Every Sale in Sacramento Real Estate is a Custom Sale

sacramento real estate agentSelling Sacramento real estate is not a slam dunk like some in the public might perceive. I know there are sellers who believe all we agents have to do is stick a sign in the yard and the buyers will come, which is why some run out to get a real estate license. But after passing the exam, forking out several grand to get started and staring at a phone that doesn’t ring, new licensees soon figure out there is a lot more to it, and many fail.

Sellers and buyers are as different as night a day. The type of communication that works well for one client would make another want to shoot her agent in the head. On top of this, each home is different — yes, even the tract homes in Natomas and Elk Grove, which some people believe all look the same yet are not identical. There are small nuances that can produce variances in a sales price, and some not-so-subtle, including location.

I’ve had sellers ask me, what do we do if and when XYZ happens? They want to cross bridges twice when we might not have to cross them at all. What I might suggest in one situation is not the solution I might offer for a similar transaction. That’s because I think about it. I don’t simply react. There are no cookie-cutter solutions in Sacramento real estate. Every single sale is unique. I also surround myself with other professionals who are like-minded and apply a similar holistic approach. It’s not math and science, I can tell you that.

This is why my Sacramento real estate practice cannot be duplicated and, as a result, I am very selective when choosing my clients. My clients get an agent they can’t find elsewhere. A newspaper reporter asked last year where she could find an agent just like me in her part of the country, and I had no answer because I don’t know. You can’t take a form, ask questions, check off boxes and find the right agent. You have to use a combination of your brain and heart.

My goal with sellers is simple: get the home sold at the price the seller expects and close it. It’s an easy focus for me because I don’t let myself get distracted by the circus sideshows. I allow no room for prevarication in my business.

The first three weeks as a new listing on the Sacramento real estate market are crucial, no matter what. I prefer that my listings splash when they come on the market and make everybody at the pool turn their heads. If the home hasn’t sold after 30 days, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the price or the listing itself; but I do examine the surrounding market to find an explanation and then adjust for it.

Every listing I take in Sacramento is special. Every listing is custom. Every listing needs a buyer. My job is to find that buyer.

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