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Noted on List of Top 15 Agents in Sacramento

Top 15 agents in Sacramento

Got the screwiest new offering for Realtors yesterday when I received an email to congratulate me on placing in the top 15 agents in Sacramento. As though my production was news to this Sacramento Realtor. But even weirder than that was the way this company has gone about trying to promote itself. Of course, everybody is always trying to make a buck off of Realtors. It’s rampart in this industry. Blatant or otherwise, it is always present. Feeling like somebody’s mark.

What makes this company different is it is wants to sell a product that does not exist to a Realtor. It claims it can improve a Realtor’s SEO ranking by paying to be included on a website that doesn’t really rank very well in Google. Unlike the guys who swoop in at Annual Agent Awards time, stick you on their list and then try to sell you a plaque. Because these guys just go for annual membership of $250. read more

Why Elizabeth Weintraub Writes a Sacramento Real Estate Blog

sacramento real estate blog

Elizabeth Weintraub writes a daily Sacramento real estate blog.

When I share the fact that I’ve been writing a Sacramento real estate blog every day for going on 12 years now, it shocks people. They cannot believe that I would do it. Every day, I write a blog. Why? Because I believe I have something to say. Further, I’m opinionated as all hell. You ask me what I think and I’ll tell you. I might volunteer if you don’t ask. I have a ton of opinions. Who are those people who answer surveys without an opinion? When it’s yes, no, or I don’t know, they choose I don’t know. Why is that? read more

The #1 Top Producer at Lyon Downtown

top producer awards

Ten years of Top Producer awards for Sacramento Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub

Sure, I was awarded #1 Top Producer at Lyon Downtown office, but all the awards in the world don’t make a difference in regular life. I’m still the same person. Take today: no breakfast, a car that suddenly won’t start, and here I am sitting inside a medical waiting room with a creepily low ceiling and no internet service; this is not really the way to welcome the day after picking up my award yesterday. Well, she was in all the celebrity clinics; the first time she went to Betty Ford . . . , blabbed some loud woman sitting toward the back of the waiting room, like we all want to listen to her yak about her family’s personal issues. The only thing that makes this experience even lovelier is being forced to listen to the shrill voices from Fox News TV, which some person felt was a good idea to turn on. Esto no me gusta. read more

The Unique Difference an Experienced Sacramento Listing Agent Makes

sacramento listing agent

These tips for choosing a Sacramento listing agent can make your life easier.

From many home sellers’ point of view, they really don’t know what a Sacramento listing agent does to sell a home because all they see is the peripheral stuff.  When the home first goes on the market, they see the for sale sign in the yard, maybe open house activity on Sunday,  strange business cards showing up on the kitchen counter, ripe for drawing mustaches on. After an offer is accepted, there is an escrow, disclosure paperwork, an appraiser, and some guy who doesn’t wear booties and tracks mud everywhere traipsing through tearing the house apart. Maybe a pest inspector who might cause you to run screaming into the yard with a baseball bat: hey, moron, stop poking holes in my house! read more

How to Find a Sacramento REALTOR on the Internet

Find a Sacramento Realtor

How to Find the Best Sacramento Realtor

The internet has finally become ubiquitous. When you think about it, it only took about 25 years, — which to me, of course, seems like yesterday because at my age I have little concept of the passing of time. All the signs are there. First, you had Al Gore raising a ruckus, followed by people like my dentist who, same age as me, hauls in a clerical worker to “pull up the Google” and search for an image to find types of teeth. Then there is, which recently notified all of its Experts, including this Home Buying and Selling Expert, of a corporate decision to eliminate our email addresses, because they are unnecessary. read more

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