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Sacramento People Go Crazy

sacramento people go crazy

Thought you would enjoy another bit of advice from Elizabeth Weintraub. Enjoy and happy Monday! — JaCi Wallace.

“Some Sacramento people go crazy wild improving their back yards. Gone are the days of the Weber barbecue grill fueled by charcoal. Nowadays, buyers demand state-of-the-art appliances that can cost ten grand for the grill alone; not counting the wood-fired pizza oven nor the refreshment center.

“The question is how do Sacramento buyers put a dollar value on an outdoor kitchen? Much depends on the quality of the materials and type of improvements. So, whether the yard has water features such as a pool, fountain, spa, or all three, and whether the yard is professionally landscaped. read more

How Your REALTOR’s® Reputation Will Affect Your Success

Realtors Reputation

How your Realtor’s reputation will affect your success is not something most agents talk about. When you set out to purchase or sell a Sacramento home, you want a REALTOR who is knowledgeable, who will pay attention to your wants and needs, and who will work hard for you. You might not give much thought to your REALTOR’s® reputation among agents and others who serve the real estate industry. 

The truth is, your REALTOR’s® reputation will play a big part in the success of your real estate transaction, from start to finish.  read more

Garage Trends and Garage Remodels

Garage Remodel

Garage trends and garage remodels was written previously for another website, by Elizabeth. Having a garage is a big selling point in my experience and they are practical too, especially in cold climates.

Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

“When I persuaded my husband to buy a Victorian with me in the mid-1990s, it came with a carriage shed. You know, the kind where you put in a buggy that a horse would pull. But we needed a two-car garage. After all, we were living in Minneapolis, where temperatures dip below zero in the winter (and let’s not even talk about windchill). I wanted my vehicle protected from the elements, OK, I said it. read more

Home Buying With Pets

Home Buying with pets

Home buying with pets is a blog previously written by Elizabeth for another website over a decade ago. I love when words have the same meaning today as they did long ago. This article is close to my heart as pets are a huge part of my lifestyle, ENJOY.

— JaCi Wallace

Whenever I set out in the past to buy a home, one of the qualifying criteria for the home, was to find a place where I could hide my cat’s litter box. Putting the box in a closet with coats and other odor absorbing garments did not appeal to me. And I’m not a person who enjoys stepping on traces of cat litter scattered about the bathroom with my bare feet. Nope, cat boxes require their own special place in the home.  read more

Selling Real Estate In The Wild Wild West

Selling real estate in the Wild Wild West reminds we of the old John Wayne movies. He usually played a big-hearted, honest human being (I relate.) Then he always had other people in the films, which were much like authentic characters from the Wild Wild West, who had little moral or ethical code. Sometimes, selling real estate in the south county feels like working in the Wild Wild West.

I love the rural atmosphere of South Sacramento County. There are open green fields of tall grass. You see horses and cows grazing as you drive along the county roads. Large Oak trees are covering the lands here. Beautiful creeks bubble through the valleys and the Consumnes River roars through every winter, and we hope she doesn’t flood. It is like a picture book from the good old days. read more

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