader.  I have so much stuff about me online that any seller can research: hundreds of agent reviews, a strong track record, bunches of top-ranking awards, a solid reputation, on top of 44 years in the business.

It can be insulting to be treated like a loaf of bread in the grocery store. Like getting picked up and squeezed. When sellers want to interview Sacramento Realtors and they choose top producers for this strategy, they often already have an agent they want to hire. They try to get advice from the pros to give to their novice. Plus, somebody told them they needed to interview other agents and get opinions.

The seller who called has issues with her property. It’s not a 5-star listing. She wants me to meet her at the house and give her ideas to fix it up. However, she made a big point out of saying the meeting was not a commitment. That’s a red flag, plus it doesn’t make me very motivated to meet with her. We set a tentative time and date, but I had misgiving immediately when I hung up. There comes a point in your career when interviews are unnecessary. Meetings yes, interviews no.

Of course, the seller also promised to email me with all of her information and she has not. I don’t have her phone number because she called from a private number. When another seller asked me to stop by her house on that same day, I double-booked the appointment. Because that’s a seller who is very excited to hire me. She has done her research and knows what I have to offer.

Do I want to visit with a seller who was rude, demanding and secretive? Or, should I visit the seller who is ready to list with me now and is jazzed? Easy decision.

Elizabeth Weintraub

Noted on List of Top 15 Agents in Sacramento

Top 15 agents in Sacramento

Got the screwiest new offering for Realtors yesterday when I received an email to congratulate me on placing in the top 15 agents in Sacramento. As though my production was news to this Sacramento Realtor. But even weirder than that was the way this company has gone about trying to promote itself. Of course, everybody is always trying to make a buck off of Realtors. It’s rampart in this industry. Blatant or otherwise, it is always present. Feeling like somebody’s mark.

What makes this company different is it is wants to sell a product that does not exist to a Realtor. It claims it can improve a Realtor’s SEO ranking by paying to be included on a website that doesn’t really rank very well in Google. Unlike the guys who swoop in at Annual Agent Awards time, stick you on their list and then try to sell you a plaque. Because these guys just go for annual membership of $250.

The company is STL, which is an acronym for States Top Leading News, kinda hokey. At first glance, I thought it was for St. Louis, and maybe it is since the company is based in Missouri. More power to these guys. They’re not roping me in, but I imagine they will find a lot of other agents. Primarily because most agents do not understand how SEO works. I barely know it myself, and Google constantly changes algorithms. Panda almost killed me.

This company simply goes to Zillow, pulls out the top 15 agents in Sacramento, whether they are agents or not, and puts them on a list. I was a bit astonished when I saw how one real estate company with about 30 agents in their office signed up to be a Premier Agent and Zillow took their money. To me, that is misleading. Maybe there should be a category for brokerages? Separate from agents?

I suppose the thinking of STL is agents pay to be Premier agents on Zillow so they will pay STL to be on some weird little website? I guess. Never underestimate the Bell Curve.

In any case, they are republishing what already exists on Zillow. Skimming data. Mixing it up some, though, and they can’t be reading the stats correctly because some of the agents on their list whom they rank above actually rank below me. So I don’t know how much credence I put into their list of top 15 agents in Sacramento, except I know my spot is earned.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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