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Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and Happy Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and Happy Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and looking forward to a super shopping day on Black Friday. It has been a very busy morning. We have multiple offers on one property. Counter offers are in motion back and forth. Working on a request for repair on another property. Real Estate is alive and well this Thanksgiving. I have a request from an agent to show one of our listings today. As they have a small baby an early AM showing might not work. I have however forwarded the message request. Buyers out shopping for a home on Thanksgiving are certainly serious buyers. read more

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How To Have A New Smile In One Day

How to have a new smile in one day? Well, when we sell a house in Sacramento, the seller has a huge smile, but that’s not the smile I’m referring to. While watching a TV show on botched cosmetic surgery, I saw a segment on cosmetic dentistry. What was mind-blowing was a gentleman featured who had been through several dental surgeries gone wrong. One of several issues, his dental implants were not screwed into the bone; he sought answers in the UK.

The amazing surgeons, doctors Anthony and Michael Zabutz of the Smile In A Day Dental Centers, are brothers. They are located in Petersborough and Folkstone, UK. The first surgeon did the demolition of the patient’s existing teeth and the other installed the new teeth. In under 12 hours, this patient had a new smile in one day. It was amazing to watch. I can’t imagine what it costs, but the patient walked out with a new set of uppers and lowers set in permanently using titanium screws. read more

Is Team Roping a Hobby?

Team Roping a Hobby

Is team roping a hobby to some or is it a second career to others? This photo is a picture of my son, J.T. Bradley, roping the horns of the steer; he is called the header. The heeler lassos the two hind feet (hooves). This is a timed event. If the heeler only ropes one hoof, a 5-point penalty is issued. Now each rider has a score, based on skill level. The teams are put together by a combined score. You always are not roping with the same partner; this depends on if your attempt received a score. If the team fails no score for the attempt. read more

The California State Fair 2019 and 97+ Degrees in Sacramento

California State Fair

The California State Fair in Sacramento 2019 and 97 + degrees in Sacramento today. The State Fair used to have a different location and I sat on those golden bears as a little girl. I can still remember the excitement of the fair with the company of my three younger sisters.

The hotter the better, we didn’t care, it was so worth it. We loved to see everything and, of course, eat junk food. The exhibits were always of interest to me. The livestock though was my favorite part, still is.

I won’t be attending California State Fair 2019, partly because of a busy schedule and, of course, the hot temperatures. I hope all of you will have a chance to experience the California State Fair and, by all means, have a funnel cake, :>). read more

Rural Real Estate Pricing Is Anything But Cookie Cutter.

Rural Real Estate

Rural real estate pricing is anything but cookie cutter. There is a wide range of pricing as the country property is mostly custom homes. There is an HOA in one rural real estate subdivision in south county, that feels like a neighborhood. Lot size can vary greatly. There is little price difference between 5-10 acres.

The size of the main home and the number of additional residences and outbuildings has an influence on the final price. Set up for animals on a property has a direct impact on buyers. There is an extensive amount of work and analysis to price properly. read more

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