Probate Sales with a Court Referee Appraisal

Probate Sales with a Court Referee

Probate sales with a court referee appraisal are required by the Probate Court to sell within no less than 90% of the value. Referee values are part of the I and A, “Inventory and Appraisal” completed by the referee. A referee is a court appraiser who establishes the values of estate property. These values are then made part of the document for the Probate Court called an “I and A.” The referee generally completes a drive-by exterior appraisal on vacant property. They are not always completely accurate. read more

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and Happy Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and Happy Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and looking forward to a super shopping day on Black Friday. It has been a very busy morning. We have multiple offers on one property. Counter offers are in motion back and forth. Working on a request for repair on another property. Real Estate is alive and well this Thanksgiving. I have a request from an agent to show one of our listings today. As they have a small baby an early AM showing might not work. I have however forwarded the message request. Buyers out shopping for a home on Thanksgiving are certainly serious buyers. read more

Sacramento Buyer’s Agents Send Clients To Open Houses Unaccompanied

send clients to open houses

When Sacramento buyer’s agents send clients to open houses unaccompanied and they later write an offer, it still stuns me. If clients do not need their agent’s guidance, do they really need their agent? Open houses are heavily visited by buyers without their agent. This happens as regular as clockwork. It is no longer an exception but now more of a rule that agents send their buyers to open houses.

There are of course some agents who actually show up to our open houses with clients. We understand that an agent may be holding an open house and can’t make it to an open house at the same time a client wants to see it. Of course, they could plan to see it after their open house or send another associate to attend with them. At the very least they can go back with the clients a second time to see the property and then write an offer. read more

When Selling Probate, Real Estate Mama Says: Take Your Coat

Selling Probate Real Estate

When selling probate, real estate mama says: take your coat. I should have listened to her. I was booked yesterday to do a presentation on selling probate real estate in Placer County. When I left Sacramento County, the weather was fine. Upon arrival to the Auburn Holiday Inn, the weather was very chilly and windy.

When the presentation was complete, I had to drive to Colfax to check on a probate listing. We had hired a new vendor to steam clean the interior and wanted to check the quality of the work. Sometimes, when senior people live in a home for many years, they are not really able to take care of things. These type of properties can be shocking for buyers to see as they are often beyond a typical fixer upper. Our usual clean-up crew went to Colfax to bid the job two weeks ago. They immediately left and refused to do it. This lets your imagination run wild, just envision how bad it looked. read more

Chocolate Tour at Kokoleka Lani Cacao Farm in Kona

cacao farm in kona

We missed the tour of the cacao farm in Kona last week because I used the wrong GPS and was halfway the wrong way when I figured it out. But the owners were nice enough to reschedule us for the following week. The cacao farm in Kona was fascinating and inspiring. Above is a photo of me holding a pod I just cracked in one blow with the raw seeds inside.

Of course, I immediately shot a photo of a cacao pod and sent it to my husband, asking if he knew what it was. That’s because he is in California while I am in Hawaii. Although, we did tour the Vanillerie together not too long ago, and I imagine he would really enjoy this particular tour as well. read more

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