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The Fastest Draw Often Wins the Sacramento Listing

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This is a gecko in Kailua-Kona, and nobody seems to like the critters except the teeny ones.

Apart from yours truly who likes to win the Sacramento listing, you know who is really fast? Geckos. I opened my door in the rain too fast and caught a gecko about to slip into the house. I slammed the front door so quickly I almost sliced it in two. Geckos are not my favorite thing. In fact, in my list of favorite things, geckos are not on it. They don’t rank down by the bottom. Except for that cute gecko selling insurance. But that is not a real gecko. That’s a cartoon gecko, I hate to point out.

So now when I open my front door, I run my nails over the security screen to warn geckos to get the hell outta the way. They are more afraid of me than anything. I’m not telling them how terrified they make me. And don’t you go telling them, either. Keep your lips zipped.

I think of geckos now because they are all around me at my house in Hawaii. They spend lazy afternoons lounging on MY leaves in the yard. I’m not sure what or how to send them elsewhere. The previous owners said the little ones are OK but they kill the big ones because the big geckos eat the brown geckos or maybe it’s the other way around.

In any case, I am still working while I am in Hawaii, this is my wor-cation. My Sacramento listing inventory has tripled over the past few days. Just yesterday I received a referral lead from a popular website. I immediately called the seller. She was pretty much taken a back. Wow, she said, 20 seconds and you were on the phone. Well, I ‘ve learned a thing or two during my 40+ years in real estate and that thing or two is RESPOND NOW, people! I can’t impress it on my own Elizabeth Weintraub team members enough, and they’re probably tired of hearing me say it.

When I shared with the seller I am in Hawaii, she wondered how I could sell her home. I explained it to her. I don’t live in Hawaii all the time. She wanted to see my face. No problem, you can see my face, I offered, have you an Apple product? Voila, in like Flint. Well, a team member is also going by in a few days to take me on a FaceTime tour. All of this technology lying at our fingertips and yet the most important thing is to respond. Right away.

That’s how you get a Sacramento listing. And I’m like those geckos. Too fast for many other agents. Further, I don’t stop there. You won’t get terrific service upfront only to be disappointed later by a lack of enthusiasm, oh, no, no, no, no. I continue the thread, my communication skills continue to exceed expectations. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. You’ll be so thrilled!!

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