Holiday Cookies On Christmas Eve 2019

Holiday Cookies On Christmas Eve 2019

Making holiday cookies on Christmas Eve 2019. My task for tonight is to get the ever so special Dot’s Fruit-Cookie dough ready. No, these are not just any ordinary cookies. The recipe is 3 generations old. I managed to get it from my mother in law, over 20 years ago. Her name was Dot, short for Dorothy. She giggled as she told me the story of when her friends asked her to share her mother’s recipe. She said she always left a little something out of her recipe. Her friends said Dot’s cookies were the best, that they just never tasted as good as hers. They never knew she had given them an incomplete recipe. read more

Only One Day left before Christmas 2019

Only One Day left before Christmas 2019

With only one day left before Christmas 2019, are you ready? Today was a crazy day. One client signing at the title company and we put a probate listing into escrow with 8 offers. Then in between our real estate duties, we needed to pick up deliveries at the office. Next, a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few last-minute gifts on Santa’s list. Now the baking marathon begins at 0800 so a trip to the grocery store. Yes, I had my list and I was checking it twice, lol. I also grabbed a few gift cards for those hard to shop for folks. read more

Elk Grove Real Estate and the Flu

Elk Grove Real Estate And The Flu

Elk Grove real estate and the flu go forward, no matter how sick a Realtor gets, the show must go on. When your immune system is on the blink, creativity for writing has not been accessible. I apologize for missing our daily posts and will be adding some blasts from the past postings that are still relevant today.

I may have missed writing the blogs, but we have not let our clients down. We sold several listings in the greater Sacramento area this week. When you have a team, there is an arsenal of resources available. There have been many challenges with home inspections and appraisals but we kept the wheels moving forward. read more

Get a Real Estate License To Buy A home

Real Estate License

This post below, A Real Estate License Won’t Help You to Buy a Home was written in 2012 by my partner Elizabeth Weintraub and is still very relative today. Because the market is strong, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to get a real estate license. Enjoy.

Some people in California think it’s a good idea to get a real estate license just in case they ever want to buy a home in Sacramento. Because if you have a real estate license, then you can collect a commission, which is reflected as a percentage amount of the sales price. All commissions are negotiable and generally paid by the listing broker to the selling broker, so while you might think this could amount to a lot of money, it’s generally not by the time it reaches the buyer’s agent pocket. Not in the overall scheme of things. read more

Real Estate Agents Remain Independent Contractors

Real Estate Agents Remain Independent Contractors

Yes, real estate agents remain independent contractors in the 2019 legislation report from the Sacramento Association of Realtors. This is important to the many who want to remain as a business owner and not an employee of a brokerage. Below is a partial excerpt from SAR, Sacramento Association Of Realtors, report.

This new law follows the Dynamex ruling and puts the ABC test that came out of that case into state law by classifying several types of independent contractors as employees. AB 5 allows real estate agents to be treated as independent contractors under the Business & Professions Code section § 10032 as long as they meet three conditions, 1) hold a real estate license; 2) substantially all of their remunerations is directly related to sales or other output rather than to the number of hours worked, and 3) the parties have a written contract stating that the individual will not be treated as an employee with respect to those services. read more

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