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Submitting Home Buying Offers in Sacramento 2020

Submitting Home buying offers in Sacramento 2020

Submitting home buying offers in Sacramento 2020 should be well-thought out with a strategic plan. The market is very competitive as inventory is down by a third in many areas. What does this mean for homebuyers? Perseverance is the answer. Understand your priorities. Be willing to compromise and invest in sweat equity. When buyers cling to very stringent criteria, it is a challenging journey. To have “it all,” you will pay dearly and may have to build a custom home, which is not inexpensive. However, when you buy a resale home, you are not paying top dollar for upgrades. read more

Sacramento County Housing Report for December 2019

Sacramento County Housing Report for December 2019

The Sacramento County Housing Report for December 2019 comes to us from team member Josh Amolsch. Josh is out there every day in the trenches, working relentlessly. He knows the inventory and how to find the homes his clients dream about. As a well seasoned professional Realtor, Josh knows the market pulse and shares his experience with you in his monthly market trends blog. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

The Sacramento County Housing Report for December 2019 includes only Sacramento County single-family homes. No other criteria are included in this particular report. This singular focus of sales gives us a deepened understanding of what is happening in our area. If you want to receive updates for a specific area, a ZIP code, multiple ZIP codes, multi-family properties, and / or land, sign up here for your Sacramento housing report by ZIP code. read more

Get a Real Estate License To Buy A home

Real Estate License

This post below, A Real Estate License Won’t Help You to Buy a Home was written in 2012 by my partner Elizabeth Weintraub and is still very relative today. Because the market is strong, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to get a real estate license. Enjoy.

Some people in California think it’s a good idea to get a real estate license just in case they ever want to buy a home in Sacramento. Because if you have a real estate license, then you can collect a commission, which is reflected as a percentage amount of the sales price. All commissions are negotiable and generally paid by the listing broker to the selling broker, so while you might think this could amount to a lot of money, it’s generally not by the time it reaches the buyer’s agent pocket. Not in the overall scheme of things. read more

What It’s Like to Be a Sacramento Home Buyer’s Realtor

to Be a Sacramento Home Buyer's Realtor

To be a successful Sacramento home buyer’s Realtor is a very important job. Because many agents sell homes, it does not mean they are excellent at their job. Selling homes takes two agents: a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. Often the stronger agent will get the job done for both sides. How can a seller’s agent help a buyer’s agent? Great question.  

As a listing agent, we make sure the time frames and contracts are completed, along with all the disclosures and reports. We can explain in detail how and why we are taking action. We make sure we have a 100% complete file and stellar record of all communications. Even if the buyer’s agent doesn’t know what she or he is doing, we will get the transaction completed, regardless. They can’t miss an important milestone, as we won’t let them.   read more

Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect

Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect For Yourself

Treat the Realtor you want to hire with the same respect you expect for yourself is no different than the Golden Rule. Below is an excerpt from a blog my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, wrote in August of 2012; it is in italics. As Realtors are paid to sell you a home, occasionally some clients feel that a Realtor doesn’t deserve to be treated well. You know, sellers and buyers get paid to do their job and they would expect fair treatment in the workplace.

I remember a situation where I was not treated fairly. I was trying to explain the details of an offer to a seller. One of the clients immediately barked at me. He said that he had sold homes before and didn’t need to be “talked down to.” Of course, the flip side to that is Realtors are accused of not explaining enough. I apologized and said that my only intent was to provide a gold standard of service and to be thorough. read more

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