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Finding The Words To Write A blog

write a bog

When you sit down, finding the words to write a blog entails finding something that seems interesting to you. When I’m interested in a topic the words come easily. Do you know exactly what you are going to say or do you wing it? Some people, I hear, prepare an outline, spread out Post-It notes, open related books to bookmarked pages, scour the Internet for fact-checking and even then, they face a blank screen with a blinking mouse.

I find my best writing comes when I let my fingers do the typing. If I give a topic too much thought, I might never write it. So, I let the words fall where they may because I can always go back and clean them up later. You know, to write a blog always remove all the profanity. ūüôā Just kidding! read more

Why Selling Sacramento Real Estate Isn’t a Job

Here is why selling Sacramento real estate isn’t a job. Business happens night and day, 7 days a week. There are no set work schedules for a successful Sacramento Realtor. Many of our clients, though, typically work an 8 – 5 schedule. This means meetings and telephone conversations with clients often happen on weekends and evenings.

There are daily tasks that do happen throughout the 8 – 5 time frame. Agents deal with bankers, title companies, appraisers, and inspectors communicating with us and scheduling appointments during typical workdays. Further, showings of listings are happening 7 days a week, 10+ hours a day. read more

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Josh Amolsch Arrives in Kona!

exclusive buyer's agent Josh AmolschWe’re so excited that our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch arrived in Kona yesterday with the beautiful Vika! This is the first time that my husband and I have had the opportunity to welcome guests during our stay at our house in Hawaii. We tell all of our friends that they can come to visit us anytime but so far nobody has taken us up on that offer.

Of course, I have gone to Hawaii with exclusive buyer’s agent Barbara Dow in the past, but that was before we bought our house. Being with Barbara in Maui was a blast. One summer, Barbara and I spent 10 glorious days on the top floor of the Fairmont in Wailea on the lovely island of Maui. I will always treasure those memories and photos. See, the thing about the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is everybody is like family to me. We are not just real estate agents in Sacramento. We share common values and believe in always, without fail, doing the right thing.

For the clients who have been fortunate to work with our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch, well, I hear over and over how grateful they felt working with Josh. He always goes that extra step. Each client is unique and special. Plus, Josh has an abundance of compassion for our clients. He loves to receive 5-star reviews from his buyers and works tirelessly toward that goal.

Sure, he might be a punk rock star at times, playing lead guitar at clubs about town in his spare time, but his heart is in real estate. Doesn’t matter if he’s selling million-dollar homes in El Dorado Hills or an investment property in Oak Park, I never tire of listening to his successes. His eyes light up when he talks about how much money he saved his buyers. He prides himself on his ability to negotiate, and we often discuss strategies together. He soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

If you’re looking for exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch and wondering why he doesn’t answer his phone at 8 AM, it’s because Hawaii does not adhere to daylight saving. We are three hours behind California. We are still working through the Labor Day weekend, even though we are all in Kona. More adventures are sure to follow.

Elizabeth Weintraub

How Selling Sacramento Real Estate Means Setting Aside Judgments

selling sacramento real estate

Selling Sacramento real estate successfully means accomplishing client goals.

Selling Sacramento real estate is not always giggles and sunshine because there are people involved. If it was just a matter of picking up the knight, jumping over a few pawns and capturing the rook, that would be easier. It’s not like kicking back¬†during a rainstorm to read a book from start to finish. Or navigating¬†a deserted road in the fog without running into a ditch. Or, like a few years ago, when I snorkeled alone 3 miles toward an island in Vanuatu I never reached, ran out of steam, and realized the only person who could swim back to shore was this exhausted Sacramento Realtor. When people enter your equation, it throws everything out of whack because they might not respond the way you hope.

A Realtor cannot solely rely¬†on her own strengths when selling Sacramento real estate. Because people are wild cards. It’s a combination of working with a plethora of personalities and meeting at times¬†strange expectations from others. Every day can be a new fresh hell. You may snort. That’s what makes the business exciting, interesting and fun. You never really know what the day will bring your way. Even after 40+ years in real estate, I am still thrilled to meet each new day, but it’s probably because I’ve learned to be more open minded as time marches on. To try to master non-judgmental thoughts. It’s a journey, not a destination. It doesn’t mean I might not analyze¬†a situation, but I do try to withhold judgment.

