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New Sacramento Listing Allows Credit to Buyer

credit to buyer

3146 Northstead Dr, Sacramento, CA 95833 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate.

Finally, a home for sale in Sacramento that first-time home buyers can purchase and also get a credit to buyer for $4,000. The buyer can use that money to buy a new dishwasher and range. One of the seller’s disgruntled family members removed those appliances from the kitchen. There’s even enough money leftover to buy a brand new stainless refrigerator.

Need furniture? There’s quite a bit of abandoned furniture left in this home that is yours for the taking. Or, the buyer can sell it at a garage sale after closing escrow. A lot of the furniture is in fairly good shape. There is a sofa, a kitchen table with chairs, a couple of children’s beds, a few dressers. read more

Tips for Selling Tenant Occupied Homes in Natomas

selling home in natomas

Very few tenants are happy to hear the lease won’t be renewed in Natomas.

If a Sacramento Realtor in Natomas knows her neighborhood, she can often guess how quickly that home will sell. I have noticed that certain neighborhoods are taking their own shapes and directions now that the housing bubble has popped in Natomas, and I have gained a sense of why some homes in Natomas might take longer to sell or whether they will fly off the market. But even though I might know instinctively how a transaction will progress, it is still not an excuse not to be completely prepared for the market. As I continually say, half of the hard work is done in advance to listing a home. read more

WSJ, Trulia and Zillow List Best Real Estate Agents in America

best agents in america

Best Real Estate Agents in America for 2015

The purpose behind the Real Trends 1000 List of Best Real Estate Agents in America is to sell crap to the agents on the list. Being named to this list means I will endure yet another year of harassment and haranguing from manufacturers who want to make me a plaque to celebrate my accomplishments and charge me an enormous sum for the privilege of hanging the ugly thing on my wall so our 3 cats can shoot spitballs at it. Real Trends will also sell my name to thousands of spammers. It’s the price of success, and it sorta sucks. Still, it also means the Elizabeth Weintraub Team ranks #7 in the Sacramento region, which is impressive, I suppose. read more

Timing the Micro Housing Markets in Natomas Sacramento

housing markets in natomas

Study the housing markets in Natomas before selling

There are a few neighborhoods in Natomas that comprise such a high percentage of rental homes that the unbalanced situation is negatively affecting property values. Home buyers relocate to Natomas because they want that close-to-downtown urban commute but they also want the suburban lifestyle offered in part by other homeowners who live nearby and who are just like them. If they wanted to live near tenants, they’d live downtown Sacramento or in Midtown. No matter how you cut it, if your street begins to dip toward more tenant-occupied homes than owner-occupied homes, your property values will undoubtedly suffer. read more

It is How a Sacramento Realtor Says It to Describe a Home For Sale

Sacramento Realtor Describes Home for Sale

A Sacramento Realtor should carefully choose marketing words.

Ask any writer, the most powerful type of word in the English language is a verb, hands down; yet when it comes to describing a home for sale and marketing Sacramento real estate, verbs are not nearly as useful as a noun, and proper nouns are better. As a Sacramento REALTOR who also writes professionally, I adore verbs. Verbs punch. Verbs shove prose front and center. A home description, however, is not capable of much movement or lively action, and it’s difficult for four walls and a roof to, say, spring to life through a verb. read more

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