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Will You Go to An Open House in Sacramento on Super Bowl Sunday?

Will you go to an open house in Sacramento on Super Bowl Sunday? Ask any real estate agent in Sacramento, and he or she will offer conflicting opinions about an open house — whether it’s effective as a sales tool. I am in the camp that says if a home for sale is located in the high traffic area, it is a good prospect for an open house. Providing that the home shows well, of course, and is completely presentable. Because homes sell in Sacramento through open houses. Just had two of them sell this weekend, and the third was shown personally by an agent.

Do you think that’s a good time for an open house in Sacramento in 2022? I work no matter what is happening including SuperBowl. With inventory so low I think buyers will also go out and look at a new listing that is being held open. If someone just likes to visit open houses and they are a football fan it is likely they would skip the open house. I think serious buyers will be out looking every Sunday.

Whether homes sold from open houses like these, previously mentioned in 2014 or in 2022; the question is will you go to an open house in Sacramento on Super Bowl Sunday? As we are in the last playoffs this Sunday, the Superbowl is coming up on Feb 13th, 2022. Coincidentally the day before the big football game is Valentine’s day.

Will you go to an open house in Sacramento on Super Bowl Sunday?
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Getting Ready For An Open House

getting ready for an open house

Getting ready for an open house is very important to how successful it would be. This blog was written by Elizabeth Weintraub for another publication. This is as relevant today as it was when written.

–Enjoy, JaCi Wallace

When I take a new listing, I try to give sellers a week or two to get ready for an open house. This article outlines steps a seller can take at least a week in advance, then 72 hours before and, finally, the night before an open house. I want everything to be picture perfect.

Nobody gets a sneak preview, either. No agents, brokers or anxious buyers. That’s because even professionals such as real estate agents form immediate opinions and often find it difficult to see past negatives.

I don’t want any negatives. I expect the home to be white-glove clean, decluttered and staged, pet-free and odor-free, and ready for a buyer to move into.

Read more about Getting Ready for an Open House .

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Are Open Houses in Sacramento a Good Idea When Selling a Home?

open houses in sacramento

Open houses tend to attract buyers in Sacramento.

Is it worth it to hold an open house when you’re selling a home in Sacramento? If you watch HGTV, the answer there will be yes, because without an open house, how can they kill time between rehabbing a junk pile and shoving it down?the throat of some unsuspecting buyer? Open houses in Sacramento are something agents do generally as part of the Sacramento real estate services offered, but if a home was never held open, it would still sell.

Out of many of the studies that have been focused on open houses in Sacramento and the results, the acceptable percentage of homes that sell at an open house are less than 5%. However, it doesn’t take into consideration the number of buyers who might have viewed the home at an open house and a few days later wrote an offer. I suspect if that number was included, the percentage might jump to 10 or 15%. Which is still a decent enough number to continue holding open houses.

I have a client who does not want us to host any open houses in Sacramento. He straight out said he doesn’t believe in them, and he implied that its sole purpose is to bring the open house agent a bunch of buyers to whom the agent can sell a different home. Yet, it doesn’t hurt, either, I pointed out. Why throw away that 5% or 10% chance of finding a buyer? It just might happen. Turns out he is not diametrically opposed to open houses after all.

Buyers often buy a home on impulse. You would think they would buy a home the way you or I might do it — by agonizing over every single detail, filling out mounds of paperwork to obtain preapproval, sifting through homes online, one photo after another until our eyes bulge out of our heads, watching video after boring video of four walls and a roof, but no. Some people will be out driving to an errand on a Sunday afternoon, pass an open house and say to themselves, hey, it’s a roadside attraction, let’s stop and take a peek.

Next thing you know, they are salivating and asking if they press hard whether the third copy is theirs. This is absolutely true. They can’t whip out that checkbook fast enough to write an earnest money deposit. It can happen to anybody. It could happen to you.

Getting Ready for Spring in Sacramento

Getting ready for spring in Sacramento means opening your eyes.

Getting ready for spring in Sacramento means opening your eyes.

Getting ready for spring in Sacramento means shoving my boots to the back of my closet and checking to make sure the heels on my sandals are in intact — because standing on my tippy toes in my client’s garden beds to shoot photographs of their back yards doesn’t always work, especially after they have watered the lawn. Sometimes those heels sink into the mud without my knowledge. Whereas getting ready for spring in a place like Minneapolis means opening the front door in excitement and then slamming it in disgust because the snow never stops falling.