I had a conversation with a team member about this recently, asking if it’s age that calms a person or makes a person more receptive to other ideas, whether our collective years provides the background for a willingness to explore alternate scenarios, over our younger selves. It’s easy to make snap judgments about people. You can size them up, pigeon-hole, compartmentalize a person, and be done with it; but you’ve done a grave injustice to another human being with that attitude.

And you’re probably wrong about them.

You’ll also discover the types of people who erroneously believe the world revolves around them. They can be self-centered and narcissistic. Like Donald Trump, for example. Some people forgive his antics because he’s rich. Others are just like him yet they’re poor, so go figure. They might be the type who would take a selfie next to a car crash. That can make me want to grab their stupid selfie sticks and break them over my knee, because they are annoying. Or, I can let that stuff roll off my back, like water off a duck’s feathers.

It drains too much energy to be hating. We can all agree we want Nov. 8th over. We share this common ground. Like banging heads back and forth in a doorway, it feels so good to stop.

That’s why I prefer to choose the people I work with when selling Sacramento real estate. However, even though we may choose our own clients, we can’t always select the peripheral, the third-party vendors: the agents on the other side of the transaction, the mortgage lenders and home inspectors who will now spam you to death because they have your email and what better way to touch everybody in the world than to send out Happy Halloween spam since they care so friggin’ much about you. Not. We¬†don’t know it’s Halloween? It’s not a national holiday. Nobody gets off work for Halloween. I don’t spam my clients.

Still, I don’t berate those people, even though I might initially harbor a distasteful thought, it dissipates. At the end of a day or a closing of an escrow, I want to know I did the best that I could with the circumstances at hand. It leaves my conscience at peace. I’ve been in the real estate business for enough decades¬†to help people achieve their desired goals with relative ease. That’s my focus. Being non-judgmental of others is a tremendous attribute to develop for selling Sacramento real estate. It’s a good cornerstone to aspire to.

Every Sale in Sacramento Real Estate is a Custom Sale

sacramento real estate agentSelling Sacramento real estate is not a slam dunk like some in the public might perceive. I know there are sellers who believe all we agents have to do is stick a sign in the yard and the buyers will come, which is why some run out to get a real estate license. But after passing the exam, forking out several grand to get started and staring at a phone that doesn’t ring, new licensees soon figure out there is a lot more to it, and many fail.

Sellers and buyers are as different as night a day. The type of communication that works well for one client would make another want to shoot her agent in the head. On top of this, each home is different — yes, even the tract homes in Natomas and Elk Grove, which some people believe all look the same yet are not identical. There are small nuances that can produce variances in a sales price, and some not-so-subtle, including location.

I’ve had sellers ask me, what do we do if and when XYZ happens? They want to cross bridges twice when we might not have to cross them at all. What I might suggest in one situation is not the solution I might offer for a similar transaction. That’s because I think about it. I don’t simply react. There are no cookie-cutter solutions in Sacramento real estate. Every single sale is unique. I also surround myself with other professionals who are like-minded and apply a similar holistic approach. It’s not math and science, I can tell you that.

This is why my Sacramento real estate practice cannot be duplicated and, as a result, I am very selective when choosing my clients. My clients get an agent they can’t find elsewhere. A newspaper reporter asked last year where she could find an agent just like me in her part of the country, and I had no answer because I don’t know. You can’t take a form, ask questions, check off boxes and find the right agent. You have to use a combination of your brain and heart.

My goal with sellers is simple: get the home sold at the price the seller expects and close it. It’s an easy focus for me because I don’t let myself get distracted by the circus sideshows. I allow no room for prevarication in my business.

The first three weeks as a new listing on the Sacramento real estate market are crucial, no matter what. I prefer that my listings splash when they come on the market and make everybody at the pool turn their heads. If the home hasn’t sold after 30 days, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the price or the listing itself; but I do examine the surrounding market to find an explanation and then adjust for it.

Every listing I take in Sacramento is special. Every listing is custom. Every listing needs a buyer. My job is to find that buyer.

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