Diary of a Sacramento Realtor

The Best Days of an Elliptical

best days of an elliptical ownership

Funny, but I do not really recall the best days of an elliptical, except that when we bought the Precor EFX 523, it seemed the best model available. Exciting time. If I recall correctly, we bought it from one of my clients who worked at a store that sells exercise equipment. You would think I would have learned from a previous purchase of the treadmill coatrack but no, I thought an elliptical would be different.

At first, I used the elliptical almost religiously, for at least a month or two. Then something interfered and changed that schedule. Maybe work, I’m guessing, because I was working on 75+ escrows at a time when we bought the elliptical. The best days of an elliptical were probably right after the second market crash of 2008. Short sales consumed my life back then, and almost all of my transactions were short sales. read more

Do Not Ask What Else Can Go Wrong

what else can go wrong

Asking myself what else can go wrong was not the way to start my first day back from vacation. In fact, I had lined up a specific time to workout at the gym, and that was my second appointment of the day, soon as I finished at the dentist’s office in Midtown. Did not want to rush back into work in Sacramento real estate on a Thursday after returning from vacation. Thursday is sort of an unofficial Sacramento Realtor Day off.

Further, there is the notion that if you start asking what else can go wrong, you will find out soon enough. Something about karma, if you believe such. read more

No HBO Go App for my LG OLED Smart TV

hbo go app on my LG OLED Smart TV

If somebody had told me I could not get the HBO Go app on my LG OLED Smart TV, I would have figured they were wrong. Blows my mind. The TV is only a year or so old. It was pretty expensive, as far as Smart TVs go. But the HBO Go app is definitely not offered in the premium apps in my LG Content tab. A search for it specifically turned up nothing.

Wouldn’t have even mattered but I found a movie I want to watch from reading the story about Laura Dern in Vanity Fair. Reminds me of when I was at the Apple store in Honolulu over New Year’s. It took so long to transfer my data from my old iPhone to my new iPhone XR that I had plenty of time to play with all the gizmos in the store. read more

Why Do Sacramento Realtors Try to Wear So Many Hats?

sacramento realtors try to wear too many hats

Often I wonder: why do Sacramento Realtors try to wear so many hats? But then I think back to when I started in real estate in the 1970s. I wore every hat I could get my hands on, and some hats simultaneously.

One hat in particular that I really adored and lost somewhere was a wide brimmed black felt brimmed with pheasant feathers. The side of the hat sported two long pheasant feathers, so if I happened to be sitting close enough to another person, like, say, planted on a barstool, I could slap the person next to me in the face with my feathers simply by innocently turning my head. So you know (don’t you), how much fun I had with that discovery. read more

How to Double End a Listing Without Listing the House

The process I am about to describe to you, how to double end a listing without listing the house, is not something your broker’s legal team will want you to read about. I am not promoting this particular system as much as sharing stories that happened to me 40 years ago when I first started selling real estate. Many of our activities back in the 1970s would have lawyers today running for the closest bottle of scotch.

Yup, today this would involve practicing risk management on overload. Legal liability up the wazoo. Yet, I’m gonna tell you anyway, because that’s just the kind of person I am. A troublemaker. With a capital T that rhymes with B and stands for bad influence. read more

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