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Can a Con Artist Swindle a Buyer and Move Her Across State Lines?

swindle a buyer

Can a con artist swindle a buyer and move her across state lines? Yes, evidently. I previously met a buyer on Zillow. She was relocating from Texas to Sacramento. We talked for months before her visit. She said both she and her husband were moving here as she had family in the area. Her husband had inherited several million dollars from outside the USA from a deceased relative. He was about to retire as an engineer on an oil tanker job at sea.

She was interested in looking at homes for sale in Sacramento. Their attorney was finalizing the transfer of funds to the U.S. What a sweet person she was. She had retired a few years prior and said that her husband was much younger with a thick accent. He was raising two young children as his wife had tragically died young, leaving his kids motherless. read more

About Active Adult Communities

Active Adult Communities

“About active adult communities” is a short blog written by Elizabeth Weintraub more than a decade ago; and it is timeless and even more relevant today.

The Baby Boomer market (those born between 1946 and 1964) is huge. More than 75.8 million Americans were born during those years. This group is beginning to retire and will continue to do so for the next 30 years. Are you prepared to help these seniors?

We’re not talking about your parents’ grandfather or grandmother. Today’s retiring seniors want home environments that offer excitement, learning opportunities, ways to stay in shape and the ability to socialize with each other. They don’t want a lot of yard work. Most still travel and desire a care-free lifestyle. The answer is active adult communities. read more

Monday Morning Off To The Sacramento Real Estate Race

Sacramento Real Estate Race

Monday morning, off to the Sacramento real estate race. Our out of state sellers recently mailed us extra keys and garage door openers. I’m headed off to midtown Sacramento first thing, to drop off these items. It seems today is key day. One of our exclusive buyer’s agents, Carol Crestelo, drove to my house early this morning to pick up keys to a West Sacramento property. While dropping keys in midtown, I will be going to the hardware store to make spare keys for our new Land Park Listing on Marty Way, a coming soon property just a short walk away from the Tower Cafe. Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on Marty Way. read more

Just Another Week In The Life Of A Busy Sacramento Realtor

Busy Sacramento Realtor

Just another week in the life of a busy Sacramento Realtor. Can I tell you It has been a week from hell? From a broken computer, a broken color printer to a defunct camera and taking a bad fall, what a week. While attending a virtual tour shoot a few days ago, I fell off a concrete step. 

I was standing backward at the time, talking to my sellers and the photographer. While trying to move out of the photographer’s way, I was taking a step back. Next thing I knew, wham, down on the concrete I tumbled. My ankle rolled over onto its side. Next, my wrist hits the ground to try and break my fall. Finally, the weight of my body onto my wrist sends a jolt up to my shoulder, ouch. Falling downward, felt like slow motion cinematography. I’m thinking to myself, “yup, I just fell down. “ read more

A Sacramento Thursday is a New Day in Real Estate

A  Sacramento Thursday

A Sacramento Thursday is a new day in real estate. Today started with a cup of coffee at 6 AM. I live on a farm, so my chores in the morning consist of hungry critters. I make my coffee, then feed the chickens and collect eggs. My German Shepherds, I have to release as I keep them up by my room for protection at night in a small enclosed yard. I open the gate, and they run about 30 miles an hour to their back acre of fenced yard. I feed them each a fresh organic egg every A.M.; they love them.

Then my Schipperkee Dogs, they love a Sacramento Thursday. They sleep in a playpen in my room, three girls. They bark with excitement to go out to the front yard, a fenced 1/2 acre, and run their hearts out. read more

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