Diary of a Sacramento Realtor

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How much time should a Realtor spend meeting with clients? It depends. At the first meeting, I spend as much time as they need. That can be an hour to 4 or 5 hours on the first meeting. Time spent is based on the clients’ need to feel comfortable and confident in the person they are hiring. Sometimes clients need to spend more time getting to know their Realtor, especially at the first meeting.

I met the nicest people this weekend who had previously worked with our team. This was the first time we met. Together, we walked their piece of rural real estate. It was such an interesting piece of property. There were many beautiful oak trees. This amazing pomegranate tree was just covered with fruit. We picked some fruit together and sat in the shade looking onto the property. There were so many wild turkeys about, too. What a glorious afternoon. read more

Do Realtors Ever Sleep?

Do Realtors Ever Sleep?

Do Realtors ever sleep? It often depends on how busy they are. Some nights I have so many ideas that I can not sleep. I just sit at the computer and write away. Clients often call me until about 11 PM. The evenings are the best time often for clients as they are working during the day. For me, the phones quiet down as the banks, title companies, lenders, pest companies are not working after 5 PM.

Now, exercising 30 minutes a day is supposed to help you sleep, so that’s a good goal for October. Whatever you enjoy doing, walking, cycling, cross training, running or Rumba, all are great, just do some form of exercise every day. I often say: do Realtors ever sleep? read more

Title Held In Trusts And Divorce

Title Held In Trusts And Divorce

Dealing with title held in trusts and divorce is an interesting topic. When people get married, they often create a trust together. In general, they are each named as a trustee. When they buy a home, the title is often put into a trust. Unfortunately, in some cases, divorce happens. On this topic, I received a phone call from a referral source. He said he had met someone divorcing and they needed to sell their home.

Signing documents online is generally simple enough. This may not be possible in a divorce, especially if they are still living together in the property. When the clients can not agree, and I am in the room or on a conference call, sometimes I excuse myself. During the details of trusts and divorce when signing a listing agreement, with communications between the parties strained, I always say call your attorneys for legal advice. read more

International Dog Day is Celebrating Dogs

Dog Day Celebrating Dogs

International dog day is celebrating dogs. How do you celebrate your dogs? This day is about celebrating dogs and how they impact your life every day. Service dogs of course, risk their lives or work their hearts out to impact the peoples’ lives whom they serve.

It is also about doing what you can to help abused and or abandoned dogs. I have 7 dogs. Two of my dogs are German Shepherd guard dogs, 4 Schipperkes and one Terrier / Chihuahua mix rescue dog. These dogs provide me laughter, loyalty and companionship on a daily basis. I can’t put  into words the connection I have with dogs, it is beyond the realm of definitions. My spirit is so very happy when a dog is by my side. read more

Sacramento Real Estate is a Continuing Seller’s Market

seller's market

Our seller’s market is still here. For the fourth straight consecutive month, the pending sales are on the rise, confirming that Sacramento Real Estate is definitely continuing to support sellers over buyers. The first quarter shows closed sales increasing every month.

What does this mean for the Sacramento housing market? Does it mean Sacramento real estate is a continuing seller’s market? We are experiencing continuing price increases, based on high demand and housing shortages. Each neighborhood can be a bit different as this is the greater Sacramento county averages. read more

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