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The Fastest Draw Often Wins the Sacramento Listing

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This is a gecko in Kailua-Kona, and nobody seems to like the critters except the teeny ones.

Apart from yours truly who likes to win the Sacramento listing, you know who is really fast? Geckos. I opened my door in the rain too fast and caught a gecko about to slip into the house. I slammed the front door so quickly I almost sliced it in two. Geckos are not my favorite thing. In fact, in my list of favorite things, geckos are not on it. They don’t rank down by the bottom. Except for that cute gecko selling insurance. But that is not a real gecko. That’s a cartoon gecko, I hate to point out.

So now when I open my front door, I run my nails over the security screen to warn geckos to get the hell outta the way. They are more afraid of me than anything. I’m not telling them how terrified they make me. And don’t you go telling them, either. Keep your lips zipped.

I think of geckos now because they are all around me at my house in Hawaii. They spend lazy afternoons lounging on MY leaves in the yard. I’m not sure what or how to send them elsewhere. The previous owners said the little ones are OK but they kill the big ones because the big geckos eat the brown geckos or maybe it’s the other way around.

In any case, I am still working while I am in Hawaii, this is my wor-cation. My Sacramento listing inventory has tripled over the past few days. Just yesterday I received a referral lead from a popular website. I immediately called the seller. She was pretty much taken a back. Wow, she said, 20 seconds and you were on the phone. Well, I ‘ve learned a thing or two during my 40+ years in real estate and that thing or two is RESPOND NOW, people! I can’t impress it on my own Elizabeth Weintraub team members enough, and they’re probably tired of hearing me say it.

When I shared with the seller I am in Hawaii, she wondered how I could sell her home. I explained it to her. I don’t live in Hawaii all the time. She wanted to see my face. No problem, you can see my face, I offered, have you an Apple product? Voila, in like Flint. Well, a team member is also going by in a few days to take me on a FaceTime tour. All of this technology lying at our fingertips and yet the most important thing is to respond. Right away.

That’s how you get a Sacramento listing. And I’m like those geckos. Too fast for many other agents. Further, I don’t stop there. You won’t get terrific service upfront only to be disappointed later by a lack of enthusiasm, oh, no, no, no, no. I continue the thread, my communication skills continue to exceed expectations. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. You’ll be so thrilled!!

Every Sale in Sacramento Real Estate is a Custom Sale

sacramento real estate agentSelling Sacramento real estate is not a slam dunk like some in the public might perceive. I know there are sellers who believe all we agents have to do is stick a sign in the yard and the buyers will come, which is why some run out to get a real estate license. But after passing the exam, forking out several grand to get started and staring at a phone that doesn’t ring, new licensees soon figure out there is a lot more to it, and many fail.

Sellers and buyers are as different as night a day. The type of communication that works well for one client would make another want to shoot her agent in the head. On top of this, each home is different — yes, even the tract homes in Natomas and Elk Grove, which some people believe all look the same yet are not identical. There are small nuances that can produce variances in a sales price, and some not-so-subtle, including location.

I’ve had sellers ask me, what do we do if and when XYZ happens? They want to cross bridges twice when we might not have to cross them at all. What I might suggest in one situation is not the solution I might offer for a similar transaction. That’s because I think about it. I don’t simply react. There are no cookie-cutter solutions in Sacramento real estate. Every single sale is unique. I also surround myself with other professionals who are like-minded and apply a similar holistic approach. It’s not math and science, I can tell you that.

This is why my Sacramento real estate practice cannot be duplicated and, as a result, I am very selective when choosing my clients. My clients get an agent they can’t find elsewhere. A newspaper reporter asked last year where she could find an agent just like me in her part of the country, and I had no answer because I don’t know. You can’t take a form, ask questions, check off boxes and find the right agent. You have to use a combination of your brain and heart.

My goal with sellers is simple: get the home sold at the price the seller expects and close it. It’s an easy focus for me because I don’t let myself get distracted by the circus sideshows. I allow no room for prevarication in my business.

The first three weeks as a new listing on the Sacramento real estate market are crucial, no matter what. I prefer that my listings splash when they come on the market and make everybody at the pool turn their heads. If the home hasn’t sold after 30 days, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the price or the listing itself; but I do examine the surrounding market to find an explanation and then adjust for it.

Every listing I take in Sacramento is special. Every listing is custom. Every listing needs a buyer. My job is to find that buyer.

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How Old is That Sacramento Real Estate Agent?

Forever 29 Birthday Cake Elizabeth Weintraub

Birthday cake from my husband several years ago.

OK, what I want to know is who did a search in Google for How Old is Elizabeth Weintraub? My analytics for my website shows me the search parameters that people look for when they land on my website, and I swear to God, that’s what somebody searched for yesterday. It made me laugh. Because first off, who gives a rats? And second, why would anybody look for that kind of thing?

