Open House Sunday

A Multiple Offer Recipe For a New Listing

A multiple offer recipe for a new listing is much like following along in a cookbook. You need a few ingredients or the recipe will turn out half-baked. Plan out your new recipe thoughtfully and with intention.

First, you need a desirable location. Second, the property has to have key features such as a spectacular lot. Add onto that, 4 bedrooms and a single story. How about throw in a brand new high-end kitchen? New Plush Carpet, upgraded pad, and wood floors are just the cherries on top. How about a culdesac? Cool off in your own Tahoe blue, built-in pool. So the above are all the features on my new Sacramento real estate listing located at 9901 Silverod Place, Sacramento, Ca. 95829. read more

Photos of Mother’s Day Brunch in Carmichael

Photos of Mother’s Day brunch in Carmichael begin with my beautiful mother, 83 years young. She enjoyed her brunch at Bella Bru. Our friend of almost 30 years, Sherry, joined us to celebrate. We three enjoyed the buffet while we talked about how fast the years pass by. There were so many groups celebrating this favorite Sunday in May.

Because of celebrating brunch early today, we had time to hold open a brand new listing,  late afternoon. We had a remarkable 40 people through.  Several buyers said they were interested in writing an offer. Traffic is out in droves on Mothers day, and it is a fabulous day to work. read more

Do Buyers Visit Open Houses On Mothers Day?

Buyer  look for open houses

Do buyers visit open houses on Mother’s Day? Well, it is always on a Sunday and, that is the most popular day for open houses. Also, Mother’s Day is not a national holiday, though perhaps it should be. Many buyers visit or call their mothers on this day and possibly go to brunch. Driving to and from brunch provides a splendid opportunity for buyers to visit open houses on Mother’s Day.

There is less competition due to a decreased number of open houses. Therefore, Sacramento homes held open today will have a high demand and see an increased number of buyers visiting. Realtors who take the entire day off are only missing out on an opportunity to sell a home today. Buyers visit open houses on Mother’s Day for many reasons. read more

Why Realtors Prefer Open Houses on Sunday Afternoons

open houses on sunday

Do you know why Realtors prefer open houses on Sunday afternoons? Many Realtors who take new listings put them on the market on a Thursday afternoon. This gives us a few days to market the Sunday open house to ensure a high number of visitors on a Sunday. I signed a new listing today in Natomas and met our photographer there. Our plan is to roll the property out on Thursday and enter it into MLS that day. I have ordered a Coming Soon sign, which will also promote it, and I will market the open house online in several places. read more

Why the First Offer Often Wins in Sacramento Real Estate

first offer often wins

As a big listing agent in Sacramento, I know first-hand it is common that the first offer often wins in Sacramento real estate. But buyer’s agents tend to disagree. Not sure why except that they are vested in having their buyers win, and perhaps they are not thinking through the entire situation. You hear it in their voices when they say, “Oh, maybe we’ll wait until after the open house.”

For what? For more buyers to submit offers? To become a speck of dust in the pile of offers? What are they waiting for? Offers, no offers, makes no difference. read more

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