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Why Agents Accept Overpriced Listings

overpriced house

Why agents accept overpriced listings was written by Elizabeth for another web publication, previously. This information is completely current in today’s market as well. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

So, the for sale sign goes up down the street, and the first thing neighbors will do is call the listing agent to ask, “How much?” (Unfortunately, that’s often the number that gets stuck in that neighbor’s head when that person decides to sell the following month / year, but that’s another story and another blog.) A neighbor’s first response upon hearing the price is often, “Wow. That’s a lot.” And about half of the time, they are right; it is a lot — sometimes way too much. read more

Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining buyer feedback is an article published by another website and was written by Elizabeth. Feedback is very important to sellers and something we strive to do. It is not EZ obtaining buyer feedback as agents once they have left the property, are often out of sight out and out of mind. Sacramento Realtors sometimes don’t call us back. After 3 calls, emails and texts to contact them, we can be sure they probably are not interested. Enjoy, — JaCi Wallace

The only person whose opinion matters when your home is listed for sale is not you. It’s not your agent’s opinion, either, nor is it the opinion of all the other agents who work your neighborhood. The person whose opinion matters is the buyer. It is the buyer who will make an offer and, it is you, as the seller, who will either accept, counter or reject that offer. read more

Selling When Divorcing

Selling When Divorcing

Selling when divorcing was written by Elizabeth for another publication years ago. This topic is very relevant today. In fact, we just sold a property for a divorcing couple. Enjoy … JaCi

There is no reason to let buyers know you are getting divorced when you are selling. If buyers can figure that out, they will offer you less. They will think you are desperate. And let’s face it, some divorcing couples are desperate. They want nothing to do with each other, and the faster their home sells, the better. read more

Sellers Paying To Sell A Home

Sellers paying to sell

This article about sellers paying to sell a home was written by Elizabeth previously. This was written was during a different market, of course, when sellers often owed more than a property was worth. This can still happen if a seller tries to sell too soon after a purchase with little to no equity.  It is a great piece on when sellers use their home as a piggy bank. — JaCi

I’m seeing more sales lately in which sellers are bringing in money to close. They are paying to sell. This might seem backwards to you because sellers are supposed to make money when they sell, but in down real estate markets, the seller might not have enough equity in the home to pay costs of sale and put money into the seller’s pocket. read more

Why Pending Sales Contracts Cancel

pending sales contracts cancel

Below is a great post Elizabeth wrote about canceling contracts for another site in 2007. We just had a buyer cancel on a 1031 exchange and it was out of the blue. I think this is a timely article and thought we would share it with our readers. Great writing about real estate is applicable even a decade later. Enjoy! — JaCi Wallace

Wondering why contracts cancel? Well, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings is an expression some agents use when an offer has been accepted. That’s because offers can fall apart and blow up, especially after a home inspection. Contracts cancel. But the reasons contracts cancel aren’t always about the home inspection. Sometimes, buyers freak out. read more

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