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Elk Grove Ranch With A Lake Is But A Dream

Elk Grove Ranch

This Elk Grove ranch with a lake is but a dream property for one lucky buyer. This photo is of the pristine lake which has two islands, a boat dock, a walking bridge and a gorgeous giant rock waterfall. There is a walking path all around it and a very zen bench at one end, where you can simply get lost in a daydream. It is located at 8109 Sloughhouse Rd. Elk Grove, Ca. 95624.

The property has the original barn-red colored dairy barn with white trim. There is also a shop that is fully functional for a working ranch. There are three homes on the property as well as many outbuildings. Ownership was reported as being part of the original Spanish Land Grant, so it has historic significance as well. Affectionately named, “Ochenta Robles,” or the translated version is “80 Oak Trees.” There are so many beautiful different types of oak trees scattered about the property. read more

Sloughhouse Rd is a Stunning Place in Elk Grove

Sloughhouse Rd has a stunning Lake located in Elk Grove

This is a very special place where everyone that visits says 8109 Sloughhouse Rd is a stunning place in Elk Grove. Its history is a real-life love story. This lake is a symbol of that love. This short story below was told to me by someone who was there and knew these people well but I have not verified it.

There was a couple who were boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. She was a very bright woman who loved birds and orchids. She was a very active person, full of life. Her boyfriend was retired law enforcement whom I think must have had a heart the size of Texas. She had an accident which left her paralyzed. She sustained further injuries and had to be put on a respirator. Her boyfriend married her and they bought this ranch, 80 acres of paradise. He built her a house and created this lake. He dug out the dirt, planted the trees and plants, and he made the lake for her. It has a beautiful footbridge, a walking path, two islands, and a huge rock waterfall. This was important as it was what she would look at each day from her brick patio outside her room. She had to have 24-hour care. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub Sells 3rd Home on Jefjen Way

Jefjen Way is a street in Elk Grove that backs to a school in Quail Ridge. This means the playground and the noise that goes along with that can be disturbing to residents who live on that side of the street. Fortunately, the last listing I took on Jefjen Way sold within 3 days with multiple offers, even in today’s softer buyer’s market.

We went on the market in early December, a time of the year when sales typically slow down. I would have preferred to list and sell the home in April, when our market was much stronger, but that did not happen. Oddly enough, I’ve been expecting to get the listing since April of 2018. read more

Five Bedroom Quail Ridge Home in Elk Grove for Sale

Quai Ridge Home in Elk GroveThis five bedroom Quail Ridge home in Elk Grove lies in the 95757 ZIP code. It is nestled between Bilby Meadows and Rio De Onar subdivisions, and Franklin High to the north and Bilby to the South. There are a little over 1,000 homes in this Elk Grove neighborhood. I sell many homes in Elk Grove, and specialize in 95757.

In fact, I have sold two homes on this street. Am very familiar with Jefjen, especially its proximity to Toby Johnson Middle School. The north row of homes on Jefjen back up to the school’s playground and field. However, this Quail Ridge home in Elk Grove on Jefjen is oriented at the end of Jefgen and faces a different direction, so it does not back to the school at all. It also enjoys a much larger lot than some of the other homes near it.

qual ridge home in elk grove

Jefjen runs east and west and then turns a corner perpendicular, running north and south. At the junction of these two intersections is where this home is located, and it faces west. The lot size, according to the Sacramento County Assessor’s office, which has not been verified, is .1891.

However, the interior square footage of this listing shows in Realist at 3,000 square feet. This is a huge home. The photo above is of the living room and dining area combination, looking toward the front of the home. You can also see the office with the knee wall and directly to the right is the highly sought after first-floor bedroom and full bath.

qual ridge home in elk grove

Spacious kitchen rests at the back of the home. As you can see, there is plenty of room for a breakfast table and chairs. The kitchen sports a full pantry closet, dishwasher, built-in microwave and dual ovens. It is also open to the family room, which features a fireplace and a ceiling fan.

About the only things you would probably want to do to this house before moving in is replace the flooring and paint the interior. But the price reflects those fix-up costs. You can also get a renovation loan through Dan Tharp at Guild Mortgage that rolls into a purchase money loan, which can close within 30 days. No extra stuff to close.

qual ridge home in elk grove

All together, this home has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and an office. Look at this covered patio. Can’t you imagine entertaining, relaxing at a table under the ceiling fan while enjoying a lazy afternoon lunch? There is so much to love about this home. It is also a SMART home. Connect to the heating and cooling systems, or the timer for the water softener, the sprinklers, hot water recirculation pump, all from the comfort of your cellphone.

qual ridge home in elk grove

The shed in this photograph was custom built. It is insulated, with electricity and Direct TV. Such a perfect mancave / workshop.

