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Elk Grove Entry Level Home Prices

Elk Grove Entry Level Home Prices

Elk Grove entry-level home prices starting at $350,000 plus are getting hard to find. My niece is home shopping and an 1,100 sq foot home is $350,000. If you want a larger home, say, 1,400+ square feet, it’s going to cost more. Elk Grove schools are in high demand, and that is one of the factors why so many people are moving here.

I have been looking several times per day for homes. I found one property with a huge lot and 1,700 square feet. It needed a new roof, new HVAC and had no landscaping in a giant back yard. Did I mention it was a duplex, so it is not a free-standing home? The kitchen is small, featuring limited cabinets. Too many issues need attention. read more

A Happy New Year In Sacramento 2020

New Year In Sacramento 2020

A happy New Year in Sacramento 2020 needed just the right photo. This picture looks like these two women were having “too much fun,” as if there is such a thing as too much. After looking at well over 100 photos, I knew instantly this was the perfect photo. Elizabeth and I both appreciate great photos that help tell our stories. The right photo is so important.

It was a quiet celebration for me at home with 6 pounds of huge crab legs from the Elk Grove Costco. Elk Grove real estate is becoming more popular and, so of course, it was time for a Costco. Living in the rural part of the greater Elk Grove area and being 7 minutes from Costco is a real plus for this Sacramento Realtor. read more

Only One Day left before Christmas 2019

Only One Day left before Christmas 2019

With only one day left before Christmas 2019, are you ready? Today was a crazy day. One client signing at the title company and we put a probate listing into escrow with 8 offers. Then in between our real estate duties, we needed to pick up deliveries at the office. Next, a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few last-minute gifts on Santa’s list. Now the baking marathon begins at 0800 so a trip to the grocery store. Yes, I had my list and I was checking it twice, lol. I also grabbed a few gift cards for those hard to shop for folks. read more

Elk Grove Real Estate and the Flu

Elk Grove Real Estate And The Flu

Elk Grove real estate and the flu go forward, no matter how sick a Realtor gets, the show must go on. When your immune system is on the blink, creativity for writing has not been accessible. I apologize for missing our daily posts and will be adding some blasts from the past postings that are still relevant today.

I may have missed writing the blogs, but we have not let our clients down. We sold several listings in the greater Sacramento area this week. When you have a team, there is an arsenal of resources available. There have been many challenges with home inspections and appraisals but we kept the wheels moving forward. read more

The Life Of an Elk Grove Realtor Without Sick Leave

sick leave

The life of an Elk Grove Realtor with the flu doesn’t include sick leave. The work has to be completed. People’s lives depend on their Realtor. The laptop has helped so much as we can at least be comfortable propped up with pillows. Many people in various professions who are sick still go to work as they need their paycheck. Many people do not have sick leave. Self-employed business owners work no matter what.

At least when I’m sick and working from home, I’m not having to go into the office to make others sick. My sick leave is staying home to work. Who knows if these bugs are contagious? Rest is important, so . . . a short and sweet blog tonight. Long days this week and several offers came in today on our listings. The life of an Elk Grove Realtor is busy and rewarding, even with the flu. read more

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