This Smart Home in Natomas for Sale is Almost Brand New

smart home in natomas

You may fall in love this smart home in Natomas for its beautiful upgrades but you will absolutely adore the high-technology touches throughout. Much of the electrical is smart and can be operated from your cellphone such as the dimmer switches, smart prewiring for ceiling fans, all of the electrical switches, including the garage door. Lock it and go.

The home is also prewired for a security system. There is a video doorbell. 7:1 surround sound speaker installation in the living room, with two additional speakers located in the master suite. read more

Respect Home Buyers in Sacramento By Not Speaking Real Estate Jargon

real estate jargonAs a career Sacramento Realtor, I try not to use real estate jargon with our home buyers. We speak it so much to each other. If you were to listen to a convo between myself and the most wonderful transaction coordinator in the world, we may as well be speaking Klingon. Here is an example: We need to issue the NTBP to sign the CR 2, and we may as well throw in the DTC since we’re so close to docs. What is that real estate jargon?

It means we need to send the buyer a Notice to Buyer to Perform, to put the buyer on notice to complete a contractual obligation. In this example, it is to release the loan contingency. Being close to docs means the lender is about ready to send loan documents to escrow. We might suspect the buyer will try to extend closing, and we want the right to cancel if the buyer doesn’t close escrow on time. read more

Why Your Realtor Cannot Show Homes in a Safe Neighborhood

buy in safe neighborhood

Hardly a buyer exists who has not at one time or another asked a Sacramento Realtor to show homes in a safe neighborhood. It’s such a normal expectation. Like asking for a three-car garage or homes with hardwood floors. Part of the buying process. Except your Realtor cannot show homes in a safe neighborhood. This tends to surprise buyers.

Yesterday I talked with a new buyer who will be working with the team. He lives in the Bay Area and she is in Canada. People from all over are moving to Sacramento because it’s one of the last great places to live in California that features affordable homes. Affordability was certainly a consideration when my husband and I moved to Sacramento. Although, I had my heart set on going back to Newport Beach, my husband insisted on Sacramento. Which means it is all his fault we have lived in Sacramento for the past 16 years. read more

Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on the Big Island of Hawaii

remodeling a kitchen on the big islandWhen we bought our second home, I was not thinking about remodeling a kitchen on the Big Island. In fact, I had no thoughts of remodeling anything apart from replacing the bedroom carpeting. But you know how it goes. You spend a few months here and there and things begin to speak. For example, the window coverings began to complain. Out loud. Yes. For one thing, they were 26-year-old cheap blinds, consisting of one-inch painted metal slats. They were also crusty and icky. OK, sure, we could buy lined bamboo for the sliding glass doors and weather resistant wood-like 2-inch slat blinds. read more

Celebration at Hulihe’e Palace for King Kamehameha Day

Hulihe'e Palace

After the King Kamehaha parade in Kailua-Kona on Saturday, the celebration continued at Hulihe’e Palace in historic Kailua Village. The palace was the summer home of Queen Emma. Many years ago my husband and I toured the palace, a must-see historic preservation site in town. These guys, I believe, are re-enacting the Royal Order of King Kamehameha I. The uniter of the Hawaiian islands.

The men are wearing a malo, a loin cloth. Hawaiians are not as hung up about their bodies or exposure as we are on the mainland. read more

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