Looking for a Sacramento Real Estate Agent for Listing Your Home?

listing agent in sacramentoDo you need a listing agent in Sacramento? I love winning listing presentations. I freely admit it. Even after all of these years in the business, the excitement is still there. If a Sacramento real estate agent did not like to win a listing presentation, I’m betting that agent probably works elsewhere and not at Lyon Real Estate. It’s not that I compete all that often because sellers and buyers just hire me; I’m rarely interviewed. I’m lucky and very fortunate in that regard.

In fact, when a seller called me last week to make an appointment, he mentioned that he planned to interview two other listing agents in Sacramento. I asked him why because most sellers go to my website, read all about me and then decide to hire me on the spot, and that’s what I told him, too, because it’s the truth. If you think that sounds a arrogant, it’s only because you don’t know me yet. It’s just confidence, not arrogance.

This confidence I display comes from staying true to oneself, not trying to be somebody I am not. Somebody once told me decades ago that if you walked like a duck, dressed like a duck (probably in those top hats and tails), talked like a duck, eventually you would become a duck. But he was wrong because I don’t quack, and nobody is shoving a tube down my throat to fatten up my liver.

When I went to visit with the seller a few days ago, I recognized a home on the corner I sold 4 years ago. I am familiar with that neighborhood. That particular home was a short sale, and I had represented the buyer. I figured I could call that former client and ask him to keep an eye on the home while it is on the market, providing I win the listing presentation. I get a little nervous when my listings are vacant, so it’s good to know buyers and sellers all over town.

We talked about the home; I listened to the seller’s story. Every seller has a story and reasons for selling. I like to make sure we are on the same page and I fully understand a seller’s expectations so I may fulfill them. Everybody has different things they want. I don’t want to second-guess how to make a seller happy, that’s for rookies. As we chatted, the seller shared that the person who would most likely be handling his estate sale also happened to have a real estate license. That’s not unusual as something like one in every 35 people in California has a real estate license. I made him smile when I said, “So I guess this competition is down to two real estate agents because you look like a man who is too smart to consider hiring a part-time real estate agent.” But, see, it was true.

I then went on to explain how I market real estate, my extensive online presence and use of mobile tools, which is where and how buyers are looking, many search for homes in Sacramento on their cellphones. I like to jump out in front of buyers so no matter where they turn, there I am. Hello. Hello. Hello. Would you like to see this fabulous home? You can’t get away from Elizabeth Weintraub online. Except maybe Facebook where everybody knows my name and is drunk all the time. I don’t know who all those people are on my homepage.

The other thing I mentioned is I am not a K-Mart agent, but I also tend to make my sellers a lot more money. I’m a really good listing agent in Sacramento. I earn my commission. Could he hire somebody cheaper? Sure. But why? Why take the chance your net will be less because the agent is less aggressive? I tell sellers not to be penny wise and pound foolish. If we’re apart, say, 1% on the commission, that’s a drop in the bucket as compared to the service the seller will receive from me. After all, this is a seller’s market in Sacramento. Anybody can stick a sign in the yard and find a buyer in this market. That’s a small part of the picture. What a seller needs is a Sacramento real estate agent who can move them through negotiations, into escrow, and out the other side to closing.

That’s the difficult part.

In fact, while I was at the home, a neighbor came over to say he would be interested in buying the home. Of course he would be. He thinks he can take advantage of the seller and be the only bidder. The seller will get the most money from exposing this home to the largest pool of buyers and hiring the most experienced and assertive agent he can find to market and negotiate and, that agent, I’m thrilled to say, is me.

This four bedroom, two-bath home in Sacramento will go on the market about the middle of March. The seller told me yesterday it will be listed by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate. Woo-hooo!!! See? The excitement never vanishes in this business.

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