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Sacramento Buyer’s Agents Send Clients To Open Houses Unaccompanied

send clients to open houses

When Sacramento buyer’s agents send clients to open houses unaccompanied and they later write an offer, it still stuns me. If clients do not need their agent’s guidance, do they really need their agent? Open houses are heavily visited by buyers without their agent. This happens as regular as clockwork. It is no longer an exception but now more of a rule that agents send their buyers to open houses.

There are of course some agents who actually show up to our open houses with clients. We understand that an agent may be holding an open house and can’t make it to an open house at the same time a client wants to see it. Of course, they could plan to see it after their open house or send another associate to attend with them. At the very least they can go back with the clients a second time to see the property and then write an offer.

We ask unaccompanied buyers at open houses if they are working with an agent. They often reply, yes, we have an agent. Our next question, is your agent meeting you to show this home? A list of excuses is generally blurted out by the buyer as to why the agent isn’t coming. Clearly, they just send clients to open houses. Perhaps the buyers didn’t put much emphasis on the importance of their agent coming with them. — JaCi Wallace

The excerpt below in italics was written by my business partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, seven years ago. It’s titled Sacramento Real Estate Agents: Ramp Up. It is the same core issue today, seven years later. Elizabeth did a great job of conveying how its agents make excuses instead of focusing on solutions to provide top-shelf level service to clients. Enjoy — it is spot on.

Agents complain that they can’t submit offers fast enough so they have to submit without showing. No, they don’t. They just need to get their act together. An agent lamented that he could not show a home yesterday during the time period it was convenient for the tenants to show it. He asked if he could send his buyers over to the home without an agent escort. No, he can’t.

But I heard that some buyers were wandering around the home by themselves. Just because we’re in the middle of a home-buying frenzy in Sacramento does not mean it’s OK to set aside Standards of Practice. If anything, we, as Sacramento real estate agents, need to ramp up our professionalism to ensure quality service to our clients. — Elizabeth Weintraub

If you want to hire a professional buyer’s agent that shows you property, provides insight and expertise, call Weintraub and Wallace Realtors, with RE/MAX Gold. We don’t send clients to open houses and shirk our duties. We can be reached at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace
Sacramento Buyer’s Agents Send Clients To Open Houses Unaccompanied

Don’t You Hate that Expression Is it Hot Enough For Ya?

Is it hot enough for ya

Is it hot enough for ya in Sacramento?

When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, everybody always asked each other in the summer that idiotic question: Is it hot enough for ya? It was just a colloquialism, nobody expected a response. Saying is it hot enough for ya is akin to saying hey. But in Sacramento right now, we have hot weather much sooner than expected. Although, I don’t know why. It’s as though Mother Nature turned up the dial and said forget about spring as she dumped a ton of water on us last month.

Then in June, when it’s often relatively nice weather in Sacramento, bam, we’re hit with a heat wave that shows no sign of cooling off. It’s the kind of hotness you can see with your eyes, the waves in the air of bendy heat, slowly rippling in the bright sun that just won’t quit. It was 106 yesterday. Recordbreaking.

It was not a good day yesterday for open houses in Sacramento, either. We expected mobs to descend upon a couple of listings, and it was relatively quiet, with very little traffic. I expect most people simply refused to go outside. Did I go outside? Heck, no. I simply thanked my lucky stars we had the AC checked earlier this year and, knock on wood, can be relatively assured it will continue to crank out relief.

How do people live in Sacramento without air conditioning? People do. I sell some of those homes without air. Some of the older homes were constructed with thick plaster walls that tend to insulate and keep the homes cooler. Also, I imagine lots of people just leave the house when it gets to be unbearable and find a river or pool to swim in, maybe an air-conditioned movie theater for the afternoon or they visit a local bar / hangout.

I have an appointment this afternoon for a listing in south Sacramento. Hope the client’s air conditioning is working and that they don’t ask me, is it hot enough for ya? What does that even mean?

Don’t You Hate that Expression Is it Hot Enough For Ya?

In Defense of Open Houses in Sacramento

no open houses over major holidaysOpen houses in Sacramento work for many reasons, and are mutually beneficial to a seller and a Sacramento Realtor, even though I realize there some agents in the business who do not believe that open houses work. By working, I mean an open house brings potential buyers who may buy the home, and it also brings buyers who might not buy the home. Those “leftover” buyers, the buyers for whom the home does not meet their needs, are often wandering about without representation. For them, the open house provides an excellent opportunity to interview agents and for agents to interview buyers, in a non-threatening, casual atmosphere.

How can open houses in Sacramento be bad? For anybody? Yet, there are agents who just don’t want to do an open house. I suppose these agents have a ton of clients and don’t need any more buyers to work with. Maybe they don’t enjoy talking to buyers, which can make a person wonder why they are in real estate. Or, maybe they feel that they will be dissatisfied if the open house produces just one buyer for them to help?

Buyers find out about open houses through 2 main methods: homes for sale on the web and by following open house signs placed in the street. Some weekends, traffic is slow; other weekends, brisk. The success of an open house can be influenced by the weather, holidays, weekend events, but rain or shine, successful Sacramento real estate agents work.

