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The Best Sacramento Real Estate Agents Via Real Trends 2017

best sacramento real estate agents

Nobody really knows how Real Trends compiles its list of the best Sacramento real estate agents, but it seems to be divided into groups. Your lone agents and then your team of agents. It also seems to be divided into dollar volume and number of individual sales. But it is difficult to say where they extract that information from. If it is MLS, not every sale in MLS is closed out correctly. Assistants for the listing agents sometimes mess up how the data is entered or they credit the sale to the wrong associate. Sometimes, these people refuse to fix their mistakes. Legally, they really can’t just refuse, but some don’t care if they’re a dick. Those types of situations are not worth the effort to force them to comply. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub Still Lyon Real Estate Top Producer Recipient

lyon real estate top producer

Top 1% at Lyon Real Estate, Elizabeth Weintraub is in front row wearing pink.

Holy cow, I can’t believe how busy I’ve been that I have spaced out making a formal announcement in my blog about two recognitions I received last week as a Lyon Real Estate top producer. The first recognition was for 15 years at Lyon Real Estate. This place is the longest I have worked anywhere in my life. No joke. I got my start in real estate as a title policy typist in 1974, so that gives me 44 years in this business. At the time, it was just a job to get me out of the mountains in Denver and back into civilization. read more

Another Curtis Park Home Closes Despite Initial Seller Mistake

reasons realtors get paid so much

There are many valid reasons Realtors get paid so much.

I can tell my real estate clients that experience matters, and being a top producer makes a difference when selling, say, a Curtis Park home, but sometimes they wrongly believe the only difference between agents is the amount of real estate commission, so they don’t listen. They have to find out the hard way.

Never burn bridges, is my motto. I also don’t like to cross bridges twice, but sometimes we end up doing exactly that. I recall clearly standing on the front steps of this Curtis Park home with the seller and talking about selling the home. He asked how much I charged, and I told him my fee is 6%. Same fee I’ve charged for the last 40 years. read more

If You Think Selling a Home in Sacramento is Scary

selling home in sacramento

Selling a home in Sacramento does not have to be a scary event.

Selling a home in Sacramento is not as scary as it seems if a seller hires the right Sacramento Realtor. Yet for many people, selling a home is a frightening experience: like an asteroid hurtling toward the earth with no place for you to hide or, worse, bumping into an old boyfriend at the grocery store with your hair wrapped in bleaching foil because, darn it, you forgot to pick up coffee. A Realtor with a bit of sensitivity, compassion and experience should be able to guide sellers through putting their home on the market. Alleviate some of that anxiety. read more

Looking at Sacramento Homes for Sale From a Buyer’s Perspective

New Listing Sacramento Homes for Sale.300x200

New Home Listing in Sacramento

It’s very difficult to color correct photographs when a kitten is attacking my television monitor. Typing doesn’t seem to excite little Tessa as much as when I move the mouse around and magic happens in front of her eyes. She appreciates when I use the tool that lightens shadows, and she is madly in love with the adjustments I make using Levels in Photoshop. As a Sacramento real estate agent, I often agonize over my photographs because I want to make sure that each and every photo does its job properly online. read more

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