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How Successful Sacramento Realtors Roll with the Flow

successful realtors roll with the flow

Just how do successful Sacramento realtors roll with the flow? Well, everyday living is a good example to answer this question. Work is a part of daily life. Most challenges require problem solving and adapting to change in the middle of unexpected issues and challenges.

Tonight, I was getting ready to work on three market analysis studies and write a blog. Lo and behold, I sat down on my laptop and boom the power is instantly out at 7:30 PM! I am sitting in the dark.  SMUD reports more than 1,000 homes are out of power in my area. My mom is here, and it is dark and the dogs and cats are tearing around underfoot. First things first, the flashlight app on my phone, I turn it on. Next, I suggest my mom stay put, as we do not need her falling! read more

Wondering About Full-Service Realtors vs Self-Help Real Estate?

Self Help Real Estate

Wondering about Sacramento full-service Realtors vs self-help real estate? Listen to this, I had been running hard all week and decided to quickly dash into the Ulta Store near one of my favorite pocket of homes in Elk Grove to buy makeup. Dashed in, grabbed my mesh bag, and headed for the face makeup.

Too many choices at the Clinique counter. There are so many types: sheer coverage, full coverage, matt, bronzers, different skin types, Yikes! So, of course, I take samples and brush them onto my hands like a real pro, NOT! My hands are now covered with 5 different kinds colors of face makeup. I wipe it all off. As I was about to start on the other hand with samples, I decided ok, this is crazy. I don’t have time for this, why did I even come into this store? read more

Highest and Best Offers in Real Estate Sales

highest and best offers

When thinking about highest and best offers in real estate sales, people might often think that means the highest offer in monetary terms. This, however is not always true, as the best offer may not be the highest monetary offer at all. There can be many considerations when a seller is choosing to accept an offer.

A sure-fire way to upset a seller is for a buyer to ask for a laundry list of items they want the seller to repair, such as writing an offer that requires a pest clearance on a property, meaning the repair to the wood damage and/or water damage, or other pest control issues. This definitely would make a seller think twice about this being the highest and best offer. read more

Buyers Do Not Care What You Tell Them as Long As You Do

Buyers don’t care what you tell them as long as you tell them. That’s my opening statement when I hand home sellers a package of disclosures to complete. It’s the things you don’t tell a buyer that can come back to haunt you, not what you do say.

You take a neighborhood where I live and work like Land Park. Because I live in Land Park, I have intimate knowledge about the neighborhood, which agents who live outside of Land Park probably don’t know. If they don’t know, they can’t disclose those facts to a buyer. Although, it could probably be argued that they should know or should at least have asked questions of the seller. read more

Buying a Home With a Video Camera on the Doorbell

When showing a home to buyers, approaching a home that sports a video camera on the doorbell is asking for trouble if you’re not careful. Buyers might not even notice the camera, so it is up to the buyer’s agent to have that conversation before coming close enough to the house to be recorded. It is very common nowadays to discover a video camera on the door bell.

When I listed a house in Natomas with the video camera, I asked the seller if it was working because it did not chime when I pressed the button. Sure enough, she had the original Ring Doorbell. Those batteries don’t last very long and their range of motion is such that it uses more energy than is necessary. But buyers should act as though all the video cameras on the doorbell work. read more

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