bob dylans fender stratocaster

SpaghettiOs, Dylan’s Guitar and a Purchase Offer


SpaghettiOs Tribute to Pearl Harbor

There is nothing I like better to wake up to in the morning than finding a purchase offer in my email, not counting, obviously, discovering a live husband and not a dead one in bed next to me, and let’s throw in a purring cat or two. Except all of our cats are quarantined for the time being due to a lovely fungus invasion.

Receiving a purchase offer is almost as exciting as hearing that Bob Dylan’s Fender Stratocaster from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival sold for $965,000. When I heard the opening bid was considerably less than that, like a few hundred thousand, I thought to myself: hey, anybody with a halfway decent 401K could buy that guitar. But that’s also how people end up with bowling alleys in their home, and stuffed pandas hanging from the ceiling.

People be weird. That’s one of my husband’s sayings. And now he’s got me repeating it.

While you might at this very moment be feeling more empathy for the soon-to-be former social media director at Franco American whose idea of a Tweet has shocked, enraged and caused many a snark over that Pearl Harbor SpaghettiOs dude. Just reading the comments on websites about the SpaghettiOs fiasco temporarily stole my attention away from the purchase offer.

I like to receive purchase offers because it’s the next step toward going into escrow. It’s what my sellers have been waiting for, why they cleaned up their home, prepared their home for sale and hired the best Sacramento real estate agent they could find. All for this moment in time.

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