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Support of A Cure For Cancer

cure for cancer

In support of a cure for cancer, today’s blog comes to you from our exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Almolsch:

Lately, I’ve begun to consider that inconvenience is a necessity. I am not saying that helping people is inconvenient. No way. I think the purpose of life is to support and serve each other. An excellent way to detect whether doing something is worthwhile is to be in touch with your “Inconvenience Meter.” Some of us tend to build walls around ourselves, including putting on blinders and grinding onto finish the next goal in front of us as a way to keep developing our lives; thus, reaching our goals. I personally do anyway. read more

Chic Boulevard Park Loft for Sale!

Wondering about the for sale sign in front of this chic Boulevard Park loft? Are you looking for an urban lifestyle in Sacramento? Well, look no more as you have arrived! Let us take a spin through this living room at 2020 H St. Sacramento (# C) 95811. The stained concrete floors and stone fireplace with glass rock give that industrial feel with iron handrails.

Affordable living at its best in Midtown Sacrametno, behind a gated entry. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the additional privacy and security offered in this small complex. read more

Yoga for Old People in Sacramento

Yoga for old people in Sacramento

Working out with younger people is not enough of a reason to want to find yoga for old people in Sacramento. Because I honestly do not mind pierced navels, flat stomachs and bright happy faces, all smug and innocent; no, no, no, all of that is perfectly OK with me. What I do mind is exhaustion and my inability to strike certain poses.

My quest since returning from my winter vacation in Hawaii is to find comparable classes of yoga for old people in Sacramento. The place I’ve been going to in Holualoa has created a class that is absolutely perfect for me. Just completely lucked out with this class. At the end, I feel the burn and stretch, and I’m generally panting. Even though it is not exactly a fast-paced class. And the instructor doesn’t just call out the names of poses, he explains precisely how to get oneself into those poses. read more

Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

How could I have forgotten about Ziggy and the talking hamster? This is a plush toy for kids that my sister mailed to me last year, and I’ve been in Hawaii for so long I didn’t realize I had this. But there it was, in my bookcase, buried in all of my Lyon Real Estate awards.

It is the cutest thing. Of course, we don’t have any “real” children but we do have cats. And this is our youngest cat, Ziggy, who is a ragdoll, which is pretty much the perfect type of cat. Beautiful dispositions, so playful, lovable and sweet. My friend, JaCi Wallace, gave us this kitten when he was still a baby. He is still growing. He is almost two years old now, but has not reached his full size yet. read more

The Waterboy is a Great Spot for Steak

The waterboy

One of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento is The Waterboy. I’m not alone in that opinion. Many Sacramentans love The Waterboy. What’s not to love? Creative yet traditional cuisine, local ingredients, great wine selection, excellent service and convenient location in Midtown. I’m also a big fan of plush seats, and not every restaurant offers comfy bench seating like The Waterboy.

The abundance of glass windows provide a superb view of 20th Street and Capitol Avenue. Lights from other buildings and traffic twinkle. People mill about in the streets after dark. Midtown Sacramento comes alive when the sun goes down. I should mention that Chef / Owner Rick Mahan also does an excellent job over at OneSpeed Pizza in East Sac, but The Waterboy was here first. read more

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