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Home Buyer Can Kiss His Earnest Money Deposit Goodbye

Home Buyer Can Kiss His Earnest Money Deposit Goodbye

A homebuyer can kiss his earnest money deposit goodbye. You may ask, How can a home buyer kiss her money goodbye?  The excerpt below in italics is from a blog Elizabeth wrote several years ago. It still holds today. It got me to thinking about a tricky technicality in this deposit forfeiture that you may find interesting.  

I represented two buyers on a short sale in Roseville. She and her fiance bought it together. The listing agent was someone who said he was the #1 short sale agent in Sacramento, but, of course, we all know that title was well deserved and earned by the one and only, Elizabeth Weintraub. Well, the couple broke up. Mister buyer went packing, and he had not been removed from the contract, nor did the listing agent ever request it. Should I have removed him, probably, but I knew these two, and they broke up and went back together regularly. read more

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How to have a new smile in one day? Well, when we sell a house in Sacramento, the seller has a huge smile, but that’s not the smile I’m referring to. While watching a TV show on botched cosmetic surgery, I saw a segment on cosmetic dentistry. What was mind-blowing was a gentleman featured who had been through several dental surgeries gone wrong. One of several issues, his dental implants were not screwed into the bone; he sought answers in the UK.

The amazing surgeons, doctors Anthony and Michael Zabutz of the Smile In A Day Dental Centers, are brothers. They are located in Petersborough and Folkstone, UK. The first surgeon did the demolition of the patient’s existing teeth and the other installed the new teeth. In under 12 hours, this patient had a new smile in one day. It was amazing to watch. I can’t imagine what it costs, but the patient walked out with a new set of uppers and lowers set in permanently using titanium screws. read more

It Takes a Village To Close A Sacramento Escrow

It takes a village to close a Sacramento escrow is a blog previously written by Elizabeth Weintraub. I have included an excerpt in italics below as this is a broad stroke topic that deserves more dialogue.

Before the escrow begins we have the title officer order a Preliminary Title Report. We order the natural hazard report. Next, our pest and roof report. To sell a home as-is, for me, if the reports are upfront, then they know what they are buying. I’ve always practiced real estate this way for 25 years and it has never been a problem. Let me say though that this is not the only way to practice. Some agents order no reports and, in fact, do not want to know anything and that is just as correct. It’s all a matter of the path you feel confident using. read more

List A House To Buy A Replacement Property

List A House To Buy A Replacement Property

List a house to buy a replacement property is common question sellers ask. In a seller’s market, buyers will buy a home and wait for a seller to find a replacement property. Now the trick is to find a home where the seller will take a contingency offer, meaning wait until the buyer’s home is in escrow.

There are factors that help in a contingent offer such as the buyers having a large degree of equity that translates to a large down payment like 20%. If the buyer has strong qualifications and motivation to buy replacement property, things are looking up. The time of year also can help. During holidays, the market can slow a bit. If the seller is moving up from an entry-level home, that is good news. Entry-level homes are in high demand, no matter what type of market. read more

How Lockboxes Work

Old Supra Lockboxes

As we recently posted an interesting blog on a lockbox key, where the Realtor takes keys after showing a listing, this article written by Elizabeth seemed appropriate. Enjoy– JaCi Wallace

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of lockboxes, they go back to days long ago forgotten. But the newest lockboxes work digitally. They will record who comes and goes into your home, so you know which agents have had access and when.

Some sellers wonder if lockboxes are necessary, if they work and whether they provide security. The answer is a resounding yes to all of those questions. Moreover, without a lockbox, buyers might never see your home. Especially in buyer’s markets, when inventory is high, you want to provide the easiest and most convenient way for buyers to see your home. read more

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