Why Would Elizabeth Weintraub Want to List That Home in Sacramento?

elizabeth weintraub would want to list that home

Nobody ever asks themselves, why would Elizabeth Weintraub want to list that home in Sacramento? That’s because most sellers figure all listing agents want to list every house they can get their grubby little paws on. But that would not be true about this Sacramento listing agent. There are listings I don’t want to take. For starters, I don’t want to list a home if the seller doesn’t need my help or won’t listen to my advice. If a seller believes she already knows exactly how to sell a house, she doesn’t need a listing specialist. She might need a stiff drink, but not a specialist.

Further, I work with the complete package. Every listing is customized. Every sellers’ needs and wants are different. Getting on the market is one thing but closing escrow is totally something else. Selling for top dollar, leaving no chunks of change on the table is what most sellers want, but my service goes beyond that. Everything about my client’s sale is personal to me. I’m very hands on.

Why would Elizabeth Weintraub want to list that home in Sacramento? Another reason is because it will sell and I can sell it. That’s what I do. List homes and close sales. If I can’t sell it, I do not want to list that home in Sacramento. You can bet I look at days on market from previous listings. Most of our archives go back at least 15 years. I remember every market from the last 15 years. I can tell when I look at the history if there was a problem due to the type of market at that time. If not, the house has a problem.

If I can pinpoint that problem and fix it, then I will want to list that home. That’s not to say I do not enjoy a challenge, because I most certainly do. If I really like the sellers and we have a meeting of the minds, then I will list even the worst house on the block, the hardest house in the world to sell. If I feel the sellers are disrespectful, no amount of money would entice me to take that listing.

I have a no-asshole rule. People know if they exhibit those types of tendencies. It’s not like I can come right out and ask a prospective seller over the phone, hey, are you an asshole? They would probably hang up. Although it’s not a bad question. Because sometimes, no matter how good my a-hole radar is, I can’t always tell right away. There have been situations I’ve had doubts about but they turned out to be OK. And others where I felt it was workable, which turned out not to be.

Since I am all out of our listings right now, I’ve been thinking about all the new appointments I have this week. Yup, I’ve sold my entire inventory. That hasn’t happened to me in 7 years. But even having no inventory at the moment does not mean I would consent to work with . . . you’ve already figured this one out . . . the asshole. So there you have it. Why would Elizabeth Weintraub want to list that home in Sacramento? Because she’s crazy good at it and likes you.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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