This is the Reason to Be a Top Listing Agent in Sacramento

This is the Reason to Be a Top Listing Agent in Sacramento

This is the reason to be a top listing agent in Sacramento,” was written by Elizabeth over a decade ago. An excerpt from the original publication was copied below, in italics. It had me thinking about what I could add to this interesting conversation.

A fellow real estate agent in Sacramento once told me that she prefers to work with first-time home buyers because they are more grateful than sellers. She said they were totally thrilled to be handed the keys at closing, more so than those who are handing over the keys. They didn’t complain. They didn’t nag her about why isn’t their home selling. I guess she moved up a notch or two in their eyes. And that approach works for her.

I’m very much the opposite. I love working with home sellers. I am a top listing agent in Sacramento. It shows in my production and I’ve been a top listing agent in Sacramento for a long time. I love selling homes.

Making a difference in somebody’s life is the key, though. Home sellers who have equity are happy when we close, especially when I sell the home for thousands more than they would probably get otherwise. Money makes everybody happy. If somebody tells you that money can’t buy happiness, that’s a broke person speaking. There is nothing inherently evil in money. It’s the love of money that corrupts people. Not money itself. — Elizabeth Weintraub

What is it that I love about being a top listing agent in Sacramento? It is the concentrated focus on a particular property. Getting to know everything about the specific listing requires becoming an expert on everything you can find out about the property. I was an investigator in my previous career. As a law enforcement officer, you have to piece together the different elements of a crime in the penal code. I do the same thing in my work now. I enjoy the research aspects very much.

Working on probate properties we often have minimal information as the seller is often deceased. We have to start digging in and putting pieces together. We begin with a title search to see what information is available. We then search the MLS to see if the property was listed prior. If not listed before, we look for other properties in the area for sale. These other listings will have information. For rural properties, there are several agencies we can check with to locate septic, perc tests, water amenities, power and land use.

Currently, we are working on a rural piece of land in Placer County. We begin with a parcel number. Then we tracked down the microfiche records and the historical data has been ordered. A discovery that the property is located within an HOA. This information was a huge help. The parcel is situated in a rural area of Cool, California. The perc test on a piece of land is extremely important. In the HOA, there are restrictions on each lot concerning if horses can be kept on site. There is also a water meter service to each parcel. Lastly, PG & E provides the power in the area.

Gathering the information that will help sell the property for the highest price is very important. Managing 20 listings or more takes focus and administrative time. If an agent is running around showing property all over several counties, it is impossible to devote 12 hours a day to listing marketing and management.

Each listing has a custom plan for us to sell it. If you would like a custom dedicated marketing plan to sell your property, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold. We can be reached at 916-233.6759.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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