I suppose it could be worse, they could be doing a dead person search for Elizabeth Weintraub on that Find a Grave website.

Most people who come to my website are looking for an agent in the Sacramento area to either help them sell a home or to buy a home. I work in a four-county area, with the bulk of my sales in Sacramento. It’s kind of hard to search for a real estate term in Sacramento and not land on an article I have written, either on my website or at I post 3 blogs a day on my own sites, another 3 blogs per week at, plus I try to write at least one article a week at, in addition to selling real estate full time and ranking as the number one top producer agent at Lyon Real Estate for Sacramento County (out of almost 1,000 agents). The stats at Trendgraphix show that no Lyon agent sold more homes than me last year in Sacramento County.

I know, it’s like when do I sleep? I’m also writing a new book that I’m tentatively calling Half Built, based on a period of my life from 1994-95. You’d be amazed at what a person can do who is focused, dedicated and hard-working. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Sacramento, please call me at 916.233.6759. I’d love to help.

As for my age, I’ve been involved in real estate for 40 years.

Looking for a Sacramento Real Estate Agent for Listing Your Home?

listing agent in sacramentoDo you need a listing agent in Sacramento? I love winning listing presentations. I freely admit it. Even after all of these years in the business, the excitement is still there. If a Sacramento real estate agent did not like to win a listing presentation, I’m betting that agent probably works elsewhere and not at Lyon Real Estate. It’s not that I compete all that often because sellers and buyers just hire me; I’m rarely interviewed. I’m lucky and very fortunate in that regard.

In fact, when a seller called me last week to make an appointment, he mentioned that he planned to interview two other listing agents in Sacramento. I asked him why because most sellers go to my website, read all about me and then decide to hire me on the spot, and that’s what I told him, too, because it’s the truth. If you think that sounds a arrogant, it’s only because you don’t know me yet. It’s just confidence, not arrogance.

This confidence I display comes from staying true to oneself, not trying to be somebody I am not. Somebody once told me decades ago that if you walked like a duck, dressed like a duck (probably in those top hats and tails), talked like a duck, eventually you would become a duck. But he was wrong because I don’t quack, and nobody is shoving a tube down my throat to fatten up my liver.

When I went to visit with the seller a few days ago, I recognized a home on the corner I sold 4 years ago. I am familiar with that neighborhood. That particular home was a short sale, and I had represented the buyer. I figured I could call that former client and ask him to keep an eye on the home while it is on the market, providing I win the listing presentation. I get a little nervous when my listings are vacant, so it’s good to know buyers and sellers all over town.

We talked about the home; I listened to the seller’s story. Every seller has a story and reasons for selling. I like to make sure we are on the same page and I fully understand a seller’s expectations so I may fulfill them. Everybody has different things they want. I don’t want to second-guess how to make a seller happy, that’s for rookies. As we chatted, the seller shared that the person who would most likely be handling his estate sale also happened to have a real estate license. That’s not unusual as something like one in every 35 people in California has a real estate license. I made him smile when I said, “So I guess this competition is down to two real estate agents because you look like a man who is too smart to consider hiring a part-time real estate agent.” But, see, it was true.

I then went on to explain how I market real estate, my extensive online presence and use of mobile tools, which is where and how buyers are looking, many search for homes in Sacramento on their cellphones. I like to jump out in front of buyers so no matter where they turn, there I am. Hello. Hello. Hello. Would you like to see this fabulous home? You can’t get away from Elizabeth Weintraub online. Except maybe Facebook where everybody knows my name and is drunk all the time. I don’t know who all those people are on my homepage.

The other thing I mentioned is I am not a K-Mart agent, but I also tend to make my sellers a lot more money. I’m a really good listing agent in Sacramento. I earn my commission. Could he hire somebody cheaper? Sure. But why? Why take the chance your net will be less because the agent is less aggressive? I tell sellers not to be penny wise and pound foolish. If we’re apart, say, 1% on the commission, that’s a drop in the bucket as compared to the service the seller will receive from me. After all, this is a seller’s market in Sacramento. Anybody can stick a sign in the yard and find a buyer in this market. That’s a small part of the picture. What a seller needs is a Sacramento real estate agent who can move them through negotiations, into escrow, and out the other side to closing.

That’s the difficult part.

In fact, while I was at the home, a neighbor came over to say he would be interested in buying the home. Of course he would be. He thinks he can take advantage of the seller and be the only bidder. The seller will get the most money from exposing this home to the largest pool of buyers and hiring the most experienced and assertive agent he can find to market and negotiate and, that agent, I’m thrilled to say, is me.

This four bedroom, two-bath home in Sacramento will go on the market about the middle of March. The seller told me yesterday it will be listed by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate. Woo-hooo!!! See? The excitement never vanishes in this business.

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