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Is Lot Size Correct On Your Home?

Is Lot Size Correct On Your Home?

Is lot size correct on your home? This is an interesting question. Recently on a listing, the county tax agency reported on their public site, a lot size of well over an acre. As Realtors, we are not supposed to do investigation on a property at the county. An investigation is the responsibility of the buyer or seller, depending on circumstances.

Agents help facilitate inspectors but we have no qualifications to be an expert at interpreting county records. Another risk an agent takes is you deal with one person at the counter who says one thing; but, if you report this information to your client and later they find out it was incorrect, it could be an issue. The legal departments at our brokerage cringe over stuff like this. read more

Can A Realtor Have A Felony Record?

Can A Realtor Have A Felony Record?

Can a Realtor have a felony record? Well, there’s one way to find out; you can go to this link at the California Department of Real Estate License Lookup, also known as the DRE. You fill out a name or a license number.

When we receive an offer on a property, I always check the license number on the DRE site. I can make sure they have a license that is valid without any disciplinary issues or suspensions. If there are court records, you will find those documents attached. Then, the next step is MLS online to look up a buyer’s agent production numbers. It is important to know whether this is a newer agent and or does the agent have enough transactions completed to work without supervision. read more

Submitting Home Buying Offers in Sacramento 2020

Submitting Home buying offers in Sacramento 2020

Submitting home buying offers in Sacramento 2020 should be well-thought out with a strategic plan. The market is very competitive as inventory is down by a third in many areas. What does this mean for homebuyers? Perseverance is the answer. Understand your priorities. Be willing to compromise and invest in sweat equity. When buyers cling to very stringent criteria, it is a challenging journey. To have “it all,” you will pay dearly and may have to build a custom home, which is not inexpensive. However, when you buy a resale home, you are not paying top dollar for upgrades. read more

Should Home Sellers Leave Garbage Cans Full?

Should Home Sellers Leave Garbage Cans Full?

Should home sellers leave garbage cans full? Well, the contract specifically states the seller shall remove all debris. If we really think about it the seller stops paying the garbage bill when we close escrow. The buyer is responsible for the ongoing garbage bill. I doubt any buyer is happy to push the garbage cans to the curb full of someone else’s garbage.

Another consideration is when buyers move in, they are going to produce packing paper galore and their own garbage from moving in. They really need the garbage cans empty, so they can throw away their own stuff. This is one of the seller’s last steps to close escrow. read more

Home Buyers Need to Sign Loan Documents

Home Buyers need To Sign Loan Documents

Lately, when home buyers need to sign loan documents, this action has become an all too familiar problem. When buyers write an offer to purchase a home, shouldn’t somebody explain that they need to be available to sign loan documents? How about asking a simple question such as are you leaving town in the next 30 days? How about a friendly reminder such as you need to make yourself available to sign your loan documents and disclosures during our 30-day escrow.

We had an escrow ready to close, and I was informed by the buyer’s agent, on the day of signing (no less), that the buyer had to leave the state for a work conference and would have to sign the following week. This is nuts. read more

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