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The Top Agents At Lyon Real Estate Downtown Office

top agent lyon real estate downtown

Here is the line up of the top agents at Lyon Real Estate downtown office, serving the greater metro area of Sacramento. I only know this because I found it on Facebook. We did not receive an email about it, and nobody on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team was notified that we rank #1 at Lyon Real Estate downtown office.

But you know what they say, if you find it on Facebook it must be true. No, seriously, this is the ranking for our office because it’s pretty much the same every year. Same players. Still, a call or an email would have been appropriate. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub Team Wins 5 Top Awards from Homelight

top 5 awards from homelight

Big surprise yesterday when we received 5 top awards from Homelight for 2018. Pictured here is Amy McMullan with Elizabeth Weintraub, and we sure miss Amy (who has since moved to Los Angeles). Homelight is a website company that refers sellers and buyers to agents in Sacramento, and they work only with top producers.

All agents are not the same. Clients are wising up to the fact that 90% of agents sell only 2 or 3 homes a year. Not us, of course.

Further, in the digital age, many websites compete for eyeballs on the internet, and those with the best SEO are winning. The Elizabeth Weintraub Team prefers to align ourselves with winners, so we stick with the companies our clients like. However, we were not expecting to win 5 top awards from Homelight. One is plenty, actually. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub Top 1% Agent for 2018

elizabeth weintraub top 1% agent 2018

This top 1% agent for 2018, namely yours truly, is not in this photograph as more beautiful women are. And why not? Josh Amolsch, Elizabeth Weintraub Team exclusive buyer’s agent (on the left), accepted the award on our behalf because yours truly is still hanging out in Hawaii. Oh, don’t worry, I’m finally coming home to Sacramento next week. Three and a half months of running amok on the Big Island is coming to an end.

In the middle, we have Sparkles (fits her personality to a T), who is the sister of the drop-dead gorgeous woman on the right, Victoria Gerassimenko. This summer, Victoria and Josh are getting married, and I could not be more excited for them. In fact, my own sister is a bit peeved with me, I suspect, because I had to switch around travel arrangements to make sure I would be available to attend their wedding in Lake Tahoe. Which meant my sister had to change her travel plans to come to Sacramento from Minnesota. I can hope she forgives me. read more

Why Realtors Need to Be Found in the Top 10 Google Results

Way back when I moved to Sacramento to sell real estate, I was not found in the top 10 Google results. At that time, Google had only been around for a few years and still competed with Yahoo and other search engines. The internet was moving out of its infancy into main stream. Also, unlike many Realtors, I got my first dial-up baud modem in 1991, so that world was not frightening to me.

However, when I received an opportunity to write real estate articles for a well known internet company 13 years ago, I jumped at the chance. Didn’t matter that I had moved to Sacramento in 2002 and was starting from scratch again to build a real estate business. My real estate business ate up almost 100% of my time, but I still managed to set aside time to write 3 to 5 articles a week about home buying and home selling. read more

Why Do People Go Into Real Estate?

why people go into real estate

Yesterday I received a call from a guy who said he would like to talk to me about why people go into real estate. Did I have a few minutes to spare? Just some random guy seeking out a random agent, he said. For starters, I should say that happens because of my extensive exposure online, especially due to all of the articles I published over the last 12 years about homebuying on what is now The Balance. My voice somehow encourages a lot of people to contact me.

Unfortunately, there is no money in it to talk to some of these people. Every so often they want to buy or sell a house in Sacramento, but there are also telemarketers who want to sell me something. Lottsa luck there, I say; and there are people who genuinely do not know who else to contact. Or, maybe I am self delusional. I could be wrong. But I do try to help, regardless. They could be people who regularly contact strangers online to try to squeeze information from professionals for free. It’s better to think the best about people, because by thinking the worst, the worst has a better chance of becoming reality. read more

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