3 Tips for Submitting a Purchase Offer to Buy a Home in Sacramento

Purchase OfferApart from the fact that this Sacramento real estate agent could probably write a book about how to submit a purchase offer, I don’t have that much time in my schedule this morning and nobody has offered to pay me for it. Yet, I would like to address 3 tips that would help a buyer’s agent to get an offer accepted. These are things that if any agent thought about it for a few minutes or looked at it from the viewpoint of a listing agent, they would automatically do. But many remarkable ideas are simple.

Before sending an offer, please review these simple tips:

  1. Send one PDF
  2. Don’t send disclosures
  3. Email in low resolution

There is no reason to send a bunch of different files. Let’s set aside the fact that by sending more than one PDF, a buyer’s agent is taking the chance that a PDF file might not end up as an attachment by oversight or a seller might not open it, and look at what a hassle it is from a receiving viewpoint. First, I have to set up a folder to accept all of the PDFs I receive from a buyer’s agent. I can’t just save the offer to my desktop nor dump the offer along with its supporting documents into the property folder because they will get lost and separated. All separate documents require their own stinkin’ folder. I hate to think what the seller does with the documents.

Second, then each of those PDFs have to be opened to be read. Some require separate applications to open. For example, if a preapproval letter arrives in a Word format, and I don’t happen to have Word open — because it’s not a program I use very often — then I need to sit and wait for Word to open. It’s annoying.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to receive an offer for my seller. That is my job: to get a purchase offer. But let’s say it’s a seller’s market, like the market is today in Sacramento, and the seller might receive 5 offers or more. And the offer that arrives in piecemeal is just like most of the other offers. A seller might open only the purchase offer and none of the supporting documents just to note the price and forget about whatever else was sent.

Think of the end user, the seller. Are you making it easy for the seller to read your offer and accept your purchase offer? Are you sending documents that the seller doesn’t need such as disclosures and market condition notices?

To go into contract, sellers in Sacramento need the purchase contract, the agency disclosure, the earnest money deposit copy and the prepaproval letter (or POF). That’s it. No other documents or disclosures.

One last tip, make sure your PDF is not so large that it can’t be downloaded. Some buyer’s agents accept one-page scans returned as JPGs from the buyer. Those JPGs can be such a high resolution that the file becomes too big to email. Downsize it. Look at the MBs before hitting send in your email. If it exceed 5 MBs, that listing agent and seller might not be able to even open your attachment.

Can you imagine losing a home because the seller couldn’t open your offer?


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