Come to our open house on Sunday, December 9, 2018 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, hosted by the incredible Barbara Dow from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.  If you can’t wait that long, catch the virtual tour or call Barbara for a private showing at 916.761.7398.

6301 Jefjen Way, Elk Grove, CA 95757, is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at $450K.

Elizabeth Weintraub






The information in this advertisement, including, but not limited to, square footage and/or acreage, has been provided by various sources which may include the Seller, the Multiple Listing Service or other sources. Lyon Real Estate has not and will not investigate or verify the accuracy of this information. Prospective buyers are advised to conduct their own investigation of the Property and this advertised information utilizing appropriate professionals before purchasing this Property.


Managing Buyer Repair Requests to Buy a Home in Elk Grove

Managing buyer repair requests

Managing buyer repair requests is an art form. I can always spot that experienced buyer’s agent who invests the time to educate her buyers. It’s as plain as day. Some buyer’s agents simply take orders from their buyers. Don’t know why. Who is the professional and who is the client? I suspect some agents don’t know the answer to that question, so they allow their insecurities to bubble, to thrive and to rule. Agents don’t want to tell a buyer to back off or calm down or listen to reason, not in those words, of course. They want to be a buddy. And that’s the problem.

If an agent can’t find a way to explain to a client why the buyer’s chosen plan of action is harmful and a really bad idea, then how is a buyer’s agent representing that client? What kind of service is that? I tell you what it is. It’s called lip service, for some of you younger guys. Lip service is a disservice. Just like agreeing for the sake of harmony when the agent knows it is wrong. The best way to engage in managing buyer repair requests is to have a conversation with the buyer prior to inspections. To review other types of inspections and to prepare the buyer for the inevitable: The fact their dream home has things wrong with it and damages the seller might not fix.

This is never time “wasted” on behalf of the buyer’s agent. Yet so few set aside time to discuss aspects of the transaction with their clients.

I’ll give you a case in point. Yesterday, I closed a listing in Elk Grove. A sale which I sold twice and got paid once. Nobody likes to do that, albeit it is less work for me than the poor buyer’s agent who now has to hit the street to show more property or, worse, lost a client over it. In this scenario, a buyer’s agent begged me to show compassion toward his buyers. The agent made a plethora of promises he ultimately could not keep. When I hear from that agent in the future, I shall no longer hold a high opinion of that agent. The opposite. He lied. Repeatedly.

— Which is unacceptable in my book. Other agents say, hey, we all huff and puff and fluff, get over it. But, no. We all don’t huff and puff and fluff. —

After promising his buyer would purchase AS IS, he sent the sellers a 14-item request for repairs. It included things like replace all the fixtures and faucets in the house, replace the siding, install new windows. Crazy-ass stuff. The one thing he should have focused on was replacing the leaking water heater and he might have closed. Focusing on one major item is a sign of a smart agent. But no, they tend to get caught up in drama.

I tell sellers not to do repairs after they get a home inspection. But they take it personally. They actually want to fix broken things. It’s hard to get them to back off and wait for a request. Because what they think a buyer will want fixed and what a buyer really wants are two completely different viewpoints. No sense fixing stuff the buyer doesn’t care about. No two buyers are ever the same. After the existing buyers canceled, we found another buyer right away. Of course, this new buyer did not care at all about the home inspection. Just like I said. Those buyers had an agent who was adept at managing buyer repair requests.

Also, in this particular transaction, when our winning offer arrived, we already had a counter offer out to another buyer. That buyer was slow to respond. His agent did not appear overly motivated, either. While that counter offer was out and awaiting buyer approval, we received the offer we really wanted. Bay area buyer. Cash. $5K over. So we sent the second buyer a withdrawal of offer, withdrew that counter offer, and accepted the offer we preferred.

The sellers had already decided at that point to replace the water heater. It was expensive. Cost $1,400 to replace a 40-gallon water heater. Yikes. For that price, one may as well go tankless, but I digress. Last water heater I helped a seller replace was $750. Only a few years ago. However, these particular buyers had paid for a pest report. The first set of buyers did not. See? They don’t always get a pest. The pest showed $7,500 of Section 1 work, plus more for Section 2.

We had bumped up the sales price by $5,000, so we reduced it by $5,000, which made the sellers even. Even Steven. No pest work, and we closed with a cash offer. 9089 Paseo Grande Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758 closed escrow on September 12, 2018 at $339,999.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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