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How To Increase Buyer Traffic

how to increase buyer traffic

How to increase buyer traffic, was an article published on another website by Elizabeth several years ago. This sage information many Realtors miss the mark on. To sell a house, you have to show it first. Enjoy the read.

— JaCi Wallace

Home marketing and advertising should have one common goal. Contrary to popular belief, that goal is NOT to sell your home. The goal is to get a buyer interested enough to LOOK at your home.

The premise is simple. If you can’t get buyers in the door, you aren’t going to get an offer. So, everything you do should focus on getting buyers to call you for an appointment or call your agent for a showing. read more

Searching For Homes In South Sacramento County

Searching For Homes

Looking for homes south Sacramento county can be daunting. That is unless you are flexible. If you are looking for acreage that is in tip top shape with a stellar location and a discount price, not going to happen. The numbers never lie. The prices have gone up while the inventory has gone down.

A needle in a haystack may happen, but it could take years. If you have to sell in order to buy then it could take up to a decade. If you do not have flexibility within your needs and wants, then the right property could repeatedly be out of reach. Great properties wait on no one. If you are looking for homes in south Sacramento county, the rural areas, get ready to spend. There are no deals here unless you want to put in sweat equity. read more

Super Sacramento Saturday in Real Estate

Super Saturdays Sacramento in real estate keep us running. My first apointment was to respond to a seller’s home as her oven wasn’t working. I checked the gfi’s and then  breakers.  Sure enough the home isnpector must have tripped it.

Then back to write the blog and complete two counters.  I was busy setting up inspections and reading inspections, on other properties. I returned hundreds of emails and completed my hit list of action items. 

I had several communications with current listings sellers always get an updates about the weeks activities. Very busy day. So productive with two new listings yesteday went lived.  We took two more listings  coming on next week. read more

Why Do Sellers Reject Offers?

Sellers reject offers

Why do sellers reject offers? So many reasons. Let’s focus on a few key points. There are a variety of reasons that offers are not countered and usually, it is because of a combination of factors that negatively affect an offer. Multiple inconsistencies spell out a warning of murky waters ahead.

Price, of course, is an issue. A low down payment, depending on the type of property and value. Good faith deposits tell a seller how serious a buyer is and the level of commitment. Available cash on deposit shows cash reserve funds. Contingency timelines can make or break an escrow. Inspections, of course, are always advised but how well has the buyer’s agent educated her buyers on the as-is condition? Are the buyers expecting repairs? read more

Hello Sacramento Summer

Sacramento Summer

Hello, Sacramento summer and temps of 95 degrees plus. The heat is upon us. Keeping animals watered and plants hydrated as well as our drinking water every hour is so important. Working outdoors in the heat today I started feeling very tired with a serious lack of energy. I realized I was dehydrated so I immediately stopped at the store and bought a couple of bottles of water and began to drink. Within 30 minutes I felt like my old self.

Sacramento is known for hot temperatures thank goodness the evenings include delta breezes. The hot temperatures did not stop open house traffic. We had 3 team open houses today and all had good traffic, over 50 groups. 95 degrees buyers are still out looking. Dedicated home shoppers will look no matter what the temperature. When we say hello Sacramento summer that means good news as this signals home-buying season. read more

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