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Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

Ziggy and the Talking Hamster

How could I have forgotten about Ziggy and the talking hamster? This is a plush toy for kids that my sister mailed to me last year, and I’ve been in Hawaii for so long I didn’t realize I had this. But there it was, in my bookcase, buried in all of my Lyon Real Estate awards.

It is the cutest thing. Of course, we don’t have any “real” children but we do have cats. And this is our youngest cat, Ziggy, who is a ragdoll, which is pretty much the perfect type of cat. Beautiful dispositions, so playful, lovable and sweet. My friend, JaCi Wallace, gave us this kitten when he was still a baby. He is still growing. He is almost two years old now, but has not reached his full size yet. read more

The Waterboy is a Great Spot for Steak

The waterboy

One of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento is The Waterboy. I’m not alone in that opinion. Many Sacramentans love The Waterboy. What’s not to love? Creative yet traditional cuisine, local ingredients, great wine selection, excellent service and convenient location in Midtown. I’m also a big fan of plush seats, and not every restaurant offers comfy bench seating like The Waterboy.

The abundance of glass windows provide a superb view of 20th Street and Capitol Avenue. Lights from other buildings and traffic twinkle. People mill about in the streets after dark. Midtown Sacramento comes alive when the sun goes down. I should mention that Chef / Owner Rick Mahan also does an excellent job over at OneSpeed Pizza in East Sac, but The Waterboy was here first. read more

The Best Days of an Elliptical

best days of an elliptical ownership

Funny, but I do not really recall the best days of an elliptical, except that when we bought the Precor EFX 523, it seemed the best model available. Exciting time. If I recall correctly, we bought it from one of my clients who worked at a store that sells exercise equipment. You would think I would have learned from a previous purchase of the treadmill coatrack but no, I thought an elliptical would be different.

At first, I used the elliptical almost religiously, for at least a month or two. Then something interfered and changed that schedule. Maybe work, I’m guessing, because I was working on 75+ escrows at a time when we bought the elliptical. The best days of an elliptical were probably right after the second market crash of 2008. Short sales consumed my life back then, and almost all of my transactions were short sales. read more

Do Not Buy the Table Before the Chairs

buy table before the chairs

My friend, let’s call her Sally, decided to buy a table before the chairs. Was she looking for a new table at the time? We were not friends then, so I don’t know if it was an intentional purchase or a spur-of-the-moment decision. You see, Sally already owned a perfectly good dining room table. Rattan construction, 3/4-inch glass top, carved pineapple motif, engraved chair legs with pretty floral upholstery. Unknown to me, and although she lives in Hawaii, she does not particularly like Tommy Bahama! In fact, she did not know before I mentioned it that her inherited furniture was Tommy Bahama. read more

Climate Change in Sacramento by 2080

climate change in 2080

Obviously, this photo is not climate change in Sacramento by 2080, but it is a photo of the ocean as viewed from Kona Haven Coffee on the island of Hawaii, where I happen to be at the moment. Waves have been seriously pounding the wall at Kailua Village over the past few days. Winds are atrocious. Sudden 25 mph gusts. Not a good time to hang capiz windchime shells on the lanai. The wind was so strong yesterday that I worried it would blow my laptop off my table outside.

And then I read this AP story. A study published in the journal Nature Communications says children today may still be alive to witness the dramatic effects of climate change. The climate change in Sacramento by 2080 could mean we will see temperatures like those in Southern California. The lead author, Matt Fitzpatrick, says the climate in 540 cities on average will move 528 miles to the south if we don’t take action today. read more

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