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Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect

Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect For Yourself

Treat the Realtor you want to hire with the same respect you expect for yourself is no different than the Golden Rule. Below is an excerpt from a blog my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, wrote in August of 2012; it is in italics. As Realtors are paid to sell you a home, occasionally some clients feel that a Realtor doesn’t deserve to be treated well. You know, sellers and buyers get paid to do their job and they would expect fair treatment in the workplace.

I remember a situation where I was not treated fairly. I was trying to explain the details of an offer to a seller. One of the clients immediately barked at me. He said that he had sold homes before and didn’t need to be “talked down to.” Of course, the flip side to that is Realtors are accused of not explaining enough. I apologized and said that my only intent was to provide a gold standard of service and to be thorough. read more

Home Buyer Can Kiss His Earnest Money Deposit Goodbye

Home Buyer Can Kiss His Earnest Money Deposit Goodbye

A homebuyer can kiss his earnest money deposit goodbye. You may ask, How can a home buyer kiss her money goodbye?  The excerpt below in italics is from a blog Elizabeth wrote several years ago. It still holds today. It got me to thinking about a tricky technicality in this deposit forfeiture that you may find interesting.  

I represented two buyers on a short sale in Roseville. She and her fiance bought it together. The listing agent was someone who said he was the #1 short sale agent in Sacramento, but, of course, we all know that title was well deserved and earned by the one and only, Elizabeth Weintraub. Well, the couple broke up. Mister buyer went packing, and he had not been removed from the contract, nor did the listing agent ever request it. Should I have removed him, probably, but I knew these two, and they broke up and went back together regularly. read more

Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid

Looking For a Dream Home Can Be Like Finding A Lost Hearing Aid.

Looking for a dream home can be like finding a lost hearing aid. My mom is here in Wilton with me for a few days every other week. She helps so much with all the animals, she does my laundry, cleans cat boxes. She loves her children so much. At 83, she is a machine. I often have to say, “Mom, it’s 2 AM, let’s go to sleep as I have to work tomorrow,” lol, it is true. She will be moping the floor and I say: “Mom, it’s midnight, why are you moping?” The answer is so she has a head start tomorrow. I hope at 83 I’m half as tough as she. read more

The Realtor Takes Keys After Showing the Listing

The Realtor Takes Keys After Showing Listing

On our Natomas listing, the Realtor takes keys after showing a listing. Can you believe it? Our lockboxes register the time and the buyer’s agent’s contact information. An agent called me 15 minutes after that last Realtor showed it. She said the lockbox was open and no key was in it.

We immediately looked online found the previous agent who showed it and she had taken the key. I called and asked her to please bring it back asap as an agent was at the property waiting to show it and could not get in. Her excuse was that the buyer had handed her all of her keys and she must have gotten them confused. This is why we have vendor boxes on the property as a back up for an extra key. read more

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How much time should a Realtor spend meeting with clients? It depends. At the first meeting, I spend as much time as they need. That can be an hour to 4 or 5 hours on the first meeting. Time spent is based on the clients’ need to feel comfortable and confident in the person they are hiring. Sometimes clients need to spend more time getting to know their Realtor, especially at the first meeting.

I met the nicest people this weekend who had previously worked with our team. This was the first time we met. Together, we walked their piece of rural real estate. It was such an interesting piece of property. There were many beautiful oak trees. This amazing pomegranate tree was just covered with fruit. We picked some fruit together and sat in the shade looking onto the property. There were so many wild turkeys about, too. What a glorious afternoon. read more

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