I hear from a few other agents that open houses are a waste of time, but if an agent finds a great buyer every other open house, that’s an investment of four hours. If four hours isn’t worth investing to find a buyer, I’m wondering how far an agent will go in the real estate business.

Not only that, but holding an open house allows an agent to become more familiar with a neighborhood, its people, traffic patterns, positives / negatives, market values — all of which is beneficial information to a real estate agent developing her career.

On top of this, although not every buyer will buy a home on the spot at the open house, for a large number of buyers, viewing the home at the open house is often their first exposure to the home, and they do eventually buy. They might look at the home on a Sunday, think about it for a few days, get a preapproval letter and eventually call a real estate agent to show the home to them a second time. Many homes that sell today were first viewed by the buyer at an open house.

Due to our busy schedules nowadays, most people look at the weekends as a time to a) do chores and b) to relax. They can squeeze in an open house or two that they might not be able to schedule during the week. People also make impulse purchases, and real estate is not immune. How often have I heard, “Oh, we weren’t in the market, but then we drove by this open house . . ..”

It’s too easy when there’s little traffic for an agent to decide that open houses in Sacramento don’t work. The real estate agents who make it in the real estate business are those who view every open house as an opportunity to engage with people and to sell a home. Open houses in Sacramento is a necessity.

In Defense of Open Houses in Sacramento

East Sacramento Home and Josh Amolsch on FOX 40 News

Open-House-Sacramento-300x193And to think that some agents pooh-pooh open houses in Sacramento, yet my open house at an East Sacramento home got a little bit more exposure than expected. The FOX 40 news reporter Doug Johnson asked me yesterday what time we hold open houses in Sacramento. It sorta depends. I held open four of my listings yesterday, and the customary time for me is typically 2 to 4 PM. But sometimes we’ll throw in an extra hour and do a time slot of 1 to 4 PM, especially during Lyon Real Estate’s Extravaganza Open House weekend, which is company-wide once a month and yesterday.

Too late, the reporter said. He needed footage for the 4 PM broadcast and into the night. Oh, wait, we have an early open house at the affordable remodeled home in East Sacramento at 1732 51st Street. That home is $330,000, and it was open from 11 AM to 1 PM. My team member Josh Amolsch was scheduled to host that open house. I quickly called Josh.

Yeah, he got 20 minutes’ notice. But that’s how it goes in this business. I often get interviewed by the media due to my reputation and exposure in Sacramento. Sound bites, Josh, think about sound bites. We discussed a few things he could say. Short, sweet, informational, pithy, that’s what news reporters want. I figured they were probably piggybacking off the Sacramento Bee’s article yesterday on the front page about how first-time home buyers are getting squeezed out of the marketplace.

It’s true, if you’re thinking about buying a home in Sacramento, you better hurry up. Once interest rates start to rise, it will be much more difficult to find an affordable home due to our higher prices achieved during recovery.

Very important, try to stand near our For Sale sign in the yard, I suggested to Josh. If people are interested in buying that home in East Sacramento, we need to make sure they know how to get in touch with us. Well, they weren’t filming near the sign but Josh did ask them to capture the sign with their cameras, and sure enough, that For Sale sign with the phone numbers for Elizabeth Weintraub and Josh Amolsch in front of the East Sacramento home is what starts off the video: Owning a Home is Becoming More Difficult in Sacramento.

We also captured a few interested home buyers for that East Sacramento home. Gosh, I hope one of them makes an offer today!!

East Sacramento Home and Josh Amolsch on FOX 40 News

Magnificent Remodeled Home is Open Today

open house in sacramentoYou might have never considered moving into this neighborhood until you come to see this home at our open house in Sacramento. I promise, once you step foot inside this magnificent remodeled home, you will want to own it, every inch of it. You will squeeze yourself every morning when you wake up because you will not be able to believe that you actually were able to afford such a beautiful home — that’s how gorgeous this home is, not to mention, it is very affordable!

It’s a 3-bedroom, 2-bath with a one-car garage and an extra bonus with a carriage house in the back yard. The carriage house is ready for overnight guests or it could be a retreat or a children’s playhouse. Next to it, is a peaceful, bubbling water fountain. Often, you will find water features in a yard to disguise noise, but this is fairly quiet location.

Most of the floors in this home are Brazilian cherrywood. They glisten! The kitchen and baths have beautiful porcelain. You’ll also find limestone and travertine and tumbled stone finishes on walls and counters. The light fixtures are glamorous. There is also an extra room between the bath and the garage that can be used as a den. I’m telling you, and I don’t steer you wrong, you will love this open house in Sacramento.

You’ll find granite counters in the kitchen, and all of the appliances stay. Stainless steel sink with a crystal light fixture overhead. The chandelier over the dining room table is so unique, I can’t decide if it’s made up of commas and semi-colons or musical notes. There is something special in every room, and all of the baths feature vessel sinks.

Come see this home today, Sunday, April 14, 2013. This open house in Sacramento is held from 2 PM to 4 PM.

6800 Bismarck Drive, North Highlands, CA 95660, offered at $215,000, by your Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth Weintraub, 916.233.6759. Lyon RE.Living 2Bed 2Deck toward Coach

Magnificent Remodeled Home is Open Today

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