How Old is That Sacramento Real Estate Agent?

Forever 29 Birthday Cake Elizabeth Weintraub

Birthday cake from my husband several years ago.

OK, what I want to know is who did a search in Google for How Old is Elizabeth Weintraub? My analytics for my website shows me the search parameters that people look for when they land on my website, and I swear to God, that’s what somebody searched for yesterday. It made me laugh. Because first off, who gives a rats? And second, why would anybody look for that kind of thing?

I suppose it could be worse, they could be doing a dead person search for Elizabeth Weintraub on that Find a Grave website.

Most people who come to my website are looking for an agent in the Sacramento area to either help them sell a home or to buy a home. I work in a four-county area, with the bulk of my sales in Sacramento. It’s kind of hard to search for a real estate term in Sacramento and not land on an article I have written, either on my website or at I post 3 blogs a day on my own sites, another 3 blogs per week at, plus I try to write at least one article a week at, in addition to selling real estate full time and ranking as the number one top producer agent at Lyon Real Estate for Sacramento County (out of almost 1,000 agents). The stats at Trendgraphix show that no Lyon agent sold more homes than me last year in Sacramento County.

I know, it’s like when do I sleep? I’m also writing a new book that I’m tentatively calling Half Built, based on a period of my life from 1994-95. You’d be amazed at what a person can do who is focused, dedicated and hard-working. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Sacramento, please call me at 916.233.6759. I’d love to help.

As for my age, I’ve been involved in real estate for 40 years.

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