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If You Don’t Write a Purchase Offer You’ll Never Know

Pumping GasWhile some Sacramento real estate agents view other agent inquiries about their listings as annoying, perhaps irritating, I actually welcome a chat with a buyer’s agent who is working with a qualified and eager home buyer — because it could lead to a purchase offer. My focus is selling my listings, so the next best thing to talking to an actual buyer is talking to the buyer’s agent. See, I don’t mind talking on the phone, as I have a lot of practice talking on the phone. read more

The Comparison Between Sacramento Real Estate and Pastries

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Sacramento real estate is bit like pastries.

Selling Sacramento real estate is a little bit like selling pastries. Everybody always wants the cherry beignet or creme brûlée, and they walk right on by the original glazed creme doughnuts or cinnamon rolls. Sell out of the chocolate-sprinkled pastries, and people go wild and keep calling, wanting to know when you’ll get more chocolate sprinkles. Or, maybe it bothers me more than I let on that Doughbot has closed its doors over on 10th Street and W.

The thing is once a home goes into escrow, it seems everybody wants it even if for months nobody wanted it before. Bam, pending sale and buyer’s agents start calling to see if the seller won’t at least allow one more showing, puhlease. They want to know how the sale is moving. If we don’t have a release of contingencies on file, we don’t really know for certain how the sale is moving. read more

How Much Will Your Sacramento Home Seller Take?

Bribing-sacramento-real-estate-agentA common question asked by Sacramento real estate agents and directed toward the listing agent is how much will the seller take for that home? Now, you see, I could swear that there is a listing price attached to that home, but maybe the print is too small to read. I know, we could outfit buyer’s agents with those big honkin’ magnifying glasses like you see in photos of Sherlock Holmes. Or, maybe we should attach spectacles to a chain they can keep in their pockets or wear around their necks to whip out for such an occasion? read more

An Accepted Purchase Offer in Sacramento is Only the Beginning

purchase-offer.300x200When buying or selling a home in Sacramento, the parties often don’t realize that it’s hardly over when both sides sign an accepted purchase offer; in fact, the process is just beginning and anything can go wrong. This is where FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) tend to struggle and where real estate agents with less experience can mess up as well.

Think of this point in time as that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy, all freshly scrubbed and sporting her sparkly ruby slippers, is merrily laughing and singing with her gangly companions, setting out from Munchkin Land to skip down the Yellow Brick Road, just before Glinda vanishes in a puff of twinkly fairy dust. Everybody is happy and excited, looking forward to arriving in the magical Emerald City. They have no idea what lies in store for them. read more

SpaghettiOs, Dylan’s Guitar and a Purchase Offer


SpaghettiOs Tribute to Pearl Harbor

There is nothing I like better to wake up to in the morning than finding a purchase offer in my email, not counting, obviously, discovering a live husband and not a dead one in bed next to me, and let’s throw in a purring cat or two. Except all of our cats are quarantined for the time being due to a lovely fungus invasion.

Receiving a purchase offer is almost as exciting as hearing that Bob Dylan’s Fender Stratocaster from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival sold for $965,000. When I heard the opening bid was considerably less than that, like a few hundred thousand, I thought to myself: hey, anybody with a halfway decent 401K could buy that guitar. But that’s also how people end up with bowling alleys in their home, and stuffed pandas hanging from the ceiling. read more

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