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The Most Important Real Estate Tip This Realtor Learned From Marge Reid

marge reid lesson

This home on Vallejo Way took almost a year to sell at its highest price ever.

When I read that Marge Reid had died on October 7th, the news snapped my breath away. I was lounging about Sunday  morning reading the Business section of the Sacramento Bee when I spotted an ad. It was right next to the ads for homes for sale and other agents advertising services. The ad was a reduced version of the death notice for Marge Reid that had appeared in the paper in the local section a few weeks earlier. Although it’s odd to see something like this in the Business section, that was a good place to put it because many of us who knew Marge Reid do not read death notices on a daily basis. It was also a nice way to let clients know her daughter and son-in-law are carrying on the family business. read more

The Last of the Produce From Our Land Park Garden

Land Park garden

Tomatoes and giant cucumber from our Land Park garden in Sacramento.

One of the nicest things about living in California and growing a Land Park garden in Sacramento is the fact we enjoy an extended harvest. We can plant our veggies earlier than other parts of the country and continue to cultivate produce from early spring long into October. Although, I must say I was bit astonished when I dug around where the cucumber vines were all lumped together. There, nestled in the dirt, was a humongous cucumber we somehow overlooked.

My husband, being the kind of guy he is, with a waste-not-want-not type of attitude, says, hey, we can still eat it. Just scoop out the seeds. No, he can still eat it but I’m not chowing down on an oversized tasteless cucumber that’s been sitting in the dirt for months. I will eat escamoles (ant larva) but no months-old cucumbers for me. read more

Why Agents and Security Alarms are a Bad Combination

agents and security alarms

Many security alarms can be handled from a mobile phone.

Agents and security alarms are a bad mix. I think I am the worst when it comes to turning off alarms. If my sellers are agreeable, I generally ask them to program their alarms to be off during lockbox access hours. That’s because I know there are plenty of other agents out there like me who, regardless of good intentions, can’t seem to handle turning alarms off and on again without setting them off. It’s a deficiency I have, and I’m not sure how to solve the problem. If your listing has an alarm set and I enter, you’ve got a 50/50 chance that I’m going to set it off. I’m sorry. I can be a doofus. read more

New Land Park Listing Offered Under Half a Million

New Land Park listing

1800 Commercial Way, Sacramento, CA 95818, offered at $495K by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon RE.

This new Land Park listing is the only home between the popular boundaries of Riverside and Freeport that is offered at a price of less than $500,000. Amazingly, the prices in this particular rectangle of homes in Land Park average about $635,000 over the past 90 days of sales. Even the smaller homes in Upper Land Park, between I-5 and Riverside, average almost $450,000 over the past 90 days of sales. It’s a strong market in Land Park, a seller’s market, which is a good time to be for sale if you’re a seller. It’s also a good time to tour homes in Land Park if you’re a buyer because the trend in pricing is moving up. A rising tide lifts all boats. Get yours while you can. read more

Our New Raised Garden Beds in Land Park

Land Park Yard

New raised garden beds and flagstone walkway in Land Park.

It was difficult to tear down the spa and replace it with raised garden beds in Land Park because I had been attached to the status quo. I’m like my husband in that way, you know, we like our stable life because it’s something we are used to, it’s comfortable, we can rely on it even when everything else around us in our businesses can be chaos, home is a sanctuary. We don’t want things to change.

Maybe we get it from the cats. Yeah, shut up already, that’s where it comes from. You know how it is when you live with cats. Bring in a new piece of furniture, like, say, a coffee table, and you can’t just plunk down that table anywhere you please and leave it without offering a formal introduction to the cats. Every delivery box has a cat’s name on it: Amazon. They never met an empty box they did not love but a piece of furniture, an intrusion, is another story. read more

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