You might not know this, but March is often the snowiest month in Minneapolis. See, it’s all in perspective for me.

Getting ready for spring in Sacramento pretty much means waking up and perhaps weeding the garden, perhaps not. Although I did pull our patio chairs from the garage. Those poor pieces of outdoor furniture traveled from Minneapolis to Sacramento some 13 years ago when we moved to our home in Land Park. They were in pretty good shape when we got here, a white powder-coat finish offset the navy blue sling chairs. I can’t count the number of times since they have blown off our back deck during a winter storm. Our table did not survive the first storm, the glass top shattered into a million pieces, so we bought cast iron. We replaced the umbrella after a tree fell on the house.

But arranging the chairs this weekend for a dinner party I noticed a seam had given way and was no longer attached to the frame. The white powder-coat finish featured a bunch of dings, chips and streaks of blue paint, no doubt scraped from the deck. The table had developed rust spots. Strings hung from the umbrella. It was time for new patio furniture. I was a bit astonished that my husband did not object, usually his response is something like: well, we can still sit on it, (except for that one chair). Then again, we have been married for many years.

Besides, there are Ingress portals to hack out by Emigh’s Outdoor Living on El Camino and Watt. And I was super excited to discover a Laser Tag place nearby. Let’s go play, let’s go play. But no, for my husband, we had to do normal things like shop for cat food and get home in time to take the clothes out of the dryer. For me, to update my clients about what happened at their Sunday open houses. And call my sister in Minneapolis to hear about how much the snow never stops falling while I describe our new patio furniture. She claims her phone just dropped the call — but probably the only thing worse than opening your front door and slamming it in disgust is to listen to your sister in California ramble on about her shopping adventure for patio furniture.

I love spring in Sacramento. It’s an excellent time to buy or sell a home. If you need a Sacramento REALTOR, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Getting Business as a Sacramento Listing Agent

Real Estate Sold Insert over For Sale Sign and HouseAnybody who thinks Sacramento real estate is dull and uninteresting is probably not a top listing agent in Sacramento. They probably don’t read this blog, either. There is always something horrific going on, some transaction trying to slip sideways down the hill that I’ve got to attach to a crane and hoist back up, but it’s never boring. I stay on top of my files.

Right now, ever since the vague thought of I really need to take a few more listings crossed my mind over the weekend, suddenly bunches of sellers have been contacting me to get their homes into MLS and sold. Now, I am not a spiritual person much less a religious person but it reminds me of Tom Robbin’s new book (memoir?) I’m reading, Tibetan Peach Pie. Robbins talks about picking tomatoes in the hot sun as a kid growing up in the South. His kid buddy he called Gumboot cried out in desperation one day as he was sweating to death in the tomato fields, “Good Lord, if it’s in Thy power, send me that knocking-off shower.” And lo and behold the heavens opened up and it poured down rain.

Those thoughts didn’t pass through my brain with much conviction. It was a passing minor panic attack of sorts, probably lasted all of 2 seconds, but it did cross my mind that I’ve been closing so many escrows lately that I need to pop a few more into the hopper on the front end. Where was that business gonna come from? Selling real estate is a balancing act, if you’re gonna run it like a business, which it is. A good Sacramento listing agent can’t run out of inventory.

The way I see it: I’ve got new listings to take, existing listings to sell and listings to close. Those are my 3 main focuses throughout the day. Everything else is external noise. I am almost impaired that way, my intense concentration is on those 3 areas. Some agents have to go out looking for business but business finds me, so that’s one aspect of being a Sacramento listing agent that I am fortunate I don’t have to spend a lot of time on.

Somewhere I read that agents spend 1/3 of their time canvassing for business. I suppose when I started in the business, I spent more time looking for clients but that was so long ago I don’t recall. Or, maybe it’s ingrained in me to such an extent that I don’t even notice it any longer. Perhaps I solicit in my sleep? I meet a person, doesn’t matter who or where, and that person knows I sell real estate in Sacramento. You can count on it. It’s a lifestyle.

My team held quite a few open houses yesterday. Oh, people like to pooh-pooh open houses and say they don’t sell real estate and some do not. Although buyers might not decide to buy a house through an open house; however, it’s how they often see the house they are planning to buy. Agents swarmed one such open house Sunday in Elk Grove. We ran out of flyers, which is highly unusual. One agent went into the back yard and started handing out business cards to visitors before she was slapped by my team member.

There’s a time and place for that kind of thing, and at another agent’s open house is not the time nor the place.

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