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Identity Theft in Sacramento Real Estate

Identity Theft in Sacramento Real Estate

Identity theft in Sacramento real estate is not something I have given much thought to until recently. It happens to other people but not to me or so I thought. Saturday, I received a few emails from agents out of state in Pennsylvania who said they received offers from me and were they real? I said, please forward it to me. The identity theft imposter was using an email very closely resembling my email, with just a few extra letters. Here the rub, I can only sell real estate in California as I don’t have a license in another state. read more

Chairmans Club, A RE/MAX Award For Top Sacramento Realtor Team

chairmans club sacramento realtor

Chairmans Club is a RE/MAX milestone award for a top Sacramento Realtor Team. This award was accepted for our team, Weintraub & Wallace, by Josh Amolsch. This was a year of hard work for all of us and, of course, change. At our international conference this week, the message clearly heard was to “embrace change.” Our team lives that message in all we do, each day.

Everyone contributed to our success over the last year. Without our group of dedicated agents, our wonderful assistant Adina, and our fantastic service providers, this award would not have been possible. It means so much to receive an award celebrating our teamwork. We are a group that helps each other in all we do. It is equally important to us that our clients are always very well taken care of. Our fiduciary duty is to put our client’s needs before our own. read more

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How to have a new smile in one day? Well, when we sell a house in Sacramento, the seller has a huge smile, but that’s not the smile I’m referring to. While watching a TV show on botched cosmetic surgery, I saw a segment on cosmetic dentistry. What was mind-blowing was a gentleman featured who had been through several dental surgeries gone wrong. One of several issues, his dental implants were not screwed into the bone; he sought answers in the UK.

The amazing surgeons, doctors Anthony and Michael Zabutz of the Smile In A Day Dental Centers, are brothers. They are located in Petersborough and Folkstone, UK. The first surgeon did the demolition of the patient’s existing teeth and the other installed the new teeth. In under 12 hours, this patient had a new smile in one day. It was amazing to watch. I can’t imagine what it costs, but the patient walked out with a new set of uppers and lowers set in permanently using titanium screws. read more

Rural Life With a mouse Always Keeps it Interesting

Rural life with a mouse always keeps it interesting. Everyone has their mouse catching stories, from humor to sheer yuck! So my sister — unable to have an indoor cat to do mouse patrol because she’s extremely allergic — has tried various methods with extreme results. In her last home, someone in the neighborhood had used rodent poison and she ended up with one dead mouse decaying in a wall with a horrible smell. Not sure which wall, it became a hit and miss to locate and eradicate the corpse. Kind of like whack-a-mole. read more

Negotiating as a For Sale By Owner Seller: FSBO Tips

Negotiating as a For Sale By Owner Seller: FSBO Tips

Negotiating as a for sale by owner seller: FSBO Tips is an article written by Elizabeth for another publication. For sale by owners have the same challenges today as they did a decade ago or even two decades ago. It is not EZ no matter what the internet says. How can a person be an expert at something they have done one or two times? Our team has sold about 1500 homes now that expertise you can count on. Enjoy.

— JaCi Wallace

Selling your home by yourself can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, the real joy doesn’t set in until a buyer decides to make an offer. Because that’s when strong negotiating can pay off in spades. read more

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