Downton Abbey Preview at the Crest Theatre

Downton-Abbey-Crest-300x200When I spotted seemingly free tickets to the Season 4 premiere of Downton Abbey, I snatched up four for my Elizabeth Weintraub Team to attend, along with my husband, of course — who will tell you he doesn’t matter because he jokes that that’s what I say when I do not. Tickets were free so a couple of cruise lines and a clothing designer could get our names and addresses, because I was required to register. Not only that, but KVIE collected another 250 names and addresses as backups in case anybody canceled.

Yet, still, none of us was allowed to sit in the lower front section of the theater because all of those seats were reserved for corporate sponsors. We did not allow this kind of marketing to damper our enthusiasm for Downton Abbey. After all, we are Sacramento real estate agents and we put up with worse stuff during our work week. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that KVIE could have sold seats for $100 a piece and people would have paid it, so there must be some kind of non-profit rules that prohibited it.

The Crest Theatre sold refreshments and there was a wine / beer section. There were not enough employees staffing the refreshment stands, and the lines were long. Not to mention, the night was pretty chilly for downtown Sacramento in December.

So, that’s all of the downside. The upside, of course, is the fact my team and I, along with my husband who doesn’t matter, got a chance to see the first hour of Downton Abbey Season 4, which is not showing in the United States until January 5th. Some of us have no patience. That’s another reason to go into real estate. Nah, I’m not gonna give you any spoilers.

My husband prepared cocktails and appetizers for a pre-theatre get-together at our home in Land Park. The photo above is Elizabeth Weintraub, with the always delightful Barbara Dow on the right. Linda Swanson was planning to come dressed as a maid but she had a prior appointment in Elk Grove to show a home. You know how that would go over. Like, who is this? Why is Mrs. Bates showing me a